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22 November, 2019

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The 2019 Donald Trump impeachment effort vis-à-vis Jews is far more severe than is described in this article. So let’s take a longer look at the situation surrounding the “We Must Stop Donald Trump from Becoming President/or Remove Him From Office” movement (hereafter, “The Movement”): Donald Trump announced that he was running for president on […]

20 August, 2019

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Do you really think that America’s founders would want White men to lose their rights over misdemeanor laws? There’s no way they would want that. You already lose your gun rights over one such law, thanks to Jewish Senator Frank Lautenberg’s 1996 anti-gun law. Now, Jewish lawmakers such as Jerrold Nadler want to make another […]

20 August, 2019

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State official: “Well, yes, they may be violent, smelly, drug-dealing illegal aliens who carry weapons and assault people, but nonetheless, by law, you must rent to them. All humans are equal under the law, regardless of race, sex, creed, nationality or body odor! No exceptions!” Virginia’s 1972 Fair Housing Act is based on the federal, […]

14 August, 2019

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I’ve often wondered: how many times has a male murder suspect been chased, on foot, by a female police officer, only to escape from the officer (because he can run faster than a woman) and kill again later? I’m guessing: it’s happened at least a couple dozen times in America alone. That’s a couple dozen […]

29 July, 2019

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I found another traitor. Consider it: it’s 1941. The U.S. House of Representatives is voting on whether to extend the military draft (mind you, this is during peace-time!). A powerful, greasy, Jewish congressman named Sol Bloom threatens violence against another congressman who has decided to vote against the draft extension [1]: “Sol Bloom (D-NY), the […]

2 May, 2019

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Someone’s been reading Saul and Abbie! See the “chicken photos” in the article. This is sometimes known as political theater or guerilla theater, and was pioneered by Jewish political activists such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin in the late 1960s. Here, the bold chicken-eater is a Jewish congressman named Cohen. The very idea that […]

21 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of “God Bless America”) God bless America, land that I (*yawn*), stand beside her, and ignore her, through the constant flood of the beaners; From the Jew-tools, to the Marxists, to the faggots, pumping butt! God bless America, though I know he won’t, God bless America, though I know he won’t; […]

5 April, 2019

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The liberals and the Jews are so desperate to pass this law that they’ve been trying to pass it for the past 45 years! Human equality is the Holy Grail of the communists, the leftists and the Jews. They’ll do anything in the name of equality, no matter how ridiculous it might be. Never mind […]

6 February, 2019

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Jews were so celebrated during Trump’s speech (The Holocaust! “Death camp” suhvivahs! Congressmen singing “Happy Birthday” to an elderly Jew!) that it was like being at a bar mitzvah. To quote Humphrey Bogart in the movie The Desperate Hours, “He (Trump) knows where it’s buttered.”

9 February, 2018

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(Above: the tiny labor union bigshot David Dubinsky shakes hands with President Kennedy. Like other Jewish radicals of his time, Dubinsky fled Europe and came to America, a “safe haven for the Jews” — lucky us!) Labor unions have caused more damage to America than you ever thought possible. Not only were unions used for […]