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29 July, 2021

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On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world that he was running for president of the United States. This, by itself, worried the media bosses. Unlike most presidential candidates, Trump was not a professional politician. In other words, Trump was an unknown and unpredictable, politically […]

26 July, 2021

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Go to your refrigerator and look inside. Examine the ketchup, mustard and pickle containers. You will see that they all have a little kosher (meaning “fit”) symbol on them, usually on the front label — a “U” or a “K” for example. That little symbol means that the food is “okay for Jews to eat.” […]

22 July, 2021

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Newbies, libertarianism is a Jewish construct from circa 1950-onward [1]. [Article]. . [1] the leaders of the libertarian movement are all Jews, e.g., Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises, Lawrence Fertig, Milton Friedman, Robert Nozick, Frank Chodorov, Aaron Director, Julian Simon, Aaron Russo

20 July, 2021

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If you are getting the sinking feeling that modern Western culture has been thoroughly wrecked by Jews, guess what: you’re right! Without Jews, “trannies” wouldn’t exist. “Having written an essay on Jewish ‘sexology’ in 2015, it came as no surprise that the Scientific American opened the piece by celebrating the fact this clinic, Institut füer […]

5 July, 2021

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Rifles aren’t required in this war. Totalitarianism isn’t physical nearly as much as it is psychological. Regardless of Hannah Arendt’s Jewishness, this article makes a good point. Our overlords are trying to “take the spirit out of Whitey forever.” To make Whitey feel like “there’s no hope, no chance of returning to normal.” Most Whites […]

4 July, 2021

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(Above: the beautiful feminist leader Betty Friedan [1921-2006]). Back in the 1950s, White women were slaves. Evil White Men forced them to stay at home, have babies and bake things. How horrible! How cruel! What slavery! But then, along came the wonderful Jewish feminists, such as Betty Friedan, Phyllis Chesler and Bella Abzug. Those feminists […]

1 July, 2021

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All three of the people mentioned in this article (Dana Nessel, Norma Shapiro, Chesa Boudin) are Jews. In fact, the political Left in America could be called “a Jewish construct” [1]. Nearly every leftist organization was founded either solely, or largely, by Jews (e.g., the NAACP, the Communist Party, the ACLU). Even “conservative” Jews are […]

28 June, 2021

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(Above: Arnold Aronson, circa 1955) There’s a saying: “civil rights” is Jewish tyranny in blackface. Here’s one reason why (make that three reasons). Without Arnold Aronson (1911-1998), the civil rights movement, as we know it today, would not exist. A Jew, Aronson was the main founder of the umbrella group then called the Leadership Conference […]

27 June, 2021

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“Traditional society took centuries to evolve, the building of communities, values and trust. Life progressed in an otherwise orderly fashion until the recent arrival of cultural Marxism.” — a UK teacher known as AsiaTeacher. This is absolutely correct. What is going on in the Western world today is not evolution (slow, natural change). It’s revolution […]

26 June, 2021

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(Above: the Jewish millionaire Julius Rosenwald [1862-1932]). The civil rights movement can be called “a Jewish construct.” The founders of the NAACP were almost all Jews: Henry Moskowitz, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsh, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the Spingarn brothers. The NAACP was also funded by Jews: the banker Jacob Schiff, Julius Rosenwald […]