Why White People Don't Stick Together

by The Shadow

28 September 2005

Virtually every wildebeest in Africa knows that lions are dangerous to its survival. While this knowledge may well keep the animal alive longer than it would live without this knowledge, it will be eaten by lions in the long run.

If wildebeests are ever to avoid being eaten by lions, they will have to join together to oppose the lions. Knowing that lions are dangerous just won't do it for them.

Just imagine what the result would be if 5,000 wildebeest pushing their way across an African plain were suddenly to turn on the first lion pride to approach them. The lions would turn around and run like hell, the same way they do when they see three or four Watusi tribesmen coming their way. They have learned that the tall, thin Africans with spears aren't afraid of them and, in fact, will kill them given the chance.

If we are to prevent being eventually eaten one at a time by the jews and their surrogates, it will not be enough if every White person in America is aware of the danger that these people present. This knowledge will ultimately be useless unless White people are brought together to oppose our common enemy.

Every propaganda technique that we employ must be prepared with this reality in mind. I am thinking of VNN's radio outreach, TAA, VNN online, etc.

Below is a list of many of the factors keeping White people apart. (I'm sure I must have left some out.) All of these factors must be overcome, no two ways about it. We must become a cohesive whole. Otherwise, we are doomed.

1. Unlike the jews, the survival of our race is not a factor in the White psyche. Our primary concern is, and has been for centuries, with survival in the hereafter.

When was the last time you heard a jew speaking about going to heaven? Did you ever hear a jew say, "May he rest in peace?"

Jews are concerned with the here and now, and not with what Jew Karl Marx called pie in the sky. For this reason, among many others, jews have a huge advantage over White people, who are traditionally Christian.

2. Whites are not as fierce as some other races and therefore not as easy to work up for the purpose of saving themselves.

Roy Jones is an outstanding black light heavyweight champion. He recently was quoted as saying that he would like to get into a minor traffic accident so that he could beat up the other driver. The great Irish-American light heavyweight champion Tommy Loughran, on the other hand, went to church every day and, after retirement from boxing, would walk back and forth from the New York Athletic Club to his job on the Wall Street Coffee Exchange.

3. White ethnicity trumps White racialism. If Whit people in general had the feeling of sameness that Greeks in America have, the country would be in our hands tomorrow. Unfortunately, this will never be the case, but we have to go for it anyhow.

White ethnic groups vary in their "pride," but whatever so-called pride exists tops the feeling any group has about its Whiteness, even within the least "proud" ethnic group. When, for example, the Irish march on St. Patrick's Day, they never, ever think about being White the way Puerto Ricans marching on St. Spicola's Day think about being Hispanic. One reason for the Irish lack of concern over being Whtie, of course, is that they were subjugated for 800 years by fellow White men.

4. White ethnic groups are extremely varied. So let's say you're a German-American who was brought up in Chicago years ago. With the large populations of Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans in that town, and with the likelihood that you lived near one or both groups, and with the differences among Germans, Italians, and Irish, to you the Irish and Italians are probably just two more ethnic populations along with Jews, Negroes, and Puerto Ricans.

5. White people are envious of other White people in a way the jews are never envious of other jews. The jews look out for one another. They believe that every jew should do well.

Unlike the jews, our intelligence spans a broad spectrum. This breadth of ability helps to cause feelings of inferiority, and consequent envy, to fluourish among us.

White manual laborers almost universally dislike white-collar Whites. They'll rescue a White college man if he falls into a ditch, but then they'll laugh at him as he tries to clean off his brogans with their hose. In turn, the white-collar White may envy the laborer who, it seems to him, spends most of his days pumping up his muscles without a care in the world.

Envy among themselves also hurts blacks, but it hurts them in a way that keeps them together. If a black does too well in school, for example, he will be brought back to being black. So it's not that he will just be less successful as a result of taunting from his own. He will also be a less successful black.

6. We Whites are not as sociable as other races, even within our own separate nationalities. You see a photograph of an African village, and they're all up one another's asses -- literally, too. But a town in Finland contains separate residences, residences kept separate by frigid weather.

In fact, climate probably has much to do with this characteristic. In any event, our relative separateness now helps to keep us apart racially.

7. Whites are more interested in accomplishment than in sitting around bullshitting. I can recall riding through a nigger area in the middle of a hot summer's night. They (not all of them, for sure) were out there on the stoops. Sure, they were trying to escape the heat in their apartments, but those apartments were no hotter than White people's apartments at the time. What's more, blacks can take the heat a lot better. And you can't very well get up and go to work if you've been on the stoop all night.

8. People who feel they're "on the bottom" are always more aware of the people "on the top" than vice versa. Southerners are more aware of Northerners, Canadians are more aware of Americans, Philadelphians are more aware of New Yorkers. And niggers, spics, and jews are more aware of Whites than Whites are aware of them. Niggers were addressing one another as "brother" long before anyone on this board was born.

9. Too many Whites are well off. As a result, we don't feel threatened. And if you don't feel threatened, where's the need to stick together?

This situation seems to be about to change rapidly. The untermenschen are now invading some of the toniest towns in America. When that invasion reaches a certain level, the White people with money, especially the spoiled wives, will start to scream bloody murder to the politicians.

10. There's something in the White character that wants to bring lower forms of life up to our level. I'm not so sure this is the fault of Christianity; it may be that Christianity appeals to us for this reason. So even non-Catholic Whites are catholic.

We do, of course, have the missionary neurosis - White people drawn to Pago Pago and Congon Wongo in order to lift up "the unfortunates." But what about the animal lovers? Recently, a White girl was killed by a tiger while having her picture taken next to the beast -- a goddam tradition at her school! Dumb as niggers may be, you won't find them standing next to no tiger.

Have you ever seen a rich nigger at a dog show? Or a spic? I'm not even sure there are jews there. It's only Whitey who goes to bed at night with a focking cat sharing his pillow.

11. White Christians in particular take the universl brotherhod bullshit to heart. Christian niggers and spics know it's bullshit, so they let it in one ear and out the other.

12. Whites are inherently more moral than other races. It has nothing to do with Christianity.

Reader's Digest conducted a study of fundamental morality around the world a few years back. They placed 10 wallets with money at various locales in different countries. The countries where the wallets were most often returned (8-9) were in Scandinavia, where nobody goes to church. But only 3 out of 10 (I'm surprised it was even that high) were returned in Mexico, which has been Catholic for 400 years.

13. Whites are "good" to niggers and spics not just because we're "good" but also because it makes us feel important. If you were an ugly White girl in Europe in 1950, you could volunteer as a nun in the Belgian Congo, where you're suddenly the Queen of Sheba. No small wonder the savages went on a nun-rape spree in 1960 as Belgium pulled out of the Congo.

Unfortunately, it's not just ugly White girls who do this kind of thing. Recently, I saw a video clip of a beautiful White nurse at a bedside in darkest Africa. It's enough to make you cry.

Remember, all the wildebeests but the very young know that lions are dangerous, but it's only their individual speed that saves any of them. Once a wildebeest can't run faster than his neighbors, or at least as fast, he's lion meat. Like the wildebeests, you and I eventually will be eaten individually by the jews unless we come together and stampede them.


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