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13 December, 2014

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Yes, we need change: we need Blacks to stop acting like Blacks and to obey the commands of police officers. (Apparently, in the Black community, cooperating with the police is “optional”). [Article].

15 August, 2014

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Well, the truth finally comes out. Brown was apparently a criminal. When the shooting investigation is over, and the police officer is cleared of wrong-doing, I wonder if the Black community will apologize for the post-shooting riots? By the way, isn’t it funny how almost all of the conversations surrounding the Michael Brown shooting are […]

14 July, 2014

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It’s not illegal to join the KKK, and White nationalism is perfectly legitimate as long as no crimes are committed. I wonder if they’d have been investigated if they were Black and belonged to a pro-Black organization? [Article].

2 July, 2013

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Seen on the TV: California game wardens expressing great concern about the poaching of abalone (a type of shellfish found in the ocean). Apparently, large amounts of time and money are spent by the state’s Fish and Game agency to try to stop the poachers, lest the abalone disappear from California waters. Yet, at the […]

10 February, 2013

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It seems that there is a difference between the two, thankfully. But nonetheless, how many sheriffs would actually defend White Nationalists? (Very few). [Article].

8 September, 2010

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There’s nothing to see, folks, just keep walking, move it along, don’t block the sidewalk, it’s just some “egg activism” by persecuted Hispanics who are fed up with daily racism from “The Man”… [Article].

18 July, 2009

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How horrible for your wife/girlfriend not to be able to trust cops at 1:00 AM on some dark highway. And the situation will only get worse: as America fills up with Blacks and Browns, law enforcement agencies will also fill up with Blacks/Browns: [Article]. [Article].

15 December, 2008

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Once again, let us all say in unison: “Thanks, Mr. Celler.” [Article].