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11 August, 2007

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The Jews can be anything they want to be, since they set it up that way. Sometimes they’re a race, sometimes they’re only a religion, sometimes they’re both at once, depending on the day, week, month or audience. This guy became a Catholic cardinal, all the while remaining a Jew. You’d think that the Christians […]

2 August, 2007

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But war? Huge profit. That’s why the Jews have a long history of doing this: first, they foment a war, and then they loan money to each side of the conflict in order to continue the war, e.g., like they did in the U.S. “Civil War” [1]. In fact, the Jewish millionaire Bernard Baruch was […]

2 June, 2007

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Surprise! Yet another Jewish false-flag operation is exposed, which further proves that “looking legit” doesn’t equal “being legit.” When the Jews got their own country in 1948, they may have hoped that that would legitimize them somehow, that they would no longer be a wandering tribe of swindlers and liars. In other words, having an […]

12 October, 2006

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[November 1994] Bad news for Einstein aficianados. Recently discovered correspondence reveals that he treated his first wife, physicist Mileva Maric, whose father was a Serb and mother a Montenegrin, most shabbily. He never got around to marrying her until after their illegitimate child was born, a girl, who was immediately given up for adoption or […]

6 October, 2006

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Alex, Review this excellent presentation. See if you can spot the Luftmensch magicians waving their hands about while they pick our pockets. Note the international flavor to this scam and the “Moscow” connection. This how “failure to deliver” (FTDs) are used to steal grandma’s money. I experienced this scam first hand while helping in the […]

3 October, 2006

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While a White man gets eight extra years for calling a nigger a nigger (see lower on page), a judge worries that a jew who destroyed a giant company and erased billions in pension plans, yes, BILLIONS, is being persecuted – and cuts his sentence to six years! Only in AmeriKwa…a nation designed for the […]

24 September, 2006

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Not too long ago, there was a king who ruled a European country. The king’s daily life was pleasant enough, but he had a big problem: his only daughter, a teenager, was ugly. Really ugly. In fact, no man could look at her without wincing. How could she ever enjoy romance? Then, one day, as […]

5 September, 2006

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Great novel, now made into movie with Sean Penn in lead. (Forties urmake.) The story’s about Huey Long, who was assassinated by a jew. Here on Gerald L.K. Smith, who believed that FDR had Long assassinated (PDF). Good overview of Long here. Some interesting stuff about jews in America, especially in colonial times. Here for […]

27 March, 2006

Posted by alex in jewish scam artists at 1:04 pm | Permanent Link Encino man faces prison for ‘Seinfeld’-like scam Posted on 03/26/2006 8:32:01 AM PST by Cagey An Encino man pleaded guilty to running a recycling scheme straight out of a “Seinfeld” episode – one that bilked California out of $2.5 million, authorities said Wednesday. Errol Segal, 61, president of Active Recycling, trucked more than 50 […]