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3 September, 2019

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(Above: Woody Guthrie with his slogan, circa 1943) Here’s what’s printed on this guy’s piano (on both sides!): “This machine kills fascists.” Is that a subtle reference to the so-called “Orange-Haired Fascist” who isn’t a fascist at all but is really just a democrat? Anyway, here’s a news flash, piano guy: that’s an old slogan […]

16 August, 2019

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(Old cowboy: “Ya know, life on the range just ain’t what it used to be. Times change, and you gotta change with ’em — at least, that’s what some people say…but I don’t really believe that…”). “Homo on the Range” (sung to the tune of “Home on the Range”) Oh, give me a homo where […]

23 June, 2019

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Classical Music, Part 1: No Noteworthy Female Composers Why are there no female composers of note? You’d think, after all these years, that there would be a few. One expert said there are no female composers of note because “so few women wrote music.” True, if you’re talking about 1880. If you’re talking about 1990-onward, […]

25 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of the 1967 hippie anthem “San Francisco”) San Franqueersco If you are going to San Franqueersco Be sure to have many condoms in your jeans If you are going to San Franqueersco You’re gonna meet crazy people there For those who come in San Franqueersco Summertime will have some gonorrhea there […]

21 April, 2019

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(Sung to the tune of “God Bless America”) God bless America, land that I (*yawn*), stand beside her, and ignore her, through the constant flood of the beaners; From the Jew-tools, to the Marxists, to the faggots, pumping butt! God bless America, though I know he won’t, God bless America, though I know he won’t; […]

12 February, 2019

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“My Way”, a song sung by Frank Sinatra, with (great) lyrics by Paul Anka: “For what is man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it my […]

21 January, 2019

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I’ve seen/heard many interviews of Jewish musical “icons.” Most of the time, they come across as arrogant creeps, and this interview is no exception. Here, the late Jewish homosexual/drug addict, rock singer Lou Reed (his real family name was Rabinowitz), did say one thing that was good: “Prejudice is when it’s not true.” Yes, that’s […]

13 September, 2018

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How come music from 1974 sounds good but music from 2013 sounds like shit? Well, basically, there’s no artistry or originality in today’s music, e.g., the sequences of the notes are nearly the same in every song; modern musical “compression” makes all the songs sound muddy and too dense, and lyrics repeat themselves endlessly; also, […]

24 August, 2018

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A Swede plays Italian composer Ennio Morricone’s music on acoustic guitar: [Video, duration is 2:36 ].

13 April, 2018

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“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” — Frank Zappa. Yet, we see music reviews every week in newspapers and magazines. Seen: a music teacher teaching “music theory” online. It was very complicated. Information overload! As I watched the teacher, I thought, “how is this going to help someone who has little or no […]