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10 January, 2021

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Dorothy: “Black saints come and go so quickly here! Right, Toto?” Toto: “Arf!” (That means yes). In mid-2020, all we heard about, 24/7, was George Floyd, the kind, sweet, gentle, innocent, poetry-reading negro ex-con drug addict who ODed while in Minneapolis police custody on May 25, 2020. His death was called a “murder” by the […]

29 May, 2020

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Prior to his (alleged) passing of counterfeit money, the “gentle giant” George Floyd served 5 different prison terms. Yet, hulking Black criminals are always called “gentle giants” in the media. (Michael Brown, the big Black thug who tried but failed to kill a White cop in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, was also called a “gentle […]

21 May, 2020

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Relax, dude, they’re only migrating! You know, “always moving from one place to another”? Just kidding! Actually, they’re gonna stay! It’s you who are gonna have to leave, White man. But anyway, thanks to the left-wing media, migrants and homeless people are treated like gods today. Have you helped a god today? Why don’t you […]

25 June, 2018

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Whether they’re on the Left or on the Right, all of the “media gods” in America are Jews. Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, Ted Koppel, Wolf Blitzer, Mike Wallace, Robert Novak, Barbara Walters, Carl Bernstein, etc. [1]. It’s just like living in Israel! [Article], [Article] and [Article]. . [1] Novak converted to Catholicism — a rare […]

15 September, 2015

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Notice how the negro presidential candidate Ben Carson is being championed by all sorts of people, Left and Right alike? They’re hoping three things: 1) Carson will overtake and beat Trump in the 2016 presidential election (doubtful); 2) Carson will “steal” enough votes from Trump to prevent Trump from winning the election; 3) Carson will […]

17 December, 2014

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Non-Whites helping non-Whites in a White country – it figures. Of course, the lamestream media was overjoyed with the #illridewithyou Twitter message. Now, the non-White girl who created it, Tessa Kum, (above) will no doubt want to get rid of most of the items she owns, since evil White men invented them: her computer, her […]

27 October, 2013

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The media loved Lou Reed because he was a Jewish homosexual who sometimes injected heroin onstage, i.e., he was the “perfect” man to help transform America’s culture from “traditional” to “anything goes.” [Article].

29 March, 2013

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(Above: Mandela giving the communist salute, standing next to Jewish commie Joe Slovo) Like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela was “created” by the media. Without massive press hype, he’d be just another Black ex-terrorist/ex-convict[1]. [Article]. [1] Mandela spent decades in prison for committing violent sabotage against the South African government

8 June, 2010

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Oppose Zionism? Tired of Jewish media control? You’ve got a “problem”: [Article].

13 December, 2009

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One minute Woods was a multiracial Jesus, and the next minute he wasn’t [1]. Funny! But not to worry. After the media gets done with the Tiger scandal, he will return to being a god: [Article]. [1] Woods is part-Black, part-Asian, part-American Indian and part-White