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8 November, 2021

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Dr. J. Philippe Rushton (1943-2012) was a pioneer in race-based science. He showed how evolution shaped mankind. “So, almost a decade since the death of Rushton, his Life History Model of race differences continues to yield insights — despite the efforts of the communist ideologues increasingly invading science to memory-hole his work.” [Article]. More Rushton […]

25 March, 2021

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Would you allow your small child to travel 1,500 miles alone, across the desert, to the southern border of the U.S.? Not if you’re White. But if you’re Mexican, that’s another story. Lots of unaccompanied Mexican children are arriving at the U.S. border every day. Never mind the fact that such traveling alone by a […]

21 February, 2021

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Overheard: a well-traveled White man (a missionary) saying that, in the Brown, third-world countries, it’s very common to see 5-year-old kids wandering around all day long without any adult supervision. This, of course, is known as low-investment parenting: you birth a kid, but then you more-or-less ignore him. However, in the White countries, the situation […]

16 June, 2020

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I once asked an anthropologist this question (paraphrasing): “If Black people are equal to White people, then how come all of the White countries in the world are clean, safe, wonderful places to live, but all of the Black countries are dangerous toilets, even when the Blacks are in charge of the countries and are […]

2 June, 2014

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Race, Evolution and Behavior by Dr. J. Philippe Rushton. Available in abridged, .PDF format: [Here].

7 October, 2012

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The Canadian professor wrote about race and dared to question politically-correct propaganda. The “behavior” part of Rushton’s work gave him plenty of opportunity to talk about Jews who live in the West, but sadly, he only mentioned Jews briefly (when he discussed human parenting habits and IQ). Nonetheless, “Race, Evolution and Behavior” is vital reading […]

10 May, 2010

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If she does, she’s probably Black, or maybe Mexican. Seen: a mention of “parenting styles” vis-a-vis a documentary film about babies. If you haven’t read Dr. J. Philippe Rushton’s explanations of parenting styles, then you’re missing out on some vital information. But not to worry: you can read the condensed version of Rushton’s important book, […]

22 August, 2009

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by Professor J. Philippe Rushton. “Jerry Z. Muller a professor at Catholic University, (‘Us and Them,’ Foreign Affairs, March/April 2008, and ‘Replies,’ July/August 2008) argued that the power of ethnic nationalism ‘will drive global politics for generations to come’ because it ‘corresponds to some enduring propensities of the human spirit,’ which often manifests in the […]

5 May, 2009

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Some of you may not be familiar with Dr. J. Philippe Rushton’s book “Race, Evolution and Behavior.” This is an abridged version of it in .pdf format [Book]. The book is also available in other languages: [Here].

7 October, 2008

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by J. P. Rushton and A. R. Jensen: (a .pdf file): [Here].