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25 August, 2010

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Because you’re hooman, see, you automatically have special rights that other animals don’t have, see? (Ask a Jewish expert – like René Cassin). But these hooman rights will vary greatly, depending on various factors, e.g., whether you are White, non-White, female, poor, a leftist, a homosexual, etc. If you’re a conservative, White male, you have […]

26 July, 2010

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Does your child suffer from “gender identity disorder”? Maybe you should consult an expert, just to make sure: [Article].

28 March, 2010

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(above: Dr. Sigmund Freud, a.k.a. Fraud) Jewish expert #1: “He has a syndrome. I’ll call it W.” Jewish expert #2: “He has a complex. I’ll call it X.” Jewish expert #3: “He has a disorder. I’ll call it Y.” Jewish expert #4: “He has a phobia. I’ll call it Z.” Gentile: “Oh, my God. I’ve […]

18 March, 2010

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Census Worker: “We need to know your race.” Citizen: “I thought ‘race doesn’t matter.’” [1] Census Worker: “It doesn’t!” Citizen: “Then why do you have race questions on the census form?” [Article]. [1] a leader in the “race doesn’t matter” movement was the Jewish “race expert” Otto Klineberg, who wrote: “There is no race but […]

10 January, 2010

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Don’t learn him, don’t know him, don’t live him, but know of him. Heh, heh. Durkheim was the Jewish founder of the field of sociology, which is one of those “soft” sciences that negroes and women go into since they can’t handle the real sciences: [Website].

6 December, 2009

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Sound good? Then later we can munch bagels and swap bar mitzvah stories: [Article].

29 September, 2009

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Well, of course ‘America’s wordmeister’ was a Jewish, college drop-out. Who else could have done it? A White Ph.D? No way – this is a modern, Judaized democrazy; it’s a picklesnoot or no one: [Article].

17 September, 2009

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With the Jews, why is everything about either money or poop? Here’s the quote: (Cuddihy is talking about Jewish psychiatrist/psychotherapist “Fritz” Perls, the coiner of the term “Gestalt Therapy”) who “…goes on to distinguish three classes of verbiage production in his therapy sessions: chickenshit…bullshit…elephantshit…” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss […]

14 November, 2008

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The Jews and the egalitarians are already worried that advances in genetic science will reveal important racial differences between Whites and muds that can’t be explained away by Jewish “experts”: [Article].