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2 October, 2020

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Liberals can always be counted on to do the wrong thing. This is why they should not be allowed to hold public office, or teach children (or have children for that matter). Recently, the Left began legally euthanizing elderly people in Scandinavia who were no longer “useful.” Yep. It’s legal to kill Granny in Denmark […]

13 April, 2014

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(Above: Norwegian leader Vidkun Quisling) Anything goes except racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia, that is [1]. [Article]. [1] Finland is Nordic but technically not a Scandinavian country

2 March, 2014

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In the New World Order, all humans will behave in a certain way, or else. [Article].

23 August, 2012

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Seen: a TV show in which a European rock musician, of the “death metal” style, says (paraphrasing) “Christianity, with its Semitic origins,” must be abolished in Scandinavia. Semitic? Oy veh! Now the “anti-hate” groups will have to “monitor” the death metal movement.

21 July, 2012

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International Human-Rights Asshole #1: “Let’s send the Afghans to Scandinavia – they seem to like foreigners.” International Human-Rights Asshole #2: “No, I have a better idea. Let’s twist the knife a little more: we’ll send the Afghans to quiet, picturesque towns in Germany. There, they will breed, and soon there won’t be any more quiet, […]

24 July, 2011

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. […] “In the excerpts below, note his hostility toward the Frankfurt School which he identifies with cultural Marxism, but never mentions that the Frankfurt School is a Jewish intellectual movement or the anti-European, anti-Christian attitudes that pervade Jewish elites in the West…” [Article].

22 July, 2011

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A mass shooting near Oslo; the gunman is in custody; police fear a car bomb/shooting link: [Article].

22 July, 2011

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Why is Norway fighting in a war for Israel? What does Afghanistan or Libya have to do with Scandinavia? Of course, those are trick questions. Every White country is now Zionist. [Article].