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15 January, 2020

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“If jews would stick to their own part of the world and not bother us, and be neutral, like Buddhist Monks in Asia for example, I wouldn’t be calling for their elimination as threats to the White race. The jew cannot do that because they are parasitic in nature. I believe it’s their genetic survival […]

5 December, 2019

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(Above: Charlemagne [748-814], king of the Franks. He is known as “The Father of Europe”). Oh, that’s real funny, Mr. Macron. The Jews have been expelled from France five times since AD1182! The Jews are France??? Ha-ha. Sure, buddy. The French people are Frankish/Germanic/Gaul. The Jews, however, are non-White, part-Arab, genetic freaks and global parasites […]

6 September, 2011

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…because gentiles will pay your way – as it should be![1]. [Article]. [1] under Halachic law (i.e., Jewish religious law), gentiles are “like animals”

6 June, 2011

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On one hand, the Jews must destroy the Western world, since Whites are their most dangerous enemies. Whites are the only people capable of wiping out the Jews totally and completely, if they decided to. But on the other hand, the Jews need Whites like ticks need a dog. So the Jews must kill their […]

25 February, 2009

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“This factor was parasitism. In the great advances which medicine had made during the past century, one of its most impressive achievements had been the rapidly developing field of parasitology. It had been found that many of man’s most serious ailments were caused by parasites. From these studies, it was only a matter of time […]