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28 November, 2009

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Mebbe the tests be raciss an’ shit: [Article].

3 November, 2009

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To be a yid is to be an obnoxious bully with a special license (issued by God) to harass gentiles: [Article].

24 May, 2009

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Seen: so many female government officials on TV that you’d think males don’t exist. The war against White men has reached ridiculous proportions. Newbies, don’t be fooled. Women, due to their better verbal skills, sound smarter than they really are. Think of the ramifications of that. The West was built by men and they must […]

11 May, 2009

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“Freedom of speech,” huh? What country do you think this is? (By the way, newbies, “ZOG,” a term coined by Thomson, stands for “Zionist Occupation Government”): [Article].

8 May, 2009

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“Hello. You have reached the American Big Fat Huge Profit Corporation, manufacturer of things that you don’t really need since 1975. Due to the spread of Jewish ideas such as free trade, our customer-service center has been outsourced to other countries. To speak to a Chinaman, press 1. To speak to a Filipino, press 2. […]

6 February, 2009

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Who can’t pass multiple-choice tests? Actually, it’s surprising that any tests are allowed to be given in the workplace today: to take the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1971 Griggs v. Duke Power Co. court case as two examples, Jewish civil-rights activists have been trying for years to outlaw the testing of employees: […]