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20 October, 2021

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Leftism is about figuring out how to “buy the loyalty” of a “coalition of marginalized people”: freaks, faggots, negroes, feminists, child molesters, communists and heroin addicts, who should be in prison (i.e., in “special camps”) but somehow are not. That’s “the Left.” A collection of human garbage (that human garbage now controls America). “At the […]

2 August, 2020

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According to the smelly, subversive Jew, Karl Marx, the first phase of communism is actually socialism. The second and final phase of communism is “the higher phase of communism,” at which point the state can and will “wither away.” The state will slowly vanish. (Sounds nifty!). Under Marxist doctrine, “so long as the state exists […]

5 April, 2020

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A famous Jewess, the “philosopher” Hannah Arendt, said that a feature of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was “the banality of evil,” meaning mass murder was committed by average, mundane people like the Nazi official Adolf Eichmann [1]. But she pointed her finger in the wrong direction. Eichmann was a choirboy compared to Soviet mass killer Genrikh […]

22 March, 2020

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U.S. Senator: “Well, we know that they (the Chinese government) suppressed the actual news, and we know that they ordered the whistleblower doctors to keep silent. Of course, one of those doctors, at least, lost his life because of that. We know that they delayed global response to this virus by weeks, weeks that represent […]

13 March, 2019

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Four Chinese communists self-criticizing in 1970: Chinese communist #1: “I’m a bad communist! I’m ashamed to be a Chinaman! To punish myself, I will eat only noodles for 1 year!” Chinese communist #2: “I have failed the Communist Party! I am so ashamed. I feel rotten. To punish myself, I will stop masturbating for 2 […]

24 June, 2017

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I keep telling people that communism isn’t dead and that it’s right here in the USA, but few of them believe me. This confession/apology stuff is very similar to what was found in communist China: under Chairman Mao’s leadership, Chinese citizens were forced to publicly admit/confess to and apologize for various political “crimes” [1][2]. [Article]. […]

2 June, 2013

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I just learned that France has roughly 30 streets named after the communist thug Lenin. Yeah, I know that the French are intellectuals but that’s no excuse for it. (France is supposed to be a democrazy where everyone can vote, you see). Wonder if they have any streets named after Mao?

6 February, 2010

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by Arch Stanton. I first wrote Alex about the coming war with China around ten years ago. Through the ensuing years, I have written about this subject repeatedly. Now others are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall. If you know and understand the jews, it is no stretch to realize that war is […]