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18 October, 2008

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[received via email from lawyer Bruce Leichty] NO REMEDY FOR JAILED BRITISH “HERETICS” Los Angeles, California–(10/16/2008)–Two jailed writers who were convicted in Britain of Internet hate speech on a U.S.-based website will be forced to remain in special asylum proceedings with no right to a bail hearing, a Los Angeles Immigration Court judge ruled October […]

6 August, 2008

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The Adelaide Institute‘s Dr. Fredrick Toben is facing thought-crime persecution in Australia. The Jews and their shabbos goys have been harassing Dr. Toben for years: [Article].

2 August, 2008

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…almost every time it’s distributed in America it’s investigated by the police. And some police departments treat literature distribution as a crime itself. Dr. William Pierce had an interesting experience with police re: pro-White literature: [Article].

13 July, 2008

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Tell the truth, get convicted of a crime in Britain. Simon Sheppard and Whittle/O’Farrell have been found guilty of thought-crimes based on posts on a website located outside of Britain: [Article]. More information: [Here].

18 April, 2008

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The thought police are haunting Europe, says Eric Walberg A French civil servant was sacked in late March for publishing what has been widely reported as a “violent anti-Israeli diatribe” on the website, a crime that was investigated by no less than Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie. Bruno Guigue, deputy prefect of Saintes, wrote that […]

9 February, 2008

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Psychology department to issue statement on professor’s controversial literature Staff and faculty are worried that psychology professor Kevin MacDonald’s work has anti-Semitic and racist overtones.Andrew SmithIssue date: 2/7/08 Section: News The Cal State Long Beach Psychology Department has recently initiated new plans to disassociate itself from controversial psychology professor Kevin MacDonald. The department is currently […]

9 February, 2008

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The German occupation of France was mild and uneventful for most Frenchmen. Le Pen was found guilty anyway: [Article].

15 January, 2008

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Ernst Zundel’s lawyer and a former city councillor are the latest victims of the ongoing Jewish assault on Western culture: [Article] and [Article]. (Research assignment for any reader who might want it: who wrote, and sponsored in the parliaments, the holocaust-denial laws of Europe? [Note: the architect of the French law has already been mentioned […]

26 October, 2007

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This bill is too vague and Orwellian in its wording. At first glance, it appears to be directed at radical Muslims only. But what exactly is an “extremist belief system”? Does that apply to Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazi ideology as well? Or to any type of White nationalism? To anti-feminist or anti-homosexual beliefs? And […]

19 September, 2007

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Senator Kennedy offers it as an amendment to the defense department authorization bill H.R.1585. Of course, hate-crime laws were originally created by Jewish activism [1]. In fact, what was likely the world’s first hate-crime law came from a Jewish-built state, i.e., the Soviet Union [2]: [Article]. [1] about early hate-crime laws: [Here] [2] about the […]