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15 September, 2007

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NAUGHTY LEWPUS STEALS FROM VNN! FOX: ‘We Distort, You Deride’Posted by Lew Rockwell at 01:52 PM FOX was founded, never let it be forgotten, by neocon billionaire Rupert Murdoch; he put in charge of it Republican campaign consultant and Bush family retainer, Roger Ailes. Thus FOX’s role in fomenting a criminal war against Iraq, and […]

7 February, 2007

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Came across this on a search, a blast from the past. Bob Wallace writing his own personal “Up from Libertarianism,” in which the former LRC writer documents the cowardice of his libertarian buddies-until-it-gets-real. White nationalists do right and fear no man. Libertarians do drugs and fear everyone.