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19 February, 2014

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Riots continue in Kiev as globalists try to force the Ukraine to embrace “The West” and the New (Jew) World Order. No doubt “Western” governments are helping the rioters. Western governments want to bring the Ukraine under Western influence so that they can use it as a possible “weapon” or at least a “watchdog” against […]

11 December, 2012

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Meanwhile, all of the White countries (i.e., the Jewed countries) say “yes” to faggotry, feminism and other horrible things. [Article].

29 May, 2011

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(He’s from Surrey – well, that changes everything!). Anyway, is your language pre-approved by Jews, Blacks, Browns and fags? Maybe you should find out, because in The Waste, you “can’t” say things that aren’t “politically correct.” By the way, the term “politically correct” came from the Jewish-built Soviet Union [1]. [Article]. [1] Anton Semyonovich Makarenko, […]