Light for Nations: A Short History of the Jews in the Modern World

by VNN Staff

Light for Nations: A Short History of the Jews in the Modern World

(Version 2.3)

by VNN Staff

January, 2008


The Jews refer to themselves as a light unto nations - a people that
improves all countries in which it resides. But do the Jews really improve
the states in which they dwell or is the claim merely public relations? We
hope that the reader may decide for himself using this document, which is a
short history of the Jewish people.[1]

The text below shows that Jews may well have influenced Western culture more
than any other ethnic group, particularly over the last few hundred years.
It is important to note that our writers allege no 'conspiracy' by Jews.
Rather, the examples cited point to an inborn tendency of Jews to engage in
behavior they believe will ensure their group's safety, no matter its effect
on the gentiles they live among.

To be sure, the Jews -- a race and also a religion -- have a long history.
But we will focus here on the past 200 years. We begin their saga with the
rise of the Rothschild banking family in Europe.

The Rise of the Rothschilds and International Banking

Of significance in Jewish history is how important the Rothschilds -- and
other Jewish bankers -- were to the solidification of Jewish power in the
West. A large percentage of banks in the West was originally founded by
Jews, e.g. the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, and Paul and Max Warburg. In fact,
Meyer Amschel Rothschild and his sons virtually invented modernized banking
and finance. Not only did the powerful Rothschilds control banking in Europe
from approximately 1815 onward, but they also purchased European news
outlets -- including the Reuters news agency -- giving them the power to
influence the opinions of millions of gentiles. Furthermore, political and
social-reform actions naturally require money; since they were far wealthier
than even royal families -- who were in fact indebted to them -- the
Rothschilds were in a unique position to be able to transform aspects of
European society to benefit the Jewish community.

Two features remain key to the power of the international bankers. First,
many bankers are related by marriage. By the end of the 1800s many
Rothschild cousins had married. Second, many top politicians in the West
have been indebted to the international bankers for providing them with
loans at critical times, such as when a Rothschild loaned fellow Jew and
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli millions of pounds so he could buy shares
of stock for control of the Suez Canal area to benefit England.

Perhaps nowhere have Jewish international bankers had a bigger impact than
in funding wars. For example, they funded the Japanese in the Japan/Russia
war of the early 20th century, which has been described as the first war in
which non-Whites defeated White men. Many Western political observers assert
that wars are waged for economic reasons, and if that is true, then Jews, by
their domination of international banking, have been vital but unseen
players in modern warfare.

The Founding of Communism

The ideology that would murder and enslave more people than any other idea
in human history was crafted in the 1840s by a German Jew named Karl Marx.
Like many Jews who wanted to hide within gentile society, Marx's family
converted to Christianity. Marx's ideology was called communism, a social
and economic system in which the government controlled all forms of property
and wealth. Marx based his communism on the historic kahal, a Jewish
communal living system. The kahal was essentially an early form of
communism, with community needs such as food, living arrangements, and
vocations allocated in a collective manner.

Furthermore, the Soviet Union - which spread communism across the earth -
would likely have never been created if the part-Jewish leftist V. I. Lenin
(see elsewhere) had not been heavily influenced by Marx's book Das Kapital.
In fact, Das Kapital can be credited as having transformed the young Lenin
into a full-blown revolutionary - another Jewish root of communism.

It should be noted by the reader that communism is, as an ideology, more
severe than Nazism, its sworn enemy. As an example, in Nazi Germany a
citizen could own a gun with a permit. But no citizen could, or can, own a
gun in any communist country. Nazism wasn't totalitarian. It was politically
authoritarian. But communism is totalitarian in that every aspect of a
citizen's life is rigidly controlled. The number of people murdered by
communism worldwide since 1917 approaches 100 million people - 20 million in
Russia alone, by conservative estimate. That number does not include the
other millions of people who were imprisoned, tortured or forced to flee
their homes due to communist aggression in Eastern Europe.

The Rise of Zionism

In the late 1880s, Jews began looking for a permanent place to evade
gentiles irritated by their behavior. The place they envisioned for their
exile was Palestine, portions of which Jews claimed they had occupied over
2,000 years ago. Jews began a global campaign to convince the world that
they were entitled to 'return' to Palestine. The leader of this so-called
Zionist movement was Theodor Herzl. Zionism provided the motive for a number
of Jewish actions over the course of the twentieth century, including the
manipulations leading up to the Balfour Declaration (covered below) and the
exaggeration of the severity of the so-called Holocaust. The state of Israel
was brought into being by Jewish terrorism, characterized by such acts as
the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 and the Deir Yassin massacre in

To date, Zionism -- which the UN described as a form of racism in its 1975
Resolution 3379 -- has caused much trouble in the world, through continual
violence in the so-called Middle East involving Israel. American (read:
gentile) tax dollars fund the state of Israel to the tune of billions a
year, which is one of the chief causes of Arab anger towards the U.S.

The Creation of the Federal Reserve Corporation

In 1913, the U.S. Congress authorized the creation of the Federal Reserve
banking system, which is also known as the Federal Reserve Corporation. This
private, non-governmental entity issues America's money. The Federal Reserve
pays the U.S. Treasury a small fee to print 'Federal Reserve Note' currency,
which is later loaned to the U.S. government.

The Federal Reserve system was created largely by the actions of Jewish
banker Paul M. Warburg.

There are several problems with the U.S. government not controlling
America's money. Fed money is debt money, and also fiat money: cash that is
not backed by 'real' commodities such as gold or silver. It is debt money
because when the U.S. government needs money -- i.e., more money than the
U.S. treasury receives from taxes -- it borrows the cash from the Federal
Reserve (such borrowing is now routine). The government then agrees to pay
back the money that it borrowed from the corporation with added interest
paid on the collateral for the loan (the collateral being interest-bearing
government bonds). That interest -- minus smaller government debts such as
foreign aid -- is the national, or federal, debt, or, what America owes the
Federal Reserve Corporation.

The Federal Reserve also controls interest rates and the amount of money
that circulates within America, giving it enormous power over the U.S.

As the debt money system continues to be used, America's national debt
climbs, leading to the American citizen being progressively over-taxed
through the silent theft of inflation.

Of significance is that the leadership of the Federal Reserve and the key
owners of the corporation's stock -- i.e., banks -- have been
disproportionately Jewish. Even today, a Jew named Alan Greenspan heads that
corporation. (How ironic that the same year that America gave up control of
its money to private bankers, Canada did as well under the Bank Act of 1913.
In fact, private banks control the money of almost all Western countries,
and yes, those banks are very often owned or controlled by Jews).


Fact: America became involved in WWI due to Jewish intervention. England was
in danger of losing the war when Jews secretly approached the British
government with an unusual offer: the Jews, using their powerful influence
within American President Woodrow Wilson's inner circle, would persuade
Wilson to enter America into the war if the British government would declare
its support for the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. As a result
of that offer, Wilson's close Jewish advisors, such as Louis Brandeis,
Bernard Baruch and Rabbi Stephen Wise, urged Wilson to aid the British war
effort by committing American troops to enter WWI. Another Jew, Chaim
Weizmann, was the key player on the British side of the plan to inject
America into WWI. That the vast majority of the American people wanted
nothing to do with the European war, and that Wilson had campaigned on the
specific promise to keep America out of the war, turned out not to matter.
The will of the people was abandoned for the will of the Jews.

The British government pledged its support for the creation of a Jewish
state in a document that became known as the Balfour Declaration. That
declaration was issued after America had entered WWI. The Balfour
Declaration was written by one Jew, Leopold Amery, and edited by another
Jew, Louis Brandeis, who was the first Jewish justice of the U.S. Supreme
Court. The reader should be aware of the fact that WWI led directly to WWII.
In fact, many people feel that WWII was merely a continuation of WWI.

'Russian' Revolution/Comintern Founded

Probably the most important event in recent history, aside from WWII, was
the so-called 'Russian' Revolution, which occurred in late 1917. In that
revolution, communists gained control of Russia, murdering and enslaving
millions of its citizens, most of whom were gentiles. Nearly all of the top
communists in Russia -- first called 'Bolsheviks' but later 'Soviets' --
were Jewish and not from Russian stock. Their leader, V.I. Lenin, was, as we
mentioned previously, part-Jewish. After Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin led
the Soviet communists. Stalin was not Jewish but he was married to a Jew
(i.e., his third, common-law marriage to Lazar Kaganovich's sister). The
Russian Revolution was financed by the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, who
furnished the communists with millions of dollars.

After gaining control of Russia, the Soviets spread communism worldwide
through an organ of the Soviet government called the Comintern. The
Comintern sent agents around the globe to foment revolutions which, it
hoped, eventually would result in the installation of communist regimes in
every nation. The Comintern was run by a Jew named Grigory Zinoviev. Because
of the Comintern's actions many countries around the world were later
enslaved under communist dictatorships, e.g. North Korea and Cuba. China was
also communized by Jewish/Soviet emissaries, e.g. Adolf Abramovitch Joffe
(aka Yoffe) and Mikhail Markovich Borodin.

It should be recognized that the mass murder that occurred in Russia from
1917 onward was carried out almost exclusively by Jews, including Lazar
Kaganovich, Leon Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Yakov Yurovsky and Genrikh Yagoda.
The few top Soviet officials who were not Jewish were married to Jews, for
example Rykov, Molotov, Dzherzhinsky and Bukharin (not counting the
previously-mentioned Stalin). Soviet communism had racially-Jewish roots
until Stalin became frustrated with their domination of the government and
purged a significant number of Jews including Kamenev, Zinoviev, Radek, and

Of interest regarding the 'Russian' Revolution is that British leader
Winston Churchill wrote a newspaper article in 1920 titled "Zionism versus
Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People," in which he
echoed the coming Nazis in pointing out that that the 'Russian' revolution
was led mostly by Jews. Churchill's never-mentioned article is available on
the web.

The Creation of the Versailles Treaty

Critically important to modern history was the Versailles Treaty of 1919,
which carved Germany into pieces as the conclusion of WWI. European states
wanted to punish Germany for her role in the war, and the way they did so
was through that treaty. (It should be recognized that WWI was not started
by Germany, as is often claimed, but by Austria-Hungary, which declared war
upon Serbia in July 1914). Under the questionable Versailles Treaty, parts
of Germany were given to various European countries including France,
Poland, Denmark and Belgium.

Most important about the Versailles Treaty, however, was the fact that Jews
were key advisors to most if not all of the top government officials who
attended the peace conference that produced it. The Jew Bernard Baruch
advised U.S. President Wilson at the conference, while British Prime
Minister Lloyd George was advised by the Jew Phil Sassoon. And French leader
Georges Clemenceau was advised by his Jewish Interior Minister Georges
Mandel aka Louis Rothschild. Furthermore, Jewish leader Rabbi Stephen Wise
advised U.S. president Wilson about matters surrounding the impending treaty
before Wilson left America to attend the peace conference. The Versailles
Treaty caused WWII to occur by default, culminating in Hitler attempting to
unravel the Versailles Treaty by invading Poland in 1939. The treaty was
unjust and several Western leaders admitted that it was, including British
Prime Minister A. Neville Chamberlain.

The Impact of Jewish Marxists/Socialists in pre-Hitler Germany

From just after WWI until the early 1930s Germany was in severe turmoil.
Among the worst of her troubles were communist revolutionaries starting
riots in German cities lasting as long as five days. The riots were intended
to destabilize Germany as a first step towards communization of the country.
Also among Germany's troubles was incredible monetary inflation.

Most of Germany's troublemaking revolutionaries were Jewish. Karl Radek,
Kurt Eisner, and Rosa Luxemburg, for example. In fact, those three people
attempted coups in several European locations.

Furthermore, pre-Hitler -- aka Weimar -- Germany was run by a government
containing many Jews, such as Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau. The Weimar
constitution was even written by a Jew, Hugo Preuss. Jews drove the leftist
and Marxist movements in Germany, which influenced, for example, such
matters as art and architecture and even sexual behavior. Weimar Germany's
media were also largely in Jewish hands, as were her financial institutions
-- not surprising since Jews tend to dominate these vocations in most
Western countries.

Hitler Comes to Power, and the Frankfurt School Leaves for America

When Adolf Hitler assumed power in Germany in 1933, he set about correcting
the problems Germany faced. Among his actions were imprisoning Jewish
revolutionaries and strengthening the German economy by the ingenious use of
'Mefo' bonds, which in a short time transformed Germany's economy into the
most powerful in Europe. Indeed, Germany achieved full employment in four
years under Hitler's rule. (It is important to contrast Hitler's quick and
successful transformation of Germany's economy to American president F. D.
Roosevelt's failed attempts to rescue America's economy from a severe
depression. FDR's economic programs were largely 'artificial' in that the
government, not private business, created jobs via large projects funded by
U.S. tax dollars. In other words, tax dollars were used to pay taxpayers).

Coinciding with the rise of Nazism, an influential group of Jewish
intellectuals fled Germany and came to America. This group, known as the
Frankfurt School, injected Marxist ideas into American life via major U.S.
universities. The Frankfurt School -- including such Jews as Max Horkheimer,
Theodor Adorno (half-Jewish), Wilhelm Reich and Erich Fromm -- profoundly
changed America's social fabric. Indeed, much of the social turmoil of the
1960s can be traced to the prior influence of these Frankfurt Jews.

The Censoring of General Moseley's Congressional Testimony

On May 31 and June 1, 1939, retired U.S. Army General George Van Horn
Moseley (1874-1960) testified before the Special Committee on Un-American
Activities, U.S. House of Representatives, also known as the Dies Committee.
Moseley basically said that Jews were a threat to Western culture. He also
said that Jews threatened him with violence in order to prevent him from
speaking out about them. Among Moseley's comments to the Dies Committee was
this one: "Whether it is right or wrong, the Jews must bring themselves to
the realization that the one hundred twenty millions of people composing
this nation are not going to be run by Jews, in whole or in part." Moseley's
entire testimony was later removed from the Congressional Record, which is
rather odd considering that Moseley had been chief of Military Intelligence
and one of America's highest-ranking military officers. Some of Moseley's
comments before the Dies Committee can be found on the internet.

The Beginnings of WWII and the Role of FDR's Jewish Cabal

In the early 1930s, certain Jews began to set the stage for WWII. In both
Britain and America, Jews in important positions of power maneuvered to get
the British and American governments to actively oppose Hitler's Germany.
Furthermore, Jews themselves declared financial 'war' on Germany just after
Hitler took power. Such a 'war' declaration occurred before Hitler had
imprisoned the Jews or curtailed Jewish legal rights. In other words, Jews
struck the first blow in their battle against Hitler's new regime.

It is important for the reader to understand that long before Hitler had
imprisoned the Jews or invaded any country, American president Franklin D.
Roosevelt officially recognized Germany's enemy, the communist Soviet Union
(in November 1933), as a hedge against anti-communism in Europe. That the
president of a free country would recognize a brutal communist state that
had already murdered millions of people -- a fact likely known to Roosevelt
-- is significant, and offers insight into Roosevelt's administration. Some
of the people surrounding Roosevelt were communists, for example U.S.
Treasury official Harry Dexter White. Other Roosevelt staffers were, if not
actual communists, then sympathetic towards communism, e.g. FDR's
vice-president Henry Wallace. Roosevelt himself told Congressman Martin Dies
that "several of the best friends I have got" were communists (noted in
theCongressional Record, Sept. 22, 1950, page A6832).

More important, however, President Roosevelt's administration overflowed
with Jews - so many that his famous 'New Deal' socioeconomic program was
often referred to as the 'Jew Deal.' Indeed, it was a Jew -- FDR staffer
Samuel Rosenman -- that coined the term 'New Deal.' The Jews who aided
Roosevelt's administration included Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, David
Niles, Louis Brandeis, Henry Morgenthau Jr., Rabbi Stephen Wise and Sidney

The Jews in Roosevelt's inner circle persuaded him to treat both Germany and
Japan as dangerous enemies of America, which Roosevelt did. Concerning
Britain, powerful Jews such as Bernard Baruch worked to push top officials
in the same direction. (Of note regarding England vis-a-vis Germany is that
when Winston Churchill was in severe debt due to gambling losses, he became
indebted to Baruch since Baruch helped rescue him from bankruptcy[2]; the
world will likely never know to what lengths Churchill was willing to go to
return Baruch's favor. Furthermore, Churchill deeply disliked Germany, and
possibly envied Hitler's success).

When President Roosevelt suggested in a speech in 1937 that America might
have to wage war in the near future, watchful Americans knew that war with
the future Axis powers -- Germany, Japan and Italy -- was imminent. Such an
early suggestion of war, years before WWII began, gave good insight into
Roosevelt's intentions.

Roosevelt knew that war with Japan would provide a back door through which
America could enter WWII. That entry would allow America to help defeat
Hitler for the benefit of both world Jewry and England. FDR knew that if he
punished Japan - an ally of Germany - past a certain point, the Japanese
would attack America in retaliation. In fact, as historian Harry Elmer
Barnes pointed out in his 1953 book "Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace," FDR
began to antagonize Japan soon after becoming president in 1933. In the end,
FDR and world Jewry got exactly what they wanted: the defeat of Nazi
Germany, the biggest threat to ever face world Jewry and international
leftism. It must be clearly understood: WWII was all about Germany and the
Jews. Japan was but a secondary issue, despite outward appearances to the

Before WWII began, Jew-dominated Hollywood played a crucial role in
persuading American citizens that Hitler and the Germans were dangerous to
America's safety. For example, Hollywood produced movies that portrayed the
Germans as wanting to take over either America or the entire world. One such
film was "Confessions of a Nazi Spy," starring Jewish actor Edward G.

Jews were also key players in silencing people who opposed the growing
anti-Germany movement in America. Prominent citizens who questioned the
dangerousness of Germany to America were labeled "isolationists" and
fiercely criticized. Those isolationists, such as famed aviator Charles
Lindbergh, were unofficially blacklisted in America, their voices silenced
by a concerted campaign funded largely by Jewish money. Jews funneled money
into many anti-Germany organizations, such as the Fight For Freedom
Committee, which received some winking support from Roosevelt's

Also of note concerning the beginnings of WWII was Hitler's unique economy.
Among other features, the German economy had a barter system that cut out
the international Jewish bankers. For example, Germany traded trucks to
Argentina in exchange for grain. Instead of both Germany and Argentina
approaching international bankers for loans at high interest rates, both
countries simply bypassed the lenders via barter. Such exchanges angered the
Jew-dominated global financiers. As a result, economic warfare was directed
against Germany by Jew-led factions fearful that other nations might copy
her example.

The event that officially started WWII, Hitler's invasion of Poland, can be
explained by the fact that Hitler was attempting to reverse the unfairness
of the Versailles Treaty and reclaim traditionally German territory. Hitler
asked Poland at least twice to return the city of Danzig and the Polish
Corridor to Germany before invading in 1939. Poland refused. Also of
significance is that after Hitler invaded Poland, he offered to pull his
troops out of that country if he could keep Danzig and the Corridor. Britain
and France refused Hitler's offer. (Did they prefer war instead?)

Of further importance concerning WWII is the fact that Hitler probably did
not realize how influential Jews were in shaping the policies of the British
government in 1939. Hitler likely thought that he was opposing only gentiles
in England. What he probably did not realize about Britain was that, like
most European governments, Britain was beholden to powerful Jews. Those Jews
not only aided the British government financially, they also traveled in the
highest social circles, having been named 'barons' and 'lords' long before.
The Jews received those lofty titles not for their heritage but instead for
their important financial services to the British government. In fact, ever
since Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jews to return to England in the 1650s
(they had been expelled by King Edward the First, known as "Longshanks," in
1290), Jews had exercised significant influence on political and social
events in England.

The popular idea that Britain and France had to guarantee Poland's borders
by declaring war on Germany after Germany invaded Poland is wrong. Days
after Germany invaded Poland, the Soviets invaded as well, from the opposite
side. Britain and France did not then declare war on the Soviet Union. Why
did England and France allow the Soviets to invade Poland but not Germany?
The 1939 Anglo-Polish treaty which led to WWII, and not the secret protocols
of it, did not specify which countries Britain would defend Poland against.
Additionally, that treaty -- the Agreement of Mutual Assistance -- was not
properly ratified since it did not 'sit' for 21 days under the Ponsonby
Rule, as was normally required under British policy. Translation: Britain's
guaranteeing of Poland's borders was unlawful.

Most important of all, however, about WWII is that there is now clear
evidence that certain powerful men had planned to remove Hitler from power
long before he invaded Poland. As outlined in the book Which Way Western
Man? by William G. Simpson, both Winston Churchill and various powerful Jews
began making plans to topple Hitler as early as 1935, by any means
necessary. For example, U.S. General Robert E. Wood told a U.S.
Congressional committee that Churchill told him in 1936 that England must
"smash" Germany. That such a comment came 3 years before WWII began is of
critical historical importance.

The Defeat of Germany and the Creation of the Morgenthau Plan

The defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 was not simply a military victory for the
allies. It amounted to the revenge of world Jewry. The biggest racial threat
to the Jews in recent history -- Nazi Germany -- had not merely been
defeated in war but had been virtually wiped off the map. Entire cities such
as Dresden were burnt to the ground. Millions of innocent German citizens
were either killed, injured or left homeless. All traces of the former
German culture were destroyed. People having no official role in the Nazi
government - such as Julius Streicher and Alfred Rosenberg - were tried in
court at the Nuremberg trials and executed by the allies. Ex-Nazi officials
were tried in court and hanged using ex post facto laws, questionable and
hearsay evidence, and confessions gained under torture administered by
interrogators - who were all too often Jewish.

Regarding the Nuremberg trials of the ex-Nazis, of significance was the fact
that the idea to charge ex-Nazis with a "conspiracy" to commit the
then-nonexistent, made-up crime of "crimes against humanity" came from a
Jewish lawyer with the U.S. War Department, Lt. Colonel Murray C. Bernays.
Mr. Bernays, in turn, got much of his idea from another Jew, Raphael Lemkin,
the author who invented the term "genocide." In short, not only was WWII
caused largely by Jews, but the losers of that war were later prosecuted,
and persecuted, in a courtroom by Jews.

Of further importance is the fact that as early as December 1942 the allied
powers had decided to prosecute German military personnel for war crimes
committed during WWII.

Roosevelt's August 1944 comment that the entire German people -- not simply
former Nazis -- should be "castrated" to prevent them from reproducing
reveals the Roosevelt administration's attitude towards Germany in general.
U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower said that the top German officials should be
punished beyond the death penalty, whatever that might have meant. Of
possible interest regarding 'Ike's' comment is that Eisenhower's nickname at
West Point military academy was 'The Swedish Jew.' Also, no castration
suggestions were offered by allied leaders concerning the Japanese people,
even though the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor caused America to enter WWII
in the first place. Also of importance is the fact that two Jews -- Henry
Morgenthau, Jr. and the communist Harry Dexter White -- wrote the U.S.
government's Morgenthau Plan, which restructured post-war Germany to Jewish
benefit. A greater example of a conflict of interest would be hard to find.

Also regarding the matter of post-war Germany, after the war the director
general of the organization in charge of providing food and housing for
homeless Germans (the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation
Administration, or UNRRA) was a Jew, Herbert Lehman. UNRRA's chief advisor
was also a Jew, David Weintraub.

Jews also played key roles in the prosecution of German military personnel
for war crimes committed during WWII. For example, in the Malmedy massacre
trial (U.S. vs. Valentin Bersin, et al.), the chief interrogator of the
accused German soldiers was a Jew, William Perl. The chief prosecutor,
Burton Ellis, was also a Jew. The chief assistant prosecutor was a Jew as
well, Raphael Schumaker.

Jews were also key players in the U.S. Office of War Information (OWI),
which created anti-Axis films, posters and photos for propaganda purposes.
That propaganda was used to influence the attitudes of Western citizens
towards Germany and Japan. Among the Jews who worked for OWI were James Paul
Warburg, Bernard M. Baruch, Herbert Marcuse and Leo Rosten. Jews also helped
'de-Nazify' German military personnel and the German public after WWII, and
conflicts of interests often occurred when that happened. For example,
Jewish Marxist Herbert Marcuse a) advised the allies about how to portray
German fascism to the Western public via mass media; and b) wrote a handbook
for the allies concerning de-Nazification. The de-Nazification of Germany is
so complete today that a German citizen risks a stiff jail sentence if he
merely utters a pro-Nazi comment in public.

The Founding of the UN

Not only was the 'architect' of the United Nations, Leo Pasvolsky, Jewish,
but among the most important people involved in the founding of the UN in
1945 were Jewish communists, such as Victor Perlo, Harry Dexter White and
Solomon Adler. The UN is a global entity of considerable power which has
influenced the cultures of many Western countries. For example, in the late
1940s America adopted at least some educational ideas that were created by a
UN department called UNESCO (i.e., those found in their Towards World
Understanding report). Those ideas concerned the content of textbooks in
American schools. President Truman's Commission on Higher Education endorsed
the ideas, which included teaching children about the benefits of
"international government" (aka 'surrendering much of your country's
autonomy to a global body').

The controversial 1951 UN/UNESCO 'Statement on the Nature of Race and Race
Differences,' which denied human racial differences and altered peoples'
attitudes about race, was largely the invention of infamous Jewish
anthropologist Ashley Montagu. That statement seemed to further highlight
the ongoing Jewish agenda on race. Another example of that agenda: as far
back as 1935, Franz Boas -- the Jewish godfather of race-denial who inspired
Montagu's efforts -- approached two top scientists and asked them to create
an anti-racism/race-denial statement, which would be signed by many other
scientists and then publicized. Both of the scientists that Boas approached,
anthropologist and psychologist Livingston Farrand and biologist Raymond
Pearl, turned Boas down. Not one to give up easily, Boas then approached yet
another race expert, anthropologist Earnest Hooton. Hooton agreed to create
such a race statement (he sent it to seven top scientists but only one
signed it).

Amazingly, the UNESCO race statement claimed that Jews are not a race or
ethnic group, even though Jews contract 'Jewish diseases,' such as Tay-Sachs

Other top experts who created race-denying/race-downplaying material for the
UN or UNESCO were also Jewish, including Melville Herskovits, Otto Klineberg
and Harry Shapiro. In fact, Jews pioneered the false-but-ubiquitous
'official' theory that racial differences between Whites and non-Whites do
not really exist. The teachings of the Jews mentioned above were used to
drastically alter Western culture, e.g. in arguing for the enactment of
civil-rights legislation.

Despite the usual UN stance on Israel/Palestine, the UN has been good for
Jews, i.e. the UN's social leveling programs and equality-for-all ideology
have drastically lessened 'anti-Semitism' worldwide.

The Creation of the UN's 1948 �Universal Declaration of Human Rights�

That landmark, questionable declaration - what exactly is a "human" right, anyway? - was edited by a French Jew, Ren� Cassin, and featured additional input from another Jew, Melville Herskovits, by way of the American Anthropological Association (Herskovits wrote the AAA's 1947 human rights statement).

The Control of Eastern Europe After WWII

Not only was Russia controlled by Jews for many years, but countries in
post-war Eastern Europe were as well. For example, communist Poland was run
by Jewish figures including Jacob Berman, Boleslaw Bierut and Colonel Jozef
Rozanski. Communist Romania was run by people such as Ana Pauker, Avram
Bunaciu and Valter Roman. Hungary's communist government was also heavily
Jewish, for example Mathias Rakosi, Ernest Gero and Michael Farkas. Under
the leadership of those Jews, hundreds of thousands of people -- most of
them gentiles -- were murdered, tortured or imprisoned throughout Eastern

The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) Investigations

In 1947 the U.S. Congress, via the House Un-American Activities Committee
(HUAC), began investigating the Hollywood film industry due to charges that
Hollywood had been infiltrated by communism (it had been). A large number of
actors, directors and screenwriters were members of the Communist Party and
as such were getting marching orders from the Soviet Union. During that
period, a group of people known as the Hollywood Ten refused to answer
questions before the HUAC committee. They were then charged with contempt of
Congress. A disproportionate number of the Hollywood Ten were Jews,
including Herbert Biberman, Samuel Ornitz, Ring Lardner, Jr. and Albert
Maltz, as were the people who were 'blacklisted' during that era. (A
blacklisting meant that a person could not work in Hollywood due to his
political activities.)

Of important note concerning HUAC was how that committee -- and the similar
McCarthy committee later on -- was portrayed by the media and Hollywood.
HUAC's mission - identifying people who were attempting to communize America
on behalf of the Soviet Union -- was described as an un-American 'witch
hunt.' Declassified U.S. and Soviet government reports, such as the Venona
Intercepts, show that those 'witch hunters' were correct: communists had
infiltrated many areas of American society.

Significantly, the majority of American communist leaders have been Jews,
including Herbert Aptheker, Victor Perlo, Jay Lovestone and Benjamin Gitlow.

The Founding of Israel

Immense and concerted pressure was placed upon U.S. President Harry Truman
so that he would endorse the idea of creating a Jewish state in Palestine.
Naturally, most of that pressure came from Jews. Indeed, at one point Jewish
Congressman Emanuel Celler led a group of Jews to the White House. There,
during a conversation with Truman, Celler pounded on the president's desk
and said that if Truman did not give his blessing for a Jewish nation,
"we'll run you out of town." In fact, Truman said that "extreme Zionists"
had threatened him. Also of note is the fact that Truman's Jewish friend
Eddie Jacobson contacted Truman to urge him to support a Jewish state. But
before Jacobson contacted Truman, Jacobson was briefed on Palestinian
matters by Dewey Stone, a Zionist leader (which might make one wonder how
Jacobson came to contact Truman and on whose behalf he might have been

The creation of the state of Israel was extremely important to the Jews.
Most of all, it gave them legitimacy. They were no longer seen as a small
tribe of 'troublemakers' who moved from country to country getting evicted
nearly every time. Now they were a people with their own country and the
trappings that go with it: ambassadors, a large army and nuclear weapons.
The Jews had finally arrived on the world stage.

It should be understood that Israel was literally founded on terrorism:
Jewish revolutionaries, such as Menachem Begin, shot and blew-up British
soldiers, foreign diplomats and scores of Arabs in a violent effort to
reclaim 'their' land. (Ironically, Israel now condemns and fights

Today, the Zionist lobby in Washington, D.C. wields enormous power over
Congress. As a result, Congressmen dare not criticize Israel in public;
those who do are usually not re-elected. Another result of Zionist power in
Washington is the ever-increasing funding of the state of Israel by U.S.

Of further relevance is the question of Israel's legitimacy as a state. If
the Jews were allowed to 'return' to land which they claim their ancestors
occupied 2,000 years ago in Palestine, do the Indians in America also have
the right to reclaim lands their ancestors occupied 200 years ago?

Arabs and Muslims throughout the world hate America and most other White
countries because they see those countries as partners and protectors of
Israel, which they are - especially America. (In fact, without the massive
aid that the U.S. provides each year, Israel would become a third-world
country with a military only a fraction of its current size. To put it
another way, Israel needs America in order to survive as a viable state).

The Cold War

The 'cold' war between America and the Soviet Union, which began just after
WWII and which was centered around both countries' nuclear arsenals, became
more sophisticated and more expensive as America entered the 1950s. Billions
of U.S. tax dollars were spent on atomic weapons and various security
features both inside and outside of the U.S.

Of importance is the fact that the Cold War would never have occurred in the
first place if Jews hadn't created the Soviet Union. Ironically, Jews a)
were prime figures in creating America's first atomic weapons program,
called 'The Manhattan Project'; and b) were also key players in networks
which secretly provided U.S. atomic weapons technology to the Soviet Union,
e.g. the Rosenbergs, Harry Gold and Robert Soblen. (For more information on
the transfer of atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, see the Fuchs-Gold or
the Rosenberg spy ring cases in American historical documents).

The Increased Use of the Word "Democracy" in America

As the Jewish foothold in the American publishing world became more solid,
there appeared an increased use of the term "democracy" within books,
newspapers and magazines to describe America.

The U.S. constitution contains no mention of "democracy," nor did America's
founders use that word. America was created instead as a White republic in
which only White males could vote or hold public office, and the Jews are
very aware of that fact.

The U.S. Civil-Rights Movement

The history of the 1950s-1960s civil-rights movement might go unnoticed by
many White citizens if it were not for the fact that that movement was
created and steered by Jews, not by Blacks. Indeed, the NAACP was founded by
and run for many years by Jews, such as the Spingarn brothers. Other
important Jews in the NAACP included Henry Moskowitz, Lillian Wald, Jack
Greenberg and Kivie Kaplan.

The groundbreaking Brown v. Board of Education court ruling in 1954 resulted
almost entirely from the work of Jewish lawyers and activists connected with
the NAACP, for example Jack Greenberg. Indeed, the legal brief for Brown was
signed almost exclusively by Jews. Jewish activist Esther Swirk Brown was
also a prime player in the Brown case. In fact, Swirk Brown actually
launched the Brown case herself.[3]

It could be said that, within the U.S. Congress at least, Representative
Celler (see elsewhere in this essay) launched the Black civil-rights
movement in America via his House bill H.R.6127, which when signed into law
became the first civil-rights law created since the 1800s: the Civil Rights
Act of 1957.

Furthermore, the constitutionally questionable U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964
came from a Jew, i.e. Congressman Celler's House bill H.R. 7152. That act
created, among other things, affirmative action. It ended the practice of
business owners deciding for themselves whom to hire and fire. In fact, the
destruction of White rights in America was caused largely by the Jew-created
and Jew-led civil-rights movement.

(Of possible interest to the reader is that the Civil Rights Act of 1964
created the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is
responsible for ensuring that private employers obey the racial mandates of
Title VII of the Act. Perhaps not surprisingly, two Jews, Alfred and Ruth
Blumrosen, were key players in the construction of the EEOC, and Alfred was
also the commission's first compliance chief (and is also referred to as its
conciliations chief). Mr. Blumrosen shaped the racial quota guidelines that
the EEOC would follow for decades to come. In fact, Blumrosen could be
considered to be the godfather of racial quotas in America - at least as far
as federal enforcement of racial quotas in employment is concerned.[4]
Furthermore, Sonia Pressman, a Jewish EEOC attorney, was a prime figure in
the movement to extend the EEOC's reach to include
gender-discrimination-in-employment into its legal jurisdiction. Pressman
worked with NOW, a feminist group containing many Jews, in an attempt to
force the EEOC to become more involved with gender bias matters).

The civil-rights movement also transformed the attitudes of American Blacks:
before the civil-rights movement Blacks were largely respectful of Whites.
Today Blacks openly denigrate White culture and challenge White authority.
They demand that 'whitey' now show them respect which they may or may not
have earned.

The Vatican's 1965 'Nostra Aetate' Declaration

As Look magazine noted in January 1966, in an article titled "How The Jews
Changed Catholic Thinking," a Jew named Jules Isaac approached the Vatican
about a possible Catholic condemnation of 'anti-Semitism.' His action
resulted in the famous, official Vatican ruling that the Jews were not
responsible for Jesus Christ's death. The ruling was a very significant
victory for all Jews worldwide. Of importance is that after the Vatican
statement was issued, Jews did not then issue a similar declaration
admitting to and condemning Judaism's historic and harsh anti-gentile
attitudes - attitudes which pre-date Christianity.

U.S. Immigration Law Altered

Jews have also led the movement in the U.S. Congress to open America to
non-European immigration. The best example of that is the 1965 Immigration
Act, aka the Hart-Celler Act, which resulted in a revolutionary change in
U.S. immigration rules. Congressman Celler was the point man for that law,
even though he is listed second, after Hart, in the title 'Hart-Celler.'
Indeed, President Johnson mentioned Celler twice at the signing of the bill,
H.R. 2580, into law on Oct. 3, 1965, but did not mention Hart. Other Jews in
Congress such as Jacob Javits and Herbert Lehman also spearheaded the
movement to allow more non-Europeans into America. An influential Jew and
immigration lawyer named Edward Dubroff regularly advised Congressman Celler
about immigration issues.

Additionally, powerful Jewish organizations carried out intense, ongoing
campaigns in order to pressure individual Congressmen to vote for the
loosening of U.S. immigration laws. At nearly every step of the campaign to
alter U.S. immigration rules, Jews were at the forefront.

The End of America's Anti-Miscegenation Laws

The legal battle which finally ended all state bans on interracial marriages was fought by two Jewish lawyers, Philip Hirschkop and Bernard Cohen, i.e., the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court ruling "Loving v. Virginia." The two attorneys represented Richard and Mildred Loving pro bono.

The Attack on the USS Liberty/the Theft of Arab Land in Palestine

Two important events occurred in the Middle East in 1967: Israel attacked an
American ship, the USS Liberty; and Israel started a war with the Arabs
during which the Jewish state stole vast amounts of Arab land, most notably
the large West Bank in Palestine.

Israel cleverly stated that the attack on the Liberty ship was an accident
and a case of mistaken identity, even though the Liberty was sailing in
international waters and flying an American flag.

And, despite both UN and global demands, Israel still has not returned most
of the land which was stolen from the Arabs.

The Rise of American Leftism and Counterculture

Not surprisingly, the American political Left was built largely by Jews as
well. For example, Frankfurt School icon Herbert Marcuse laid the foundation
for the American 'hippie' counterculture via his popular book
One-Dimensional Man (1964). Other famous Jews who led the 1960s hippie
movement included Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Paul Krassner. Lesser Jews
drove the counterculture movement from behind the scenes by publishing,
writing for, or editing leftist newspapers and magazines. And
anti-war/college activism groups were disproportionately filled with Jews,
too, e.g. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the top leaders of which
were Jews, for example Todd Gitlin, Mike Spiegel, Al Haber, and Mike

Similarly, most of the leaders of the feminist movement have been Jews, for
example Betty Friedan, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Lucy Komisar and Gloria
Steinem. Most of the leaders of the homosexual-rights movement have been
Jews, such as Larry Kramer, Alan Klein and Arnie Kantrowitz. Gun control in
the U.S. Congress has been dominated by Jews such as Charles Schumer, Diane
Feinstein and Howard Metzenbaum. Indeed, Jews created two landmark anti-gun
laws in the 1990s: the Brady law, which came from Howard Metzenbaum and
Charles Schumer, and the assault-rifle ban, which came from Dianne Feinstein
and Schumer. In fact, America's first significant anti-gun legislation, the
Gun Control Act of 1968, came from Congressman Celler's House bill H.R.
17735. Probably the most disturbing anti-gun legislation in recent years -
for gun owners and constitutional-rights advocates alike - came from Jewish
Senator Frank Lautenberg, whose domestic confiscation provision became law
in 1996. That law prevents someone convicted of a certain misdemeanor crime
from owning a gun. In other words, a misdemeanor conviction abolishes a
constitutional right that our gentile Founders gave us.

Even the famous 1969 Woodstock rock-and-roll concert was created by Jews:
Michael Lang, Artie Kornfeld, Joel Rosenman and John Roberts. Furthermore, a
Jewish man named Elliot Tiber persuaded yet another Jew, Max Yasgur, to
allow the Woodstock concert to be held on Yasgur's farmland.

Jews guided almost every step of the American counterculture movement.

Libertarianism Created as a False Political Alternative

As the political Left gained power in the West, there emerged another
political ideology called "libertarianism." The libertarian movement
attracted a lot of people who could not, for whatever reason, embrace
leftism. It also attracted some politically "rightist" people as well, such
as pro-gun activists. However, it should be noted that libertarianism is
largely a Jewish movement. Indeed, almost all of the major libertarian
figures have been Jews, e.g., Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand,
Frank Chodorov and Robert Nozick. Libertarianism benefits the Jews since it
causes people to ignore racial differences and to focus only on the desires
and needs of the "individual" citizen.


The politically left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been a
vital leader in the transformation of American culture from traditional to,
well, less-traditional. In the ACLU's case, the transformational factors
were its many lawsuits against a wide variety of entities that held onto
tradition a little too strongly.

Conservative talk-show host/author Bill O'Reilly, in his 2006 book "Culture
Warrior," called the ACLU the "vanguard" of the secular-progressive (i.e.,
liberal) political movement.

A co-founder of the ACLU was the infamous, Jewish judge Felix Frankfurter,
who was an advisor to president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Other notable Jews that were/are in the ACLU include:

- a. Irving Ferman, who became the first director of the Washington, D.C.
branch of the ACLU.

- b. Lawrence Speiser, who became the Washington, D.C. director after Mr.

- c. Ralph Temple, legal director of the Washington, D.C. ACLU; was also
involved in civil-rights work in Florida in the 1960s.

- d. Norman Dorsen, who was first its general counsel and then became its
president in 1976 (note: the ACLU has both an executive director and a

- e. Morton H. Halperin, director of the Washington, D.C. office of the ACLU
and involved in national legislation issues.

- f. National office (i.e., New York City) associate director Alan Reitman.

- g. Alvin Bronstein , founder of the ACLU's National Prison Project.

- h. Art Spitzer, legal director of the ACLU's National Capital Area.

- i. Mark Rosenbaum, legal director, ACLU of Southern California.

Many state/regional ACLU offices are directed by Jews. In fact, Time
magazine noted in 1978 that the ACLU's membership was "heavily Jewish" (see
"The High Cost of Free Speech," Time, June 26, 1978, available on the

Importantly, the person who built up the ACLU into what we know it as today
- i.e., a modern, sophisticated, country-wide organization - was a Jew named
Ira Glasser, who became its executive director in 1978.

Before Mr. Glasser became executive director, another Jew, Aryeh Neier, ran
the ACLU (Neier hired a now-famous Jew, the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader
Ginsburg, to lead the ACLU's Women's Rights Project).

The current president of the ACLU, and also Mr. Dorsen's replacement, is
Nadine Strossen, who is part-Jewish. Steven Shapiro, another Jew, is the
ACLU's current legal director.

Indeed, there were, and are, many Jews within the ACLU - which has prompted
some people in America's political right-wing to refer to it as the

The Abortion Business

People who have studied the Jewish impact on Western culture probably won't
be surprised to learn that the American abortion "industry" is
disproportionately populated by Jews.

Margaret Sanger, the famous abortion pioneer, wasn't Jewish, but her
sidekick, Dr. Lena Levine, the author and international birth control
activist, was.

(Another Sanger sidekick, Dr. Abraham Stone, a marriage-book author and the
director of the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau, is presumed to have been
Jewish based upon his personal background; that is unconfirmed at the time
of publication. Stone also was medical director and vice-president of
Planned Parenthood. [The Margaret Sanger Research Bureau was connected with
Planned Parenthood]).

Gregory Goodwin Pincus, the main inventor of the abortion pill (i.e., "the
pill") was also Jewish.

The largest pro-abortion organization in America, the National Abortion
Rights Action League (NARAL; formerly called the National Association for
the Repeal of Abortion Laws), was founded by Jews: Betty Freidan, Lawrence
Lader, and Bernard Nathanson, who later became a Christian).

Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood until early 2005, is also

The current national chairwoman of NARAL (i.e., NARAL Pro-Choice America) is
also Jewish, Rosalyn Levy Jonas.


Sexology (i.e., sexual research/education) frequently promotes liberal
viewpoints concerning sexual matters.

The field of sexology is also disproportionately Jewish, with many or even
most of its pioneers being Jews. Indeed, that issue receives a mention in a
1994 book about sexology, "Science in the Bedroom: a History of Sex
Research," which contains a sub-chapter titled "The Jewish Influence."

It should be noted that the Nazis took a dim view of sexology, which they
considered to be a "Jewish science," and in the 1930s most sexologists were
forced to flee Europe as a result.

Strangely, or perhaps not, a non-Jew, Alfred Kinsey, is now credited as
being the "father" of sexology when in fact he arrived late to the field.

Early-era Jews in the sexology field included Enoch H. Kisch, Ludwig
Levy-Lenz, Magnus Hirschfeld (who founded the first homosexual-rights
group), Max Marcuse, Sigmund Freud, Albert Eulenburg (baptized as a
Christian), Albert Moll, Fritz Wittle, Norman Haire, Ernst Gr�fenberg
(birth-control pioneer and father of the infamous "G-spot") and Max Dessoir

Later-era Jews in the sexology field include Ira Reiss, Fritz Klein
(bisexual expert and creator of the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid), Ethel
Spector Person, Charlotte Wolff (lesbianism pioneer), Dr. Ruth Westheimer,
Deborah Roffman, Helen Singer Kaplan, and Laura and Jennifer Berman (sisters
and TV show hosts).

The Growth of Hollywood and the U.S. Media

Of tremendous importance to America's culture is that the Hollywood film
community, and the American media as well, is dominated by Jews. In fact,
Jews founded the major Hollywood movie studios, e.g. Carl Laemmle (Universal
Pictures), William Fox (Fox Film Corp.), Louis B. Mayer
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) and Adolph Zukor (Paramount Pictures).

Some of the more well-known Jews in modern Hollywood and the media include
film directors Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, the Disney Co.'s Michael
Eisner, actors Dustin Hoffman and Kirk Douglas, comedians Milton Berle and
Don Rickles and news journalists Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters and Ted
Koppel (more information about Jews, Hollywood and the media can be found in
the essay "Who Rules America?" by National Vanguard Books, available on the
web or in their book catalogue).

Indeed, as the 1960s hippie revolution was occurring, another revolution of
sorts was happening in Hollywood. Jewish network executives began to churn
out movies and TV shows featuring Black actors in leading roles. Hollywood
also produced a notorious movie that featured an interracial relationship,
which was still taboo at the time. It is apparent that the Jews in
Hollywood, believing that the pro-White attitudes of America's Founders
would never return, became much bolder during the 1960s. (Regarding the
Founders' attitudes about race, a law created in the Founders' era, 'Act of
March 26, 1790 (1 Stat 103-104),' stated that only Whites could become
American citizens. In fact, non-Whites had no significant rights in America
until the XV Amendment was created in 1870).

As America entered the 1970s it became common for White Americans to see
Blacks, Jews and even Asians in prominent vocations on TV shows and in
movies. Those minorities were seen portraying judges, police detectives and
attorneys on screens big and small all over the U.S.

Non-Hollywood media also flourished in America from the 1960s onward. The
news departments at most broadcasting companies were run by, or heavily
staffed by, Jews. Major U.S. newspapers also came under Jewish control as
small newspapers were bought out by big media conglomerates which were
dominated by Jews. Furthermore, as American culture was being socially
'Jewified,' so were the cultures of other Western countries being similarly
Jewified via American movies and TV shows, which became popular in many
countries. America served as a base of sorts for the exporting of
Jew-created movies and TV shows which featured leftist and
politically-correct messages, which served various Jewish social objectives.

Endless Wars in the Middle East

Of the wars which have occurred between Israel and Arabs (in 1948, 1956,
1967, 1973, 1982 and 2006), most - if not all - were started by the Jews.
This fact, of course, runs contrary to what pro-Israel activists claim. (An
example of the Jews starting a war with Arabs is the July 2006 attacks on
Lebanon by Israel after two Israeli soldiers were caught and detained in
Lebanon. Why were the Jewish soldiers in Lebanon? And why did Israel have to
start a violent war over the detainment of two Israeli soldiers? Many
Lebanese civilians, including children, died in the Israeli attacks. A good
review of the wars between Israel and Arabs can be found on the internet
under the title "Myths and facts about The Wars").

America and Israel are "Married"

During and after the 1973 war between Israel and Arabs in the Middle East,
the bond connecting America and Israel was strengthened significantly. In
fact, you could say that, by the mid-1970s, America and Israel were
"married" to each other. America then became Israel's protector and
provider. That was especially true after 1975, due to a special agreement
between America and Israel known as Sinai II, which contained what was
called the "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU), which is still renewed
periodically (for more information about that historic Memorandum, see below
under the heading "The Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America/the 2003 Iraq War").

Such a "marriage" between Israel and America seems odd in light of the fact
that Israel is an apartheid state which practices racism daily, while the
American government officially condemns - and has officially outlawed -
racism in the USA.

The Rise of Big Capitalism

Capitalism may be 'all-American,' but the type of colossal or
supercapitalism which bankrupts family-owned retail stores is not. Big
capitalism drives corner grocers out of business and outsources jobs to
third-world countries. It encourages materialism. And it leads to the
importing of inexpensive goods in massive quantities, which also causes
American jobs to vanish.

Even though Jews are known for their leftist behavior, they nonetheless
pioneered giant capitalism and corporatism. Jews also pioneered
conglomerates, in which one large company owns many smaller companies.

The Creation of the OSI

In 1979, world Jewry scored an important victory when, through the actions
of Jews - especially Jewish congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman - the U.S.
Justice Department created the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). That
office finds, deports and/or prosecutes alleged former Nazis living in
America who may have been stationed at German-operated concentration camps
during World War II.

Since the Holocaust didn't occur in America, it isn't entirely clear to many
Americans why their tax dollars are being used to fund this rather unique
type of Jewish revenge.

The Rise of Neoconservatism

Beginning in the 1980s, the conservative or "right-wing" political movement
in America was slowly overtaken by what is known as the "neoconservative"
movement. The neoconservative ideology is not really conservative but is
instead politically moderate, and is even liberal regarding certain issues
like civil rights. The neoconservative movement was launched by
formerly-liberal Jews and its current leaders are mostly Jews. The
neoconservative movement's main focus is on how to use America to protect
the interests of Israel.

Neoconservatism has resulted in America being alienated from many former
allied countries in the world, e.g., France until recently.

Neoconservatism has now almost completely replaced traditional conservatism
in America, with genuine conservatives now consigned to the margins of
politics and often referred to as "racists" or "bigots."

The Bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks

In October 1983, 220 U.S. Marine Corp soldiers were killed in a suicide
bombing of their barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. The Marines were stationed in
Beirut due to Israel's actions - most especially because of Israel's role in
the 1982 massacre of hundreds of Palestinians at the Sabra and Shatila
refugee camps in Beirut.

Today, the barracks bombing is but a distant memory, and few people connect
the event with Israel.

Holocaust Remembrance Emerges as a Growth and Guilt Industry

Since the 1970s, the Jewish memorializing of the Holocaust has become an
industry of enormous and ever-increasing size. Scores of organizations and
associations exist worldwide to remind gentiles every week that the
Holocaust occurred. So powerful and industrialized is
Holocaust-remembrance-mania that some American states require, by law, the
teaching of Holocaust education in public schools. Law-enforcement training
academies often mandate Holocaust studies as well.

Holocaust-remembrance-mania is a clever program which prevents most gentiles
from criticizing Jews many decades after the Holocaust.

'Holocaust Denial' Becomes a Crime in Europe

By the year 2000, many European countries had laws against not only
"Holocaust denial" but also against Holocaust "minimalization." The movement
to make those laws a reality was spearheaded, of course, by Jews. The
Holocaust is now the only event in human history in which prison time can be
mandated for people who merely question that event (or certain features of
it). Adding insult to injury is the fact that White people, not Jews,
created European culture. In other words, racial outsiders are responsible
for those European laws which punish Whites in their own countries.

The Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America/the 2003 Iraq War

The terrorist attack(s) upon the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 transformed
not only America but also the rest of the West. It caused all of the White
Western countries to reexamine, and then rebuild, their security
apparatuses, at significant financial expense. More than that, it changed
how those countries viewed the Arab world, since the attack appeared to have
been planned and carried out by Arab extremists.

As a result of the 2001 attack, the U.S. Congress passed a heavy-handed law
called the "USA PATRIOT Act." That law canceled or curbed many of the rights
that Americans had traditionally enjoyed - rights that the Founders had
included into the Bill of Rights.

It is no longer a secret that the reason the United States was attacked by
terrorists in Sept. 2001 was because of America's vigorous support of
Israel. Put another way, Jews caused the Sept. 11, 2001 attack, albeit
indirectly, for if it wasn't for powerful Zionist political influence in
Washington, D.C., the United States would not have been so staunchly
supportive of Israel. (In fact, America didn't vigorously support Israel
until the 1973 Middle East war. Shortly after that war, a Jewish-American
diplomat, Henry Kissinger, created a strong, lasting partnership between
America and Israel by engineering a document called the "Memorandum of
Understanding." That document created, for all practical purposes, the
so-called "special" relationship that now exists between the two countries).

The 2001 terrorist attack upon the U.S. also led to America's involvement in
the 2003-present Iraq War, since the former event was used in a vague,
roundabout way as an excuse for American soldiers to invade and occupy Iraq.

Of significance regarding America's involvement in the Iraq War was a
committee within America's Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans
(OSP). The OSP was designed to funnel information about Iraq directly to the
White House, thereby bypassing the usual filters that such information would
normally travel through, i.e. other governmental intelligence agencies.
According to news sources, shortly before the Iraq War, the OSP provided
President George W. Bush with certain information about Iraqi weapons
programs. That information was incorrect, but nonetheless it was later used
by the White House as a reason for American soldiers to invade Iraq - an
invasion carried out for Israel's benefit [5].

The OSP was staffed by a number of Jews, such as Harold Rhode, Douglas Feith
and OSP director Abram Shulsky. Feith, and various other so-called
"neoconservatives," had a history of suggesting an attack upon Saddam
Hussein's Iraq dating back to the 1990s, e.g. they were involved in the
creation of a 1996 policy paper that mentioned "removing Saddam Hussein from
power" [6]. That such a removal idea emerged years before the pre-war
"discovery" of Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" is significant.
Furthermore, under OSP's watch, Israeli officials came and went at the
Pentagon in the days prior to the Iraq War (apparently to aid American war
efforts) while observing few of the standard security procedures intended
for visitors [7]. Also, the OSP itself was conceived by a Jew, Paul
Wolfowitz, and further, it worked closely with an anti-Iraq committee
located within the Israeli government, a committee which was similar to OSP
in its anti-Iraq aims [8].

It should be noted that the major claims of OSP regarding Iraq - that Saddam
had ties to the terrorist group Al Qaeda and that he possessed "weapons of
mass destruction" - proved to be false.

It is probable that without the actions of Jews, the Sept. 11, 2001
terrorist attack upon America and the 2003 Iraq War would not have occurred,
nor would America be such a vigorous supporter of Israel. In fact, it is
easy to conclude that America would have no significant "Arab problem" if
not for Jews.

The Creation of the U.S. Anti-Semitism-Monitoring Office

In 2004, an office was created within the U.S. State Department to "monitor"
anti-Semitism worldwide, despite the fact that 1) that department insisted
that it did not want such an office to be created; and 2) America is not a
Jewish country.

The legislation which created the anti-Semitism-monitoring office, called
the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, came from Jewish congressman Tom
Lantos as bill H.R. 4230.

It was a big victory for the Jews. That office gave world Jewry a powerful,
'official' weapon with which to combat people who oppose Jewish supremacism
and/or Zionism. (One might wonder how it's the business of the U.S.
government if, for example, anti-Semitic acts are committed in Thailand. One
might also wonder why there are no U.S. government offices designed to
monitor anti-White, anti-Black or anti-Christian behavior worldwide).

Like the previously-mentioned OSI and the neoconservative movement, we again
see the Jews using the U.S. government as a tool with which to further their
racial agenda.

The Increased Boldness of Zionism

Zionism has never been shy, but after the September 11, 2001 attacks on
America it became even more bold. America not only attacked Iraq for
Israel's sake but also increased hostilities against Iran and Syria for the
same reason. America also ignored the wishes of the Palestinian people by
rejecting the January 2006 election results which installed the group called
Hamas into the Palestinian parliament. In other words, America demanded
democracy in Palestine, but later rejected it when the democratic election
results weren't favorable to Israel. Furthermore, the U.S. and the EU
suspended aid to the Palestinians in the Spring of 2006 due to Hamas
becoming part of the Palestinian parliament, a fact that highlights the
influence of the Jews in both England and America [9].

The Increased Public Awareness of the Zionist Lobby

While America ramped up the pressure on Israel's enemies, Western citizens
were becoming more aware of the immense power of America's pro-Israel lobby.
In particular, a 2006 paper by the researchers Stephen Walt and John
Mearsheimer and a 2006 book by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter offered
clear views into America's foreign policy decisions. Predictably,
Walt/Mearsheimer and Carter were labeled "anti-Semites" by the Zionist


The information above shows that the impact that Jews have had upon the
world -- and especially upon the West -- during the past 200 years is
remarkable. Important questions arise from the impact of the Jews: without
their actions, would WWII have occurred? Would America have had a 50-year
Cold War with the Soviet Union? Would the Soviet Union even have existed in
the first place? Would the Vietnam War have occurred? Would America be as
politically liberal as it is today? Would America have been involved in wars
in the Middle East? Those are questions for Westerners to ponder at length.

Even more remarkable is how the Western public never hears about the
influence of the Jews upon their cultures. Words such as 'leftist' or
'socialist' are used to describe Jewish social activists in the West but
never the word 'Jew.' We suggest that that lack of mention of the Jews in
Western societies is itself mute testimony to their tremendous power. By
using a) frequent mentions of the Holocaust; b) the media; c) Hollywood; d)
large amounts of money; and e) significant political influence, Jews have
rebuilt the West to their ends. Gentiles who complain about that Jewish
rebuilding -- and their own dispossession as a result of it -- are labeled
'anti-Semitic' and marginalized into ineffectiveness. Such Jewish behavior
as outlined above is, again, not a plot by Jews but is instead inborn,
proactive behavior by them, which supposedly helps to offset the chance that
Jews will be oppressed yet again, or, will be again expelled from Western
countries (Jews have been expelled from most Western countries at one time
or another).

Also curious, and telling, is the fact that even though the religion of
Judaism is based upon bigotry, that fact is rarely mentioned by modern
Christians. Their silence about Judaism's hatred is both widespread and
quite noticeable, as if Christians are constantly checking themselves to
ensure that they aren't uttering "anti-Semitic" words or phrases. In other
words, the power of the Jews is so great that it actually produces
self-censorship within the world's Christian communities.

Finally, it is interesting to note how quickly Jews accomplished the
rebuilding of America, the Western powerbase of the Jews: in roughly 50
years. Before President Roosevelt took office in 1933 Jews had little
influence upon American culture on the whole. But by 1983 Jews dominated
American culture via television, movies, newspapers, magazines and other
cultural organs. That a people constituting just 2.5% of the U.S. population
could significantly alter the culture of the most powerful country in the
world in such a short time is very significant. Also significant is that
there is not a single educational institution anywhere in the United States
in which you will see the facts about Jews and their interests assembled and
presented in logical connection as we have here.


[1] Jews are both a hybrid race/ethnic group and a religion; they are highly
intelligent and are, historically speaking, inbred; such inbreeding causes
grouplike thinking as a rule. Jews contract more diseases unique to Jews
than any other ethnic group, suggesting that they are the most inbred of
humans. Interesting in light of their proclivity for mocking the supposed
inbreeding of rural White populations.

[2] The millionaire Henry Strakosch, referred to as both a Jew and a gentile
depending upon the source, also aided Churchill financially.

[3] Re: Swirk Brown: see the news article "50 Years After Integration Case,
Jews Remember Their Crucial Role," by Matthew E. Berger, JTA News, May 10,
2004, online.

[4] re: Blumrosen and his impact upon EEOC regulations, see the article
"Color Code" by P. C. Roberts and Lawrence Stratton, Jr., in National Review
magazine, March 20, 1995. See also the article "Who's to Blame for the
Affirmative Action Fiasco?" by Hugh Murray, online at, Nov./Dec. 2001.

[5] the 2003 Iraq War suggested as having been carried out for Israel's
benefit: public comments by two U.S. Congressmen in 2003/2004: Congressman
Jim Moran (see news article "Moran Said Jews Are Pushing War," by Spencer S.
Hsu, the Washington Post, March 11, 2003) and Senator Ernest Hollings (in
his essay "Why We�re in Iraq," May, 2004). Further, a retired U.S. Marine
Corps general suggested, in a May 2004 interview with the CBS News
television program "60 Minutes," that the Iraq War was advocated within the
U.S. government for the benefit of Israel and that the aim of the
"neoconservative" war advocates was "the worst-kept secret in Washington";
see also the news article "U.S.: After Iraq, we'll deal with other radical
Mideast regimes," by Aluf Benn, Haaretz news, Israel, April 5, 2003. Also
see U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's comments in the news article
"Powell Sees Mideast Reshaped After Iraq War" by Jonathan Wright, Reuters,
Feb. 6, 2003, which features Powell as saying, just weeks before the Iraq
War, that Saddam Hussein was "a threat to the region" i.e. the Middle East.
America is obviously not located anywhere near the Middle East

[6] [7] [8] news article "The Spies Who Pushed for War," by Julian Borger,
the Guardian, UK, July 17, 2003, online, and the essay "Selective
Intelligence" by Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, May 2003. Also see the essay
"Tenet: Wolfowitz Did It/The Yellowcake Blame Game" by Jason Leopold, online
at, July 19, 2003

[9] about the 2006 Palestinian elections: news article "Hamas Sweeps
Palestinian Elections, Complicating Peace Efforts in Mideast," Washington
Post Foreign Service, January 27, 2006, online

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