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30 May, 2007

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First, they began wearing blue jeans instead of dresses. Then they began cursing. Then they joined the fire department. Now they’re tackling each other on the football field. This is what happens when you let Jews create egalitarian movements in White countries. Every “-ism” which advocates human equality (e.g., feminism, multiculturalism) was birthed and steered […]

27 May, 2007

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Of course, American men would take home more money if 1) their tax dollars weren’t given to Israel or used to pursue Zionism in the Middle East; 2) America’s money system wasn’t comprised of debt money/fiat money which shrinks in value due to our automatically-inflationary money system (a system built by Jews such as the […]

18 May, 2007

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Why are “conservative” Congressmen supporting the amnesty bill for illegal aliens? Because they aren’t “conservative” – in fact, that word is now nearly meaningless as a political term. All it means is that a Congressman supports Israel, only half of Big Jew’s agenda, and big business interests. How is that “conservative?” This new amnesty law […]

16 May, 2007

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Why does the “diversity movement” exist? Because White males no longer control the West. They allowed Jews, Blacks, Browns and women into leadership positions in the White countries. Bad idea. White males built the West and only they can manage it properly. Jews, Blacks and Browns aren’t Western. Wearing White clothes, driving White cars and […]

15 May, 2007

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An international “Conference for Democracy and Security,” huh? Interesting. Say, what’s “democracy” anyway? Usually, it’s this: non-Whites, queers, women and semi-retards can vote. At the same time, banking, film production, the media, book publishing and TV shows are controlled by Jews and, to a lesser extent, leftists. Also, White men are prevented from realizing their […]

14 May, 2007

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We think this matter has a somewhat humorous side to it: for decades, Christians said nothing publicly about Jewish involvement in various political and social causes. Now, it looks like that silence may come back to haunt Christians by turning them into “speech” and “thought” criminals. Perhaps Jewish groups would have less power today if […]

12 May, 2007

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This time, it was Jewish congressman Barney Frank who introduced the bill. But whether it’s Frank or someone else, it’s usually a Jewish politician who writes, introduces or sponsors “equality” legislation. (In fact, the first modern equality law appeared in 1957, called the “Civil Rights Act of 1957,” which was created by Jewish congressman Celler […]

12 May, 2007

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Pictured here: 1992 Russian language imprint, adapting Eliphas Levi’s portrayal of Baphomet image By Patrick Grimm So you believe the Jewish media pap that goes something like this: “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a forgery and a fraud. Anyone who believes in their validity is an irrational, hateful and insane anti-Semite.” […]

9 May, 2007

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7 May, 2007

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Ever read the 10th Amendment? Do you know what it says? It says that anything which is not mentioned in the constitution becomes a matter for the states or the people to deal with. Racial crime, and assault, aren’t mentioned in the constitution. So why didn’t Shaun Walker face local charges? Why didn’t he face […]