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30 January, 2022

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Communism keeps coming back under different names: first it was Marxism, then it was Socialism, then it was Cultural Marxism/Critical Theory circa 1937, then Postmodernism circa 1960, then PC circa 1987, and now it’s CRT and Woke. In 20 years it’ll be called something else. It’s all the same thing, only under different names. It’s […]

20 February, 2020

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“DARVO is an acronym that stands for deny, attack, reverse victim and offender.” — “DARVO” (which was originally applied to the behavior of sexual abusers) nonetheless perfectly describes what the Left does when confronted with facts: — Deny the behavior — Attack (attack the individual who is challenging liberal doctrine), and — Reverse the […]

10 August, 2018

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There’s a hidden lesson here. Always be able to defend your ideology. In our case, in just a few sentences, you should be able to explain why you are a White nationalist and why you believe what you believe. (For example, I believe – in fact I know – that Western culture is White, and […]