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23 May, 2020

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A great quote about the Jews: “It has been the misfortune of the Jewish race that never could they get on with any other race. It is an unusual historical fact and phenomenon. When one studies the history – and I say this without any passion – of the Jewish people, their evolution across the […]

19 June, 2015

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[…] “Goldhagen favors using the term “antisemitism” over the hyphenated “anti-Semitism” — doubtless because the latter implies the existence of a “Semitism” which could (and indeed does) provide the dialectical basis for “anti-Semitism.” [Book Review].

14 May, 2011

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I have a copy of the 1994 book “The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews” by the late Jewish author Norman F. Cantor, and I highly recommend it [1]. Anyway, I find it funny that most reviews of this informative book are negative. Why are they negative? Here’s a guess: in some places in […]

28 January, 2010

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Here’s a good example: the word “gay” as a euphemism for “homosexual”: [Article]. More about “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene” and “gay”: [Here].

21 December, 2008

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“You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel, 1924. “Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.” Sounds like Samuel knew his own people. Jews are indeed unhappy people who see no beauty, only ugliness. Read the chapter titled “We, the Destroyers” and consider what happened […]

31 October, 2008

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Jewish author Louis “Studs” Terkel popularized – but apparently didn’t coin – the term for World War II, “The Good War,” which is the name of a book for which he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1985. How can a conflict that killed tens of millions of White people be “good”? (That’s a trick question): […]

6 February, 2008

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Jewish author Blume wrote the infamous, explicit novel “Forever” (1975), which is very popular among teenage girls. Her books have been translated into many different languages, so that people around the world may enjoy them – isn’t that nice? (Wonder if the Muslim countries enjoy her books?): [Article]. More about Blume: [Here].