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6 March, 2011

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The next time you need your car fixed or your kitchen remodeled, you better ask a chick to do it…hey, why are you laughing? [Article].

30 January, 2011

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Allowing women in the workforce makes as much sense as washing your car in the rain: [Article].

16 January, 2011

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“Dear UNESCO: Please update your ‘Brown Man’ to ‘Brown Person,’ in order to reflect the merging of women and men into a sexless human. Thank you.” — Big Jew. [Article].

3 December, 2010

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“Let me expand, so you can grasp what you obviously can’t pick up. In middle-class society, women are always deferred to. Somehow that became the way. On top of that cultural more, ruling jews formalized the deference, or hierarchy, legally. And through media and academy justified it and reinforced it with political correctness taboos so […]

4 July, 2010

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If 2 books could be written about the reaction to Arizona’s new immigration law (SB 1070), then 4 books could be written about the damage that women-in-the-workforce has caused to White culture: high divorce rates, juvenile delinquency, neglected husbands, less productivity, lower wages – in a saner West, it would be illegal to employ a […]

28 December, 2009

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Susie Soldierchick should be at home, raising kids and baking things. But noooo… [Article].

16 October, 2009

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Don’t know about the CIA part, but feminism is of course a Jewish movement, and it isn’t surprising that modern women are unhappy. Doing unnatural things – like not having kids and working 10-hour days outside the home – is a downer: [Article].

21 September, 2009

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“What a perfect illustration the girl is of the difference between male and female intelligence. The girl is obviously smart. She gives the ‘right’ answer – which to a female is always the textbook answer, what the tea(c)her or book says is correct. Not one female in 1,000,000 can think differently than this. Women are […]

21 February, 2009

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An important victory for feminism. Soon, women will be able to work 10-hour days outside of the home. The “old ball-and-chain” of child-rearing after pregnancy will disappear. Betty Friedan would be proud: [Article].

6 December, 2008

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The feminization of the West speeds up. With their college degrees, more women will move into positions of authority – won’t that be fun? Note the mention of The Pill: [Article].