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25 April, 2022

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Video: “The War On Western Culture” with Douglas Murray & Jordan Peterson. Yes. “Racism” was NOT the guiding force of Western culture. It was only a small part of it. And: What?? “Marxism is also a branch of Western thought”?? Nope! Karl Marx was a Jew, and Jews, being non-White people by DNA, are not […]

22 April, 2022

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Jordan Peterson is a smart guy, but he’s going down a rabbit hole by embracing the Judeo-Christian religion. That’s what got the West into this (egalitarian) mess in the first place! The idea that you “need” religion doesn’t work, because many good people are atheists. Peterson seems to be avoiding the fact that both Christianity […]

8 April, 2022

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Interesting. A Black (mulatto?) guy saying “White racism: what’s the big deal?” That’s correct. No big deal. Blacks in general fail to realize that, by obsessing over nearly-gone “White racism” they are actually making White people dislike them even more. If Blacks would just shut up about racism-racism-racism, that would lessen “White racism.” As for […]

5 April, 2022

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Say what you will about Jordan Peterson, but every time I listen to him, I learn something, no matter how small. Public Q and A is vital because the people tell you what they want and need. [Video, 1 hour].

25 March, 2022

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This “libraries buying leftist research papers” situation is interesting, and it’s more proof that leftism is a fraud. It seems that libraries have to buy the research papers (with your tax dollars), even though nobody reads them, and even though the papers aren’t cited (because they suck). Ever wonder how/why leftism is almost entirely funded […]

10 March, 2022

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What does “diversity” mean? It means “fewer White people.” Why would you want “fewer White people” in a region that Whites created (the West)? You would want more Whites, not less! Indeed, it’s very suspicious that “diversity” is only aimed at the White countries. “Diversity” isn’t being pushed onto China or India or Mexico or […]

16 June, 2021

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Cancel culture is not about bullying or power per se. It’s about fear: certain people fear a resurgence of White, right-wing populism (i.e., “Trumpism”). Most of the people who were “canceled” (deplatformed) were people who were seen as engaging in some type of “right wing bad-think.” Indeed, all of Donald Trump’s close associates were canceled […]

25 November, 2020

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Apparent, if liberals and queers don’t like a book, then it cannot be published — how dare you even consider doing that! “Another employee alleged that “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives” with one explaining that Peterson had “radicalized their father” and another insisting the publishing of […]

9 March, 2020

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(We hear every day about the dangers of “right-wing racism” but we never hear about the dangers of “left-wing human equality baloney” which, historically speaking, has been far more murderous and oppressive. Just recently, citizens have had to eat mice and bugs in order to survive in Zimbabwe and North Korea. This is what communism […]

29 November, 2018

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Peterson needs to re-examine his ideas. He may be right on some things, but he takes the predictable “Ph.D./intellectual” path on some issues, e.g., globalism and green Marxism [1]. As I noted elsewhere, green Marxism will spread into human activity at many points, making it…well, just like regular Marxism but with the word “green” attached […]