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4 July, 2020

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I watched some TV news footage of the Mount Rushmore protests by anti-American jerks last night, but all I really saw were two dozen fat, redskin Indians making animal noises while banging on drums. Maybe they don’t speak English? (A quick list of the accomplishments of American Indians during the past 500 years: 1) scalping […]

4 July, 2018

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Yes, it’s good to celebrate the fact that America is no longer under the thumb of Britain. But now, America is under the thumb of Israel [1]. Same bondage, different “master.” . [1] America has been Israel’s slave since the 1975 Sinai II agreement, which included a secret agreement which is renewed regularly:  “Kissinger’s series […]

24 June, 2009

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Now, who would have thought that White nationalists might mingle with the crowds at these “tea parties” in order to talk to people about things like Jews, Israel, our corrupt money system, etc. Really, who would have thought? [Article].