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16 March, 2022

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I don’t think I ever really saw Jewish chutzpah until I read this quote, from the Jewish Frankfurt School teachers Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno: they say that their goal when writing the ridiculous word-salad “Dialectic of Enlightenment” (1947) was to explain “why humanity, instead of entering a truly human state, is sinking into a […]

15 March, 2022

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Can’t install Marxism via armies? Or via the public schools? No problem! Marxism can be installed via global healthcare mandates. Can you think of a better way to control private property than global healthcare mandates? I can’t. For example: a future government letter might read: “We’re sorry, but due to WHO global pandemic guidelines, all […]

10 March, 2022

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“All the ideologies constructed by secular Jewish intellectuals, from the Haskalah to Reform Judaism, from Marxism to Freudianism, from assimilationism to Zionism, form a continuing tradition which I call ‘Jewish Intellectual Culture.’” — from the book “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity” (New York; Basic Books, 1974) by […]

10 March, 2022

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In the early Soviet Union, parents did not “own” their children, according to Marxist doctrine. Indeed, that’s what the Soviet Komsomol (youth league) was for: to “separate” the children from their parents. Children were taught to see the Communist Party as “their parents.” The state “owned” the children, for all practical purposes. Parents were just […]

9 March, 2022

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As you read this, note the vicious nature of the Salvador Allende faction. Vicious Marxists! The Allende faction was prepared to kill many people in Chile. But luckily, the Sept. 11, 1973 coup happened first, and Allende was removed from power. As I noted earlier, Allende had illegally created a “secret communist army” inside Chile […]

8 March, 2022

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Marxism (aka, communism) cannot work because it goes against human nature. Marxism says that it can overcome human biology, IQ, ability and ambition. It says that it can create a new type of man: a one-size-fits-all robot [1]. No, it can’t. It tried to in the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cuba, etc. It failed […]

6 March, 2022

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There are things you need to know in life — like, “what’s that hangy-ball thing in the back of my throat?” You also need to know about the origins of the New Left, which was much more radical than the Old Left. The Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse (pronounced “Mar-CUZE-a”, sounds almost like “Cuba”; he was […]

24 February, 2022

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Whether the Great Reset will “work” or not isn’t the point. It’s not about it “working.” Like communism, it’s about it destroying the White West. Karl Marx wanted to destroy England but sadly for him, his Marxism didn’t destroy England [1]. Marxism traveled east instead, into Russia and China. (However, Cultural Marxism will destroy England. […]

23 February, 2022

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Alex often calls the political Left “the Judeo-left” or the “J-left.” Why? You’re about to see why. If leftism (aka, liberalism) were a house, “all of the carpenters who built it were Jews.” (Newbies, when I say “Jews” I mean Jews-by-ethnicity or Jews-by-DNA. I am not referring to their religion). Post-Enlightenment leftism (i.e., leftism from […]

10 February, 2022

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“The Secret Behind Communism” by Dr. David Duke [1]. “Despite Solzhenitsyn’s efforts – and those of many others, including Frank Britton (some of his excellent work and research is included in this volume) – the truth about the Jewish supremacist role in the creation, execution and maintenance of world Communism, and the “Russian” Revolution in […]