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6 October, 2021

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Vaccines are mankind’s silly attempts to “play God” according to many Christian people (e.g., Calvinists). So why would the Catholics embrace Covid-19 vaccines? But then again, why not? The “new” Catholic Church has already embraced massive non-White immigration into the West, and it embraced “climate change” baloney, too, so the church might as well go […]

16 February, 2020

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From a news quote: “Pope Francis and European Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor discuss future World Holocaust Forums”. Oh, yeah, I’m sure they “discussed” future Hollowswindle forums real hard. For hours. Maybe days! Ever since the Vatican II sell-out [1], the Jews have more-or-less controlled the Catholic Church. The Jews say “jump” and the Church […]

28 October, 2015

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(Above: the Jew, Jules Isaac, who was responsible for the Vatican’s 1965 “Nostra Aetate” declaration) The “Nostra Aetate” agreement came from a Jew named Jules Isaac, which is ironic since Christianity itself sprang from Jews (the Old Testament was written by yids; strangely, Islam has Jewish roots as well). [Article].

5 February, 2008

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The Church gives, the Jews take. Since 1965, the Church has steadily lost ground by altering Catholicism to suit God’s Pets. What’s next: a Star of David for the Pope’s hat? A rabbi as Vice Pope?: [Article].

31 January, 2008

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Thankfully, some Catholics won’t follow the doctrine of the Jewish-friendly, post-Vatican II church: [Article].

20 January, 2008

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They can no longer sell cheesy items in Vatican City. It seems appropriate that the Jews could ply their trade with permission in St. Peter’s Square, especially after Vatican II [1][2]: [Article]. [1] the Second Vatican Council, aka Vatican II (1962-1965) produced the infamous Nostra Aetate declaration, in which the Catholic church absolved the Jews […]