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26 July, 2018

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are lots of “pride” movements today. Well, the “pride” trend is very Jewish. In the case of “fat pride” that movement basically says, “we fat people aren’t the problem. Normal people are the problem. Weighing 500 pounds is wonderful and natural.” But that’s baloney. (It’s also part of the […]

17 January, 2012

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(Above: one of your daddies wears leather but not much else) I ain’t fudgin’ you! (“Goldberg” – is that an Irish name?). [Article].

27 December, 2009

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Sarah Goldpoop, Zionist activist and dual-citizenship-holder, says: “Well, I don’t care what Richard Reid said. Muslims hate America because we have such great deals on toilet products. Where else can you buy an enema with an extra rectal nozzle and two solution bags for only 89 cents? They’re just jealous.” [1]: [Article]. [1] convicted “shoe […]

2 February, 2009

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Jews have a thing about crap. Dr. Pierce mentioned it, and even some Jewish authors have admitted it: [Article].

10 November, 2007

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Jewish author Norman Mailer, who once made some unusual comments about poop, has died. Boo hoo [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Mailer’s comments on the stool: [Here] [2] Jews have a special fondness for anything poop-related. Dr. William Pierce comments on Jews and scatology (scroll about half-way down the page): [Here]