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25 December, 2019

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The word “nigger” was used by nearly everyone in America in 1880, even by novelist Mark Twain in his books (e.g., he used it dozens of times in “Huckleberry Finn”). But now, that word is taboo, forbidden. It’s so taboo that White people now say “the N-word” in place of “nigger” because it’s sooooo taboo […]

5 July, 2019

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(White girl skipping and humming) “Tra-la-la…I’m off to meet a strange nigger in a dark park at 3 A.M…tra-la-la-la…don’t wait up for me…” [Article].

13 May, 2019

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“LaKevin have 5 rocks o’ crack. Den, he sell 4 o’ dem rocks. Den, he steal 3 mo’ rocks o’ crack. How many rocks o’ crack do LaKevin has now?” “Uhhhmmm, eleventeen!” [Article].

18 June, 2018

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech” — the First Amendment, in the Bill of Rights. (That’s “Rights,” not suggestions. Written in ink). This White woman’s language about “niggers” isn’t the issue at all. Free speech is the issue. When […]

24 September, 2013

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It’s an even better idea to import millions of them into your country! White aid has been giving African negroes a “leg up” for decades, but the entire world will pay for it later. By the way, helping the Africans goes against Darwinian natural selection/survival of the fittest, i.e., many of the negroes who would […]

9 January, 2011

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Let’s review: you can talk about a word, but you can’t say the word that you’re talking about. Funny! Anyway, Blacks use the words “nigger” and “nigga” amongst themselves all the time: [Article].

2 April, 2009

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Seen in public: a cute, blond teenager…and her mulatto boyfriend. Why do White chicks like darkies?

24 March, 2009

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Grab a 40oz, cheese doodles, fried chicken and some watermelon. Das Right! It’s a special TNB broadcast brought to you by yours truly. The demonic tribe known as the Jews have loosed the simians upon us and those apes have been busy. We will be covering all the recent TNB that has been at a […]

26 January, 2009

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Those fun-loving Africans – they’re always turning into animals, or making their penises vanish: [Article].

21 July, 2008

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How not to steal electrical wire (warning: graphic images): [Here].