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27 October, 2021

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Robin, the Boy Wonder: “Holy estrogen, Batman! A brilliant woman discovered the Double Helix (DNA), but Evil White Men stole all the credit for it! Those Evil White Men are always doing that: stealing important things from innocent women, innocent Jews and innocent midgets! How dare they!” Batman: “Robin, have you forgotten that I’m a […]

12 October, 2021

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Oh, those evil White heterosexual men! Must they dominate everything in the world??? Yes, they actually must! Because they are thinkers and doers. That’s what they do. They can’t help it [1][2][3]. Listen to a group of men talking: they’re discussing politics, technology, world affairs. Important stuff. Listen to a group of women talking: they’re […]

30 September, 2021

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[…] “This was the rationale for the development of monkey–human embryos reported in April. The international team of scientists that developed these chimaeras argued that if successful chimerism is more likely with more closely related host and donor species, then human cells should survive better in monkey embryos than in pig embryos. “The researchers introduced […]

21 August, 2021

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The very idea that, if you are a queer, you will “do science” differently! (Although, granted, the homosexual brain is different from the heterosexual brain). Note in the video, beginning at about the 105 minute mark, the mention of “male and female” being social constructions (constructs). Here we go again with the postmodernism! Remember, postmodernism […]

11 August, 2021

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Instead of being neutral about racial matters, scientists are shocked and scared that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can recognize race. That speaks volumes about modern scientists. It’s as if they want to not discover racial things! Which is, of course, the case, because they know that racial matters are taboo in the West since circa the […]

4 February, 2021

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“Concerning a RamzPaul video: This is a false portrayal of the dark matter vs modified gravity theory controversy. No scientist is saying that the universe is wrong, as that would be equivalent to saying the the truth is false. Scientists don’t know for certain why the stars in the spiral arms of galaxies orbit the […]

30 November, 2018

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(Above: Mars. Note the lack of negro graffiti or gang members anywhere — but don’t worry: as soon as we colonize Mars, you’ll be able to buy crack cocaine and stolen handguns up there, just like here in Chimpcago and Apelanta; heck, it won’t be long before Mars has Affirmative Action laws and “diversity” programs) […]

9 December, 2017

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Sounds like the end of faggotry could be coming soon, via gene manipulation. Jeepers! That presents a sticky problem (pun intended): without queers, who will get the many millions of dollars worth of resources that currently push faggotry onto the public? After all, the queer movement is large, complete with Capitol Hill lobbyists, and the […]

27 December, 2014

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Jews have controlled the Western countries for decades. Jews cause nation-wrecking, wars, inflation, and other bad things. So what are the scientists worried about? They’re worried about artificial intelligence, not Jews. [Article].

14 April, 2011

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Dr. James Watson has been vilified by Jews/leftists ever since he made some honest comments about negroes in 2007. [Article].