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18 May, 2007

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Why are “conservative” Congressmen supporting the amnesty bill for illegal aliens? Because they aren’t “conservative” – in fact, that word is now nearly meaningless as a political term. All it means is that a Congressman supports Israel, only half of Big Jew’s agenda, and big business interests. How is that “conservative?” This new amnesty law […]

16 May, 2007

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Why does the “diversity movement” exist? Because White males no longer control the West. They allowed Jews, Blacks, Browns and women into leadership positions in the White countries. Bad idea. White males built the West and only they can manage it properly. Jews, Blacks and Browns aren’t Western. Wearing White clothes, driving White cars and […]

16 May, 2007

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[Article] More about Wolfowitz here: [Article] and here: [Article]

15 May, 2007

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An international “Conference for Democracy and Security,” huh? Interesting. Say, what’s “democracy” anyway? Usually, it’s this: non-Whites, queers, women and semi-retards can vote. At the same time, banking, film production, the media, book publishing and TV shows are controlled by Jews and, to a lesser extent, leftists. Also, White men are prevented from realizing their […]

14 May, 2007

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We think this matter has a somewhat humorous side to it: for decades, Christians said nothing publicly about Jewish involvement in various political and social causes. Now, it looks like that silence may come back to haunt Christians by turning them into “speech” and “thought” criminals. Perhaps Jewish groups would have less power today if […]

14 May, 2007

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Big Jew doesn’t like or trust Russia, so America doesn’t either. Putin won’t climb aboard the Zionist bandwagon. In fact, instead of getting on the bandwagon, Russia did the opposite and sold missiles to Syria – a violation of America’s rule that all White countries will put Israel’s interests first. So Russia – with its […]

13 May, 2007

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Converting: what exactly does it mean? Jews have been converting to other religions for centuries. Just consider St. Paul, who was previously a Jew named Saul. Anyway, whether Jews convert or not is, we say, not the issue that White people should focus on. Race, on the other hand, is the issue that we should […]

12 May, 2007

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This time, it was Jewish congressman Barney Frank who introduced the bill. But whether it’s Frank or someone else, it’s usually a Jewish politician who writes, introduces or sponsors “equality” legislation. (In fact, the first modern equality law appeared in 1957, called the “Civil Rights Act of 1957,” which was created by Jewish congressman Celler […]

11 May, 2007

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It looks like the UK has the same problem that America has: uncontrolled feminism. Here’s an interesting fact: a few years ago, an Arizona fire department abolished a requirement that all firefighter recruits be able to chop a hole in a section of roof, with an axe, in “x” seconds. Why did the department abolish […]

11 May, 2007

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Let’s call it “The War on Israel’s Enemies” instead, since that’s what it is. Speaking of those enemies, America didn’t always have a “Muslim problem.” In fact, the first two terrorist attacks on America were carried out by Puerto Rican militants, not Muslims, in 1950 and 1954. It’s Big Jew who caused Muslims to hate, […]