26 July, 2021

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The leftists already committed one coup: they stole the federal 2020 election and therefore illegally removed Donald Trump from office and also illegally installed the current “Biden” administration [1]. That’s a very serious felony and it may even be treason or sedition, depending on certain factors, such as who was involved (did high-ranking U.S. government officials help rogue foreign powers — such as China — steal the election? The answer would seem to be “yes” and that’s likely a hanging or firing-squad offense; if it isn’t, then it damn well should be made such ASAP via a federal law).

Now the leftists are trying for another coup: this one will be broader in scope. It would “nationalize” and liberalize all future elections in America. The states would have very little — if any — power over the elections, and rampant election fraud would be guaranteed each time and such fraud opportunities would favor the Left since leftists have no moral qualms about committing felonies and violating RICO laws.

It’s bad enough that leftists are brainwashing our children and ruining our country in 10 different ways. Are we also going to put up with their endless treasonous coups? (As late as the mid-1960s, such coup-plotters as mentioned above would have been shot or hanged by the government).

Americans must decide whether or not they are going to allow the Left to get away with all of this baloney, because so far it has gotten off scott-free.


26 July, 2021

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Go to your refrigerator and look inside. Examine the ketchup, mustard and pickle containers. You will see that they all have a little kosher (meaning “fit”) symbol on them, usually on the front label — a “U” or a “K” for example. That little symbol means that the food is “okay for Jews to eat.” In other words, the food was prepared in a special way and can “safely” be eaten by religious Jews without violating Jewish dietary rules [1].

Most packaged food in America today is marked with the kosher symbol. Even non-food items are often marked with the kosher symbol, e.g., aluminum foil, plastic wrap.

Given the fact that Jews make up only 2% of the U.S. population, that speaks loudly to how much power and privilege Jews have in America. (You’d think that Jews were extra-special or something! Actually, they do: Jews consider themselves to be “God’s chosen people” i.e., God’s favorite people).

(Consider this: if you went to Israel, and asked a dozen Israeli food producers to mark all of their packaged food with little Christian crosses on the labels, you’d probably get your ass beaten. White gentiles are such chumps. Jews have been waging war on White Western culture since ancient times, yet we put our enemy’s stamp on our food! Heaven help us!).



[1] Jews are both a race (a hybrid race via centuries of inbreeding) and a religion. White people occasionally convert to Judaism, but they are not considered to be “true” Jews.

26 July, 2021

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If the “Biden” Administration were really concerned about “new, dangerous Covid-19 variants,” the U.S. southern border would have been closed up tightly a month ago, with extra men and so forth.

But the opposite is true: currently, illegal aliens are flooding into America in record numbers, like water through a fire hose:

“Bill Melugin from FOX News reported on Sunday that the US border patrol apprehended over 20,000 illegal aliens at the Del Rio Crossing in Texas in just one week.” (Those are the illegal aliens who were caught by the border patrol. But most aren’t caught).

So much for being really concerned about Covid variants.


25 July, 2021

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This writer wants his readers to watch/listen to Eugen Weber lecture. So I did. Weber had an exuberant, authoritative voice. He sounds like “an expert.” [Obituary].

The late Jewish historian Weber (1925-2007), a professor at UCLA, was an entertaining historian. No, I didn’t say he was a good historian. I said he was “entertaining” (as a speaker). Born in Romania, the popular Weber specialized in Western Civilization. A potential problem if one is a Jew and your usual audience is White.

Note the mention of historian Martin van Creveld in the article, who is also a Jew.


25 July, 2021

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(Above: the late Army General Jorge Videla of Argentina. He died in prison after being sent there for giving leftists free helicopter rides circa 1977. Those ungrateful punks. When someone offers you a free helicopter ride, you eagerly accept it and say “thank you!” — right? Right? No???? Oh. Okay, then).

It’s remarkable how quickly trannies have been forced onto the public. Within about 7 years, trannies have gone from being “sick freaks” to being “legitimate.” How did that happen? Oh, that’s right: the Jewish media in the West pushed it daily.

Now, in Argentina, all government workplaces must hire “x” number of mentally-ill men who think they are women (or vice-versa but usually they’re men). How will that improve governmental services in Argentina? If anything, it will downgrade governmental services, and it will lead to lots of tension at governmental agencies — which is entirely the point: all Jewish-led “liberation movements” are designed to cause People A to fight with People B while the Jews sit back and enjoy the mess they’ve made by destabilizing yet another conservative country (Argentina was once a conservative, Catholic country) [1][2][3]. And to think, there’s no such thing as a “transgender” human anyway. A tranny is a 3-dollar bill. Fake.

“A law reserving 1% of Argentina’s public sector jobs for transgender people will transform everyday life for the country’s trans community, LGBT+ activists said after Congress gave final approval for the measure.”



[1] Jewish-led “liberation movements” have included: feminism, labor unions, abortion, civil rights, “human rights” and “gay rights.”

[2] Argentina never fully recovered from the fallout from the Dirty War (1976-1983), which was caused by violence from the Left. During the Dirty War, the military gave leftists one-way helicopter rides and so there was left-wing reaction to that from around the world, leading ultimately to a more-muscular Left in Argentina.

[3] Argentina is largely White (Spaniard and Italian especially). There is even a colony of Welsh in Patagonia.

24 July, 2021

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Picture, in your mind, a room full of people. Let’s say, 30 people. The first person in the room to complain about anything will be a Jew. “This room is too cold.” “This room is too hot!”

The second person in the room to complain about anything will be a leftist. “How come most of the people in this room are White? That’s racist!”

Jews and leftists look for “trouble.” Somewhere. Anywhere. It’s genetic. Complaining is in their DNA. In fact, if they didn’t have anything to complain about, they’d be miserable.


24 July, 2021

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You know how the Covid lockdowns were an attack on conservatives, since most small business owners were Trump supporters before they lost their businesses or killed themselves? Well, the Covid “vaccines” are also an attack on conservatives, because they’re much more likely to say “no” to the jab, being the freedom-loving, anti-Big-Brother people that they are. And the Left knows that. So the jab is also an endless attack on conservatives. All of this is a giant hate crime against normal White conservative people.

Also: getting the toxic jab is a community service? How is getting sick and/or dying a community service?

Here’s a much better community service: staying alive and healthy so that you can pay taxes (that’s what the sheeple are for!). And vote against the Left!

23 July, 2021

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Do you laugh? Cry? Both? [Emoji].

23 July, 2021

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(Above: Salvador Allende).

When it comes to the Left, there’s always a Jew in the wood pile, hiding somewhere, hoping that no one will discover him/her.

You knew that the Chilean president Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was a communist creep who destroyed Chile in 1972/1973, before Pinochet kicked his ass. But guess what? Allende was also a Jew. His mother Laura was a Jew, making him Jewish according to Jewish religious law. Here’s a quote:

“(Allende’s) father Salvador Allende (senior), a lawyer, was of Basque background and his mother Laura Gossens had a Belgian Jewish background (though converted to Catholicism).” [Here, a website in Columbia].

Strangely, despite being a Marxist thug, Allende is worshiped as a “democrat” and he has large statues erected to him, including in Chile and Austria. Why? Because Marxists are idiots, that’s why.

Allende also appointed many Jews to his government, e.g., Jaques Chonchol and David Baytelman (who planned the governmental confiscation of private land in Chile), Oscar Waiss (director of the government newspaper La Nación), Hector Böhm Rosas (director of the confiscated banks), David Silberman (directed the confiscation of the private copper mines).

23 July, 2021

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The bogus Covid house-of-cards may soon collapse. The CDC bosses just erased 6 thousand Covid vaccine-related deaths from the CDC website (are they nervous?), just as England, Israel and Massachusetts are reporting high numbers of new Covid cases among people who have already been vaccinated.


Also: the PCR test for Covid is bogus (inaccurate), which its inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis, said was not designed to test for infectious diseases in humans [Article]. If Mullis said it wasn’t designed for that, then why did they use it for that?