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28 December, 2007

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It can reveal a suspect’s race, and that’s controversial in a country that worships the Jewish-manufactured god of racial equality [1]: [Article]. [1] nearly every major figure in the egalitarian movement was Jewish, e.g., Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, the Frankfurt School teachers, Melville Herskovits, Gene Weltfish, Stephen J. Gould, etc. In fact, racial equality can […]

22 December, 2007

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This is going far beyond the usual political correctness, since Perkovic is not an Australian citizen [1]: [Article]. [1] about the origins of political correctness: [Here]

16 December, 2007

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Back in 1970, he probably would have been charged locally with assault, and probably would have been fined or possibly jailed for a few weeks. But in 2007, he receives nearly 5 years in prison on a federal “civil rights” charge. (By the way, America’s “civil rights” laws came from a Jew, i.e., congressman Emanuel […]

15 December, 2007

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They’re shadowy. They’re meaningless. They were invented largely by Jews. They’re “human rights” [1]: [Article]. [1] among the Jews involved in the creation of the UN’s 1948 “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” were René Cassin and Melville Herskovits. Cassin edited the declaration. Herskovits offered critique, e.g., suggesting that such a declaration must not “push” Western […]

13 December, 2007

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Why does feminism exist in Western society? Sure, our Jewed media culture promotes it as “legitimate,” but the sad fact is that White men allow feminism to exist within their personal relationships. For example, “career women” are indeed feminists – especially the ones who married well and therefore don’t need to work outside of the […]

13 December, 2007

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First, there was communism. Now, there’s “democratic” international government and it’s growing faster. It appears that the West will have globalism one way or the other way. The Jews will benefit from this treaty since there will be more power in fewer hands, i.e., there will be less gentiles to control, and since the European […]

12 December, 2007

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How many more states will copy California’s “gay” indoctrination rules? (VNN readers won’t be surprised that a large number of Jews are involved in the pro-homosexual movement) [1][2]: [Article]. [1] more about the pro-homosexual movement: [Here] [2] the coiner of the word “homophobia,” George Weinberg, is listed at Indopedia as being Jewish: [Here]

11 December, 2007

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Christian readers may appreciate this blog [1][2]: [Here]. [1] Pinay’s book “The Plot Against the Church”: [Here] [2] more about Pinay: [Here]

11 December, 2007

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“Environmental factors” play the principal role in IQ differences? The book “The Bell Curve” – which contains the most detailed information about IQ ever published – concludes that “cognitive ability is substantially heritable, apparently no less than 40 percent” [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] see the Introduction to the 1994 book “The Bell Curve” by Richard J. […]

8 December, 2007

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About a menorah near the White House: [Here]. About a menorah in the White House on December 10th: [Here].