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8 March, 2019

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The Holoswindle: it’s basically a 1960s-era Jewish weapon for silencing and guilt-tripping Whites: when Whites show signs of nationalism, the Jews just invoke “Auschwitz,” “death camps” and “gas chambers” (oy veh!) and then they watch the Whites bow theirs heads in shame and apologize for their “Nazi-like anti-Semitism.” (Newbies: you know those grainy old photos […]

4 November, 2014

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(Above: the USS Liberty, riddled with bullet holes) The Jews still claim that the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty was an accident, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. [Article].

19 May, 2010

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It’s called “What I Saw That Day” and it’s co-authored by Mark Glenn: [Webpage].

1 June, 2009

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When Jews attack your ship, and you behave heroically during the attack, it will take about 4 decades for you to be honored for your heroism; any sooner and the Jews might be offended: [Article].

2 September, 2008

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This is old news for some, but maybe not for others. A dramatic account of the events before, during and after “our only ally in the Middle East” attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967. That attack gives great insight into the true nature of the Jews: what sort of people try to kill allies? […]