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30 December, 2009

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Pretty good response to our other thread. Now let’s try the same question, but applied to WORDS and words ONLY. How do we argue, go at it, whatever you want to call it – verbally. How do we use words to triumph over the enemy? How do we define “we”? What term do we use […]

20 May, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “Hello! ‘Terrorism’ and ‘terrorist’ have been the most-used words on television and in the other controlled news media recently. We’ve heard over and over about al-Quaeda terrorism and Iraqi terrorism and Palestinian terrorism — especially about Palestinian terrorism during the past week, with the Bush government repeatedly demanding that Yasser Arafat […]

15 December, 2007

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The Word Racist: A jewish Construct By David Milano In the early parts of the last century Americans were already quite familiar with terms that dealt with race and reality. Terms like racialism and racialist. These words arose in the English language through the British colonial and South African experiences. These words were in popular […]