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26 April, 2022

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Comments reenabled. Things will stand as they are now with this exception: We are parting ways with Socrates. You can find him on the forum. Linder is at, posting daily. You can leave comments there. This site will stay up, may be added to now and then. ALEX LINDER

2 April, 2022

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“The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”: Where the Woodbine Twineth (TV Episode, 1965). About a White girl’s Black doll. Spooky. (Note: Black “mammy dolls” were common in the old days [1930s and 1940s] and lots of White girls had them; the dolls were almost like “mini-servants” and were modeled after Black cartoon characters; today, mammy dolls are […]

2 March, 2022

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I once had a beef with Wintermute at OD, but then we patched it up. My fault. Afterwards, I spoke with him many times via PMs. Apparently, he died several years ago. Sad. I only learned of that today. He was a smart fellow. Rest easy in Valhalla, pal. [Blog].

22 February, 2022

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If we only had a president.

6 February, 2022

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“Sharing ownership is not communism, it is pure Christianity” — The Pope, April 2021. Sounds great. Fellow Christian, where is our $700,000 Lamborghini? I want to drive it.

5 February, 2022

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“In the Line of Duty: The FBI Murders” (1988); a true story. [Video; 1 hour, 32 minutes]. Both dead suspects were former military and also MPs (military police).

5 February, 2022

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(a typical flow chart) It would be very, very interesting to see a “Covid-19 vaccine order flow chart” for America. All of America. Who is giving the orders which force employees to “get the Covid ‘vaccine’ or else?” Who? Someone is giving the orders. The vaxx orders don’t just appear out of thin air. Big […]

29 January, 2022

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Frank Zappa, “Stevie’s Spanking” (circa 1980) [video, 10 minutes].

26 January, 2022

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We have been told for years (by liberals) that “liberals are more tolerant than anybody else.” Oh, really?? I never see that! Ever! Each time I see a liberal say or do something, all I see is intolerance. Look at the Covid-19 mandates, for example. Or look at California, where everything is either mandatory or […]

28 November, 2021

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What’s the difference between Stalinism and Australianism? Very little difference. The Soviet Union ended in 1991. A White woman was forcibly quarantined by the Australian government for 14 days due to Covid-19, a virus that is mild 97% of the time (unless you have underlying health issues, or have been vaxxed, and then it’s more […]