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14 September, 2007

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[Article] More on the SPLC: [Here] and [Here].

29 July, 2007

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[Article] More about the SPLC: [Here]

26 July, 2007

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Why bother? America has already abandoned nativism on the whole. Of course, we had some help with that abandoning, e.g., Jewish, Jewish-founded or Jewish-staffed groups have long tried to convince White people that the preservation of White cultural hegemony is undesirable or even immoral [1]: [Article] [1] a mention of the SPLC’s staff: [Here]. (Trivia: […]

28 April, 2007

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Never mind the fact that Dr. MacDonald’s observations about Jews are entirely accurate. The authoring of books about Jews isn’t “allowed” in America these days – unless the books bend to Semitical Correctness. Worse, MacDonald can put a “legitimate” face on Jew-truthing-by-gentiles. Can’t have that, says Rabbi Ira Silvergoldbergwitz. America really is the Land of […]

15 November, 2006

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Alex — Dr. Kevin MacDonald, the professor who wrote the trilogy of books on Judaism from an evolutionary psychology perspective, is under attack by the SPLC. I think many, if not most VNN readers are aware of Dr. MacDonald and his huge contribution to our understanding of the subversion of western european societies by Chosen […]

27 April, 2006

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Statement on Southern Poverty Law Center and Its Apparent Complicity in Oklahoma City Bombing by Attorney Larry Darby WHEN elected Attorney-General for the State of Alabama, I intend to launch a thorough probe into possible illegal activities by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SoPo).  I believe a probe will expose evidence sufficient to empty SoPo’s […]