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18 January, 2009

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This is why Jewed White culture sucks: crappy art and architecture don’t produce good vibes: [Article].

14 November, 2008

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The Jews and the egalitarians are already worried that advances in genetic science will reveal important racial differences between Whites and muds that can’t be explained away by Jewish “experts”: [Article].

5 September, 2008

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Sheldon’s work – linking body type with temperament/behavior – was too close to Nazism for the Jewish intellectuals in American universities. Others called his work pornographic: [Article].

25 July, 2008

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement […]

28 December, 2007

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It can reveal a suspect’s race, and that’s controversial in a country that worships the Jewish-manufactured god of racial equality [1]: [Article]. [1] nearly every major figure in the egalitarian movement was Jewish, e.g., Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, the Frankfurt School teachers, Melville Herskovits, Gene Weltfish, Stephen J. Gould, etc. In fact, racial equality can […]

19 October, 2007

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Dr. Watson has been suspended from his job at a laboratory in New York. Significantly, the issue of race/intelligence has already been publicly addressed by academics, most notably in the 1994 statement signed by 52 of them [1]: [Article]. [1] the 1994 public statement: [Here]

22 June, 2007

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Like the Jew Sigmund Freud, the Jew Einstein achieved artificial greatness only via decades of Jewish-media hype. The E=mc2 theory in space [1]: [Article] [1] about Olinto De Pretto and E=mc2: [Here]

11 February, 2007

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Where the Rockets Come DownThe lesson of Wernher von Braunby Chet Raymo In July 1943, rocket scientist Wernher von Braun traveled to Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters in East Prussia to brief his Fuhrer on the A4 Wunderwaffe, or wonder weapon. Von Braun launched into his spiel: “The bird will carry a ton of amatol in […]

27 April, 2006

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Dysgenics a Reality Reverse human evolution plausible, testable, U.S. biologist says A much-derided theory that five people who walk on all fours are products of “backward evolutionâ€? is plausible, and testable, said a U.S. biologist who weighed in on the controversy last week. The debate erupted last month after a Turkish scientist proposed that the […]

5 April, 2006

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Fish that took the first step for mankind By Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent of The Times An evolutionary missing link that was among the first fish to leave the sea and walk on dry land has been unearthed in the Candadian Arctic, illuminating a chapter in the history of life on Earth that was essential […]