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2 August, 2021

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(Above: Rene Cassin [1887-1976]: Jew, judge and tampon-wearer). Any time you see/hear the term “human rights,” run away. Fast. “Human rights” is Culturally Marxist baloney designed to favor human blights (i.e., Blacks, Browns, Jews, queers, trannies, vegetarians, midgets and people who practice yoga). “Human rights” is leftist crap. The term was coined by the Jew, […]

11 July, 2021

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The United States of America was founded by 118 White men beginning in 1776 [1]. It was founded as a White Western republic, based largely on British common law [2]. It was not founded as a multicultural democracy, regardless of what your history teacher, Mr. Weinberg, told you. In fact, in the first decades of […]

6 July, 2021

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The global Left is telling people how to think. Telling people how they should feel about homosexuals and trannies. What right do the leftists have to do that? The Left is always talking about “human rights.” Isn’t it “a violation of human rights” to force people to think a certain way? To deny them free […]

27 June, 2021

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Since 1948, “human rights” have been a big thing in the West. All humans enjoy “human rights” simply because they are human, we are told by the UN, UNESCO and by famous leftists. They say that all of the world’s humans enjoy human rights, even retards and communists and 400-pound fat women. But that’s not […]

21 June, 2021

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Chris Langan is listed as the world’s smartest man. What might he think about UNESCO’s Brown Man? (presumably, in the future, thanks to socialism and globalism, all humans will become the same: kinda Brown, dumb worker bees. Drones. Slaves). Well, Langan doesn’t say “UNESCO’s Brown Man,” but, Langan says this about the possible future of […]

17 June, 2021

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Globalization (or globalism) is defined here as: huge amounts of both humans and goods moving across international borders (and also, a general “one world/one people/no borders” attitude prevailing in the world [as opposed to the isolationism that existed in the world for decades]. This could also be called the “It’s a Small World” mentality. Two […]

6 June, 2021

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In the minds of liberals, what’s even better than federal power? Global power. “Evil globalist millionaires aren’t paying their fair share of taxes!” says the globalist multi-millionaire Joe Biden. “Pot calling kettle black.” Isn’t this just typical? Say what you will about corporations (not many people like them, and for good reason), but this will […]

1 June, 2021

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“U.S. News and World Report estimated that as many as “50% of 1,300 policy-level staff members of the U.N. were either Communists or willing to follow Communist directions. Lord Beaverbrook pointed to the peculiarity of our UN membership: “You Americans are a strange contradiction. You spend huge sums of money fighting the fifth column in […]

31 May, 2021

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“The UN flag was actually created in the presentation branch of the United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in April, 1945. The man who headed this department at the time and who supervised the flag design was Carl Aldo Marzani. It was later revealed that Marzani was a member of the Communist party and […]

31 May, 2021

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“…all aims and objects of this cleverly camouflaged nucleus of the future ‘one world’ government are nothing other than unadulterated communism in a disguise and wearing a cloak which conceals the true purpose for which its conspirators created this abomination.” — Congressman John T. Wood (R-Idaho), 1952, speaking to Congress about the UN. From the […]