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18 February, 2020

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This will be the big thing in the next 30 years: as America splits into two hostile groups of humans (“normal, traditional, White people” vs. “all the worthless people”), states and entire regions will be morphing into ideological blocs. Good. If Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, liberals, feminists and fags want to wreck America, let them wreck […]

19 September, 2014

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“Under British law, voters are not required to present identification when they take part in an election.” That figures. How many times did “No” voters enter the polling stations? [Article].

19 September, 2014

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Now that Scotland has rejected secession from the UK, questions must be asked about the voting results: 1. How much impact did the various threats have on the voting? (Major banks threatened to leave Scotland if it split from the UK. Couldn’t that be called “vote/ballot tampering”?) 2. Was the vote tally accurate and honest? […]

18 September, 2014

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If Scotland splits from the UK in today’s voter referendum, it will need to write a new constitution – oh, the possibilities! Here are some suggestions for the text of a new Scottish constitution: “Whereas, Scotland is a sovereign, White, Western nation, only White people may hold Scottish citizenship.” “Whereas, Scotland is a sovereign, White, […]

21 July, 2014

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Good idea. Currently, California is a total mess. Many towns are bankrupt, and it’s full of liberals and Mexicans. Local control, as opposed to control from the liberal-dominated state capitol, would help Whites in California. (In fact, as we move forward in time, look for the map of America to change greatly. States will split […]

26 November, 2012

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New show next Monday 12-3-12 will focus on right strategy for whites in North America. This show features discussion of Spain’s Catalonian election and potential secession, including guest appearance by a resident of the Balearic Islands (!); also heated late debate over role of christianity in relation to our cause(s).    

12 November, 2012

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I doubt it. Too many White men lack the balls for any type of revolt. They’d rather watch TV and eat donuts. But there are some interesting reader comments among the 300+ shown below the article: [Article].

10 August, 2009

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by Michael O’Meara. […] “Without an organizational presence in the real world and with a ‘public’ largely of computer hobbyists, white nationalists at present have no hope of actually mobilizing the white populace in opposition to the existing anti-white regime. Rather, their immediate goal is to prepare the way for the development of a revolutionary […]