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6 April, 2017

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Interesting video about women competing with other women: [Video]. Another video [Here]. The Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement as a type of “substitute government” (instead of the government censoring your speech, the SJWs censor your speech): [Video].

2 August, 2013

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Some people may find this video quirky or offbeat, but nonetheless, he makes some good points about modern women. (Of course, “Western” women are really “Judaized” women since our pop culture [e.g., TV, movies, magazines, newspapers] is run by Jews). [Video].

21 September, 2009

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A number of them were snapped up by White men in the U.S. and UK who knew that they’d be getting “old fashioned” women who were not yet corrupted by feminism and modernity. (Dr. Pierce himself sought out Eastern European women): [Article].

13 September, 2009

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A female relative bought something interesting and I had the misfortune of looking at it. Try this: go check out a women’s magazine – one of those thick, heavy ones found on magazine stands. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s made up almost entirely of advertisements for Jewish cosmetics or Jewish clothing[1]. Very […]