By Glenn Miller – 12 March 2010


Your parents and grandparents do not love you as much as they love their

own safety and financial self interests. They’ve turned their backs on

you. They’ve abandoned you. And they lie to you in order to hide their apathy, shame, and cowardice. Listen up. I’ll prove it.

As recently as 1960, our race was 90 percent of America’s population.

Today, true statistics be told, we’re less than half. And we’re dropping fast, while the dark peoples multiply like rats all around us, and as more tens-of-millions of them invade our country from all over the world. Our race is drowning literally in seas of colored mongrels. Our people buy almost twice as many caskets as cradles. Your race is dying before your eyes.

Since 1973, our jew controlled government orchestrated the murders of 40 million helpless white babies thru legalized abortions, and replaced them with twice that many dark aliens.

Meanwhile, the jewish controlled mass media (properly called the jewsmedia), promotes race-mixing, 24/7/365. Just look at all the race-mixing propaganda on TV, and in magazines, newspapers, and in every other form of mass media. And look at all the brainwashed whites around you, dating and marrying dark people, and producing even more mongrels, as a result. Brain warped puppets, helping to destroy their own race thru racial treason, just as their jew masters in government and media encourage them to. Monkey see – monkey do.

In only a few years, the jews and their mongrel puppets will be in control of all aspects of American life – the government, the media, the courts, law enforcement, and the military. You’ll be outnumbered by mongrels everywhere you go, and there’ll be no place to hide.

All blacks and hispanics hate you because you are white. Some try to hide their racial hatred, but you know they lie. Read or google the book "Hatin Whitey". Even the jew, David Horowitz, admits that mongrels not only hate white people, but that the entire American educational system and media teaches them to hate us every day. This systematic teaching of racial hatred has been going on and increasing for over 50 years.

The media’s incitements to racial hatred against us has caused literally tens of millions of whites to be violently assaulted by hate filled blacks. Google "race war black against white" for proof. And the blood bath continues as the jews continue to sicc mongrels on us.

In future, the lives of you young white people will be unimaginable nightmares, even if you suck up to mongrels, just like your parents do now. The more whites suck up, the worse mongrels treat them. Cowardice breeds contempt. (Read my article "Cowardice is the White Man’s Survival Strategy" posted on this web page)

See ?? Your parents and grandparents know all this, but yet do nothing.

They believe they’ll die out before things get too bad. It is you who will face the racial insanities your parents helped bring about thru their cowardice and apathy.

Now, go discuss all this with your older relatives. Watch them squirm and stutter. They know I’m telling the truth about them. And you will know it too. Ask them why they’ve never stood up or even uttered a protest against what lies ahead for you. They’ve been too cowardly to even inform you, much less warn you. Yes, watch them squirm and stutter. Respect them not but rather free yourselves from them and their selfish, capitalist, yellow, conformist, slavish lives.

And so, White youth, what to do ?? Do you accept the nightmare future

planned and orchestrated by the jews ?? Will you meekly, like sheep led

to slaughter, do nothing but acquiesce to the ongoing jew-led genocide against your people ?? Will you continue to be apathetic and cowardly like your parents who have proven they care for nothing but satisfying their own bellies, pocketbooks, and genitals while getting high and watching the coons play ball on television.

Will you be like them ??

As you decide, look into the light faces and bright eyes of the little

ones – the heavenly sight, and the greatest creation of all. They look

up to you. They look to you for guidance and for examples to follow.

Will you turn your backs on them like your parents did you ??

Within each of you lies the genes of your forefathers. The same courage and determination that dwelled in them as they conquered and then ruled the world for over 500 years, also dwells inside you

I wish I could direct you to capable and successful White activist leaders and organizations. But there are none. There are no groups today, like the group I founded and led in the 1980s, the White Patriot Party. The details of which are presented on this website. And at 69, I’m too old and worn out to lead another.

But there are tens-of-millions of you, many hundreds of thousands who possess the will, intelligence, and determination to unite and organize white people within your own areas. And that is what I urge you to do.

Come together in brotherhood. Form White clubs. Celebrate your glorious history, culture, and forefathers. Become racially aware, proud, and active, jew-wise White people. And recruit, recruit, recruit. The model of the old White Patriot Party can be a guide and perhaps, even an inspiration to you.

Band together and be proud of what you see in your mirror – "God’s" most divine creation of all. He made your first ancestor white in the beginning, not a mixed breeded mongrel. Keep your race as He made it. Or else, your posterity will be dark, kinky-headed, bubble-lipped bipeds, wallowing in filth, ignorance, and poverty while enslaved forever under jewish bondage.

And of course, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Hail Victory and Sieg Heil to you all.


Glenn Miller

PS: It is my fondish wish, that one day in future, my spirit will rise from my grave, and you will all know that I was right. . . . as you march, shoulder to shoulder to freedom from jewish bondage and from the nightmares the jews plan for you.

"He who has learned the jew, but refuses to warn his kinsmen of the jewish menace, is an accomplice of the jews, and an accessory in the jewish enslavement and genocide of his own people"

"Men die. Cattle die. But deeds men do, live forever."


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