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19 April, 2021

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Big Jew: “I hate and fear the Russians. They know us Jews too well. They know that we sacked Russia in 1917 and terrorized her for decades, and Eastern Europe as well. That’s a big problem for me. If I hate the Russians, then you hate the Russians, too. Right???” America and England: “Yes, master! […]

26 May, 2020

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Apparently, the negro was out-of-control. Notice the public reaction (to the Black man’s death) by the city’s Jewish mayor, Jacob Frey. Typical.

26 January, 2020

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Like most early socialists/communists in America, De Leon (above; 1852-1914) was a Jewish immigrant. An exotic and well-educated subversive, he was born in Curacao and arrived in New York City in 1873. He was at first a socialist, but later a Marxist. He was the de facto head of the Socialist Labor Party and editor […]

14 September, 2018

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With judge Kavanaugh nearly confirmed for America’s highest court, it looks like the horrible 1973 Roe v. Wade decision – the biggest Jew-turd ever to be shitted out by the U.S. Supreme Court, next to Brown v. Board of Education – could be overturned, and Jews like Senator Dianne Feinstein are really worried and so […]

1 November, 2017

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An “allahu snackbar” has attacked humans again, this time in the Big Bagel. Tell me again why the U.S. government is letting Brown rejects into our White country? Ohhh, that’s right, I remember: Jewish senators and congressmen wanted the Brown rejects to come here. [Article].

6 October, 2016

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If Adolf Hitler had one fault, it was probably that he didn’t grasp the severity of the Jewish problem in Britain. Sure, he knew that Britain was Jewed, but he didn’t understand how Jewed. He underestimated the problem. Anyway, quoting the article: “…the ECRI strongly recommends that the authorities find a way to establish an […]

30 August, 2014

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Oh, that’s hilarious! As if NATO (a Jewish production) doesn’t violate other countries’ sovereignty, e.g., NATO warplanes bombing the Serbs in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. (FRY was a sovereign country formed in 1992 by Serbia and Montenegro). The Serbs posed no threat to any NATO country in 1999. The goal of NATO, […]

31 July, 2011

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(Above: “Manny” Celler) The unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964, which came from a yid named Emanuel Celler, has now been “re-interpreted” to benefit Jews even more than it already did [1]. [Article]. [1] modern “civil rights” laws are based mostly on the improperly-ratified 14th Amendment

4 June, 2011

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Pro-gun groups never mention the fact that Jews have led the anti-gun movement. Maybe it’s just an oversight, hmmm? [Article]. A brief mention of Assemblyman Feuer [Here].

22 November, 2010

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Holy bagels. My theory that “anyone can become mayor of Chicago” might need to be re-examined [1]. Emanuel was formerly a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. [Article]. More about Emanuel [Here]. [1] given that city’s political history