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25 November, 2021

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What better way to attack traditional-minded people than cutting off their power supply on Thanksgiving, of all days?? No turkey today! Sorry! Eat soy instead! [Article].

25 November, 2021

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Brown Person #1: “Why did the White people have to civilize us?” Brown Person #2: “Yes, why? I was perfectly okay with shitting in the woods!” Brown Person #3: “Right! And what’s wrong with believing in evil spirits and scalping people???” Brown Person #4: “The Whites think that they’re better than us, just because they […]

28 November, 2019

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In 1990, I would have said, “Happy Thanksgiving.” But this is 2019. AOC, Tlaib and other people of questionable ethnicity are in Congress. White people are now evil. Thanksgiving is now merely a celebration of the genocide of a noble, peaceful people. So…Happy Genocide-of-Kind-Gentle-Loveable-Creative-Native-Americans Day! Feeling guilty for making the smelly redskins use toilets? You […]