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2 May, 2021

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How did it work out?? If you recall Michael Brown, the Summer of 2020, and George Floyd, not well! [1]. Today, Blacks riot every month over ridiculous things and they still play the “knock-out game” (i.e., randomly punching Whites in public places). In fact, race relations in America have never been this bad — thanks, […]

27 May, 2020

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by Ferdinand Bardamu. […] “We must look to human biology to understand why diversity always fails. The separate evolutionary histories of each human race, which inhabited different ecological niches for thousands of years, entails average differences in intelligence and temperament between populations. This makes conflict inevitable when racial groups must live together under a single […]

24 July, 2018

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[…] “So, in this coast-to-coast milieu of perversion, of Black and Brown crime on Whitey, and of ever-increasing ululating Muslim enclaves just down the street, can we envision a somewhat peaceful breaking apart as did the USSR in 1991, or as in the Velvet Divorce of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993, or as […]

24 January, 2015

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Oops, it looks like the Blacks were wrong – again. The “hands up, don’t shoot” thing was pure baloney. It never happened. Michael Brown was a typical negro thug, plain and simple. But he remains a hero and martyr in the Black community (one Black journalist suggested, on TV, with a straight face, that Brown […]

18 August, 2014

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A grand jury will hear the evidence surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown to determine if the White cop who shot Brown should face criminal charges. But what if the grand jury is full of Blacks? Or cop-hating leftists? The cop could indeed face criminal charges. Also, the U.S. Justice Department is going to decide […]

15 August, 2014

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Well, the truth finally comes out. Brown was apparently a criminal. When the shooting investigation is over, and the police officer is cleared of wrong-doing, I wonder if the Black community will apologize for the post-shooting riots? By the way, isn’t it funny how almost all of the conversations surrounding the Michael Brown shooting are […]

8 September, 2010

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There’s nothing to see, folks, just keep walking, move it along, don’t block the sidewalk, it’s just some “egg activism” by persecuted Hispanics who are fed up with daily racism from “The Man”… [Article].