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18 December, 2019

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One day, I talked to a White nationalist about Hugh Hefner. I said that Hefner wasn’t Jewish. He said, “how do you know he’s not Jewish?” I said “well, at least, he isn’t listed as being Jewish.” He said, “how do you know that his family didn’t convert to Christianity back in 1870?” That’s a […]

17 December, 2019

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Impeachment? For what? Talking to a guy on the phone? Gee, sounds serious!And, why impeach Israel’s best friend? The Jews hate Trump so much that they can’t see that he’s the Hate State’s biggest cheerleader, i.e., he’s done more for Israel in 3 years than any other president has ever done. Anyhow, a quick glance […]

25 November, 2009

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“Klugman,” huh? Is that an Irish name? The UN has Jewish fingerprints all over it, from its ideological roots (the Soviet Comintern, run by the Jew named Zinoviev, was an earlier, failed attempt at global government) to its founders (Pasvolsky, Perlo, Adler, etc.). This is from early October, but just saw it today for the […]

7 October, 2008

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Note that the surname “Jaffe” is usually a Jewish name, as a web search can show using the keywords “Jaffe” + “Jewish.” Let’s hope that some of the braver American academics will step forward now and publicly support Dr. MacDonald: [Article].