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27 November, 2015

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Canadian immigration official: “Ok, how many of you men are queer?” Refugee #1: “I am!” Refugee #2: “So am I!” Refugee #3: “I love giving BJs!” Refugee #4: “I’m wearing pink panties underneath these jeans!” Refugee #5: “I dream about Tom Cruise every night!” [Article].

14 August, 2014

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Yeah, sure, that’s just what Whites should do: we should help all the non-White countries compete with, and eventually overtake, the West. Yes, let’s make it easier for them to do that! Help the Turd World now! […] “Through creating jobs in other countries, we are helping to close the gap between the poorest and […]

24 September, 2013

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It’s an even better idea to import millions of them into your country! White aid has been giving African negroes a “leg up” for decades, but the entire world will pay for it later. By the way, helping the Africans goes against Darwinian natural selection/survival of the fittest, i.e., many of the negroes who would […]