25 March, 2006

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[Britain already has the speech and gun controls — goy controls — the jews want here. Don’t be caught high and dry. Every jew gungrabber in Congress has piles of weapons, and Israelis teenagers walk around with machine guns. Gun control is a loxist attack aiming to deprive the White man of every last means of defending himself, the better to secure Jewish Tyranny. Chuck Heston won’t mention the jew part, but he’s a nigger-fucking civil-rights-tyranny-embracing used-up dotard, so ignore him.]

“Website of an English gun rights activist,” yes, but properly speaking guns don’t have rights, Englishmen or White men do. The picture of Churchill at this site is inappropriate, as it is Churchill’s people – the jews he descended from, and who redeemed his bankruptcy, who led the charge to take guns out of British hands.


25 March, 2006

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[Criticize a jew? You’re “attacking” him. Because you “hate” him. That makes you an “anti-semite.” What a neat little game. All criticism of jews ‘n’ their loxist agenda is illegitimate by definition. And since jews write model statutes and bought Congressgoyim sign off on them without reading — by law. When you play by the rules of a fixed game, you lose.]

Scholars’ Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence

WASHINGTON — In the face of one of the harshest reports on the pro-Israel lobby to emerge from academia, Jewish organizations are holding fire in order to avoid generating publicity for their critics.

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25 March, 2006

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[As the late Dr. Pierce used to say, jews brought their ancient hatreds to our shores. Now those hatreds redound against jews, we hear the piteous shriek of the unhappy kike. Oy, maybe rethinking this immigration thing would be “good for jews.” What’s good for you, White man? A simple little thing called NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.]

At the same time, the 9/11 attacks jolted Muslims into realizing that they needed to make themselves known to their neighbors and heard by their government. They are voting, running for office and getting more involved in civic and political life at every level, from PTAs and school boards to town councils and state legislatures. At least two – Texas Republicans Amir Omar and Ahmad Hassan – are running for U.S. Congress.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which promotes Muslim political activity, has opened 23 of its 31 U.S. chapters since 9/11. In the 2004 election, two studies found, one in five Muslim voters were first-time voters. Article.

24 March, 2006

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[Little Green Footballs, a prominent Ashkenazi-appeaser site, expresses deep concern about a black comedian in France who doesn’t like jews. Seems that’s all the rage with the audience, these days. Goyim making fun of jews is like jews making fun of, say, French. Except it’s not funny and you must never, ever do it. Why the thin skin, jews? Isn’t the god of the swindle on your side, and haint that enough deity to take care of Frogtown?]

French Antisemitism Watch

One of the most popular comedians in France is Dieudonné—an antisemitic, hate-spewing lunatic fond of dressing up in Nazi uniforms.

When the curtain rises, he is greeted with roars and whoops by a packed, multi-racial audience, which is young, trendy, intellectual and left-wing. Many of them have come straight from the latest demonstration against the government’s new jobs law for the young.

Much of Dieudonné’s show – “Le Depot du Bilanâ€? (The Bankruptcy) – is surreally funny. …

All through the show, however, something else intrudes, something darker and more sinister. Dieudonn̩ is obsessed with Jews. All races, even his own mixed black and white origins, get a gentle mickey-taking in his show. When Jews are mentioned Рand they are mentioned over and over again Рthe tone becomes more aggressive, even violent.

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24 March, 2006

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A sideways touchdown signal, courtesy of some odds sports league south of the equator, to be administered whenever things are going your way. Ok, I can’t find a pic of what I mean yet, so settle for this wonderful page of Bryn Mawr butchybird rugy photos. (Warning: may scare younger viewers.)


24 March, 2006

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24 March, 2006

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[Latest “spare no one but organized jews” comedy, from MTV. Hollywood has operated off the same worn-through stock of stereotypes for fifty years. The promise of White media is adding some new ones that reflect reality, such as the lying, ugly kike (Take Alan Dershowitz. Please.), the uncool nigger, the noble Southerner, the good German, the helpful priest, the loxist jew.]

story image

“Plastic Surgeons Without Borders” from “Wonder Showzen.”

MTV2’s “Wonder Showzen” aims to do for childhood innocence what “Chappelle’s Show” did for racial sensitivity. Just don’t call it “‘Sesame Street’ on acid.”

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24 March, 2006

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[If someone else wrote it, and it’s good, why reinvent the wheel?]

Almost immediately the liberal blogosphere exploded with outrage over Domenech’s hiring by the Post. But by Thursday bloggers had more than ideological reasons to oppose the Post’s move, as Atrios, Daily Kos and other sites uncovered brazen examples of plagiarism by Domenech when he was writing for a student weekly at the College of William and Mary. Ironically, the young right-winger was apparently fond of Salon’s arts criticism, at least, because he plagiarized film critic Stephanie Zacharek, and Mary Elizabeth Williams, writing about television.

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24 March, 2006

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[Turns out HIV doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter. Mention this, you’re a Holocaust denier by a very, very slightly different name. The proper name for AIDS is, as we have said, Q-RID, for Queer-Related Immuno-Deficiency. The ‘AIDS’ phenomenon is essentially a political campaign to shift the cost and moral responsibility for worn-out homo-rectums onto Normal White America. The joke turns out to be on the whiffenpoof, as the pills he gulps to preserve homeostasis make his liver look like his asshole.]

Why I Quit HIV: The Aftermath

by Rebecca V. Culshaw
by Rebecca V. Culsha

I want to start with an apology. I regret that I have not been able to individually answer every email I’ve received in the wake of my essay, “Why I Quit HIV,” which recently appeared on Lew Rockwell. I am grateful for this forum, and I hope that I will be able to clear up some confusion people appear to have experienced. I’d also like to express my gratitude for the many, many positive and indeed inspirational letters I’ve received.

Now I’d like to address some common questions I received.

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24 March, 2006

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[Dirty Debbie on the latest celluloid outrage from McNigget.]

Spike Lee’s Bigoted Obsessions @ a Theater Near You

By Debbie Schlussel

Ronald Reagan feting David Duke in the Oval Office. Abraham Lincoln running around in Black face. Jews being governed by a government department for Semitic affairs.

Spike Lee’s obsessions with race and ethnicity never go away. Nor does his smug arrogance at the expense of those who are not members of his own race and ethnicity.

Today, Lee has two movies debuting in theaters, “Inside Man” and “Confederate States of America.”

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