by Eric Thomson

30 September 2005

15 SEP 05: Dear [X]: Many thanks, at least to the 10th power, for your mailing of AUG 18th! This was a real feast for thought. As I write this, there are terrible reports of Irish Protestant violence in Northern Ireland, which shows the baleful influence of Judeo-Freemasonry, just as Sinn Fein shows the baleful influence of Judeo-Communism. Karl Marx wrote that the British Empire could be destroyed from its colonies, & he mentioned Ireland as the foremost opportunity for such destruction. This probably accounts for the IRA's infatuatioin with International Communism, in direct contradiction with Irish Nationalism. As a Scottish Norwegian, this conflict of objectives is clearly obvious to me, but it may not be to the "poetic and romantic" Irish supporters of Sinn Fein & the IRA, if that is their excuse. So far, their policy seems to be one of 'Brits out & wogs in.' The Protestants want 'Irish down & wogs in,' since Freemasonry is also internationalist, just like Marxism, both being jewish in origin. It is also clear that the policies of the Freemasonic Orange Lodge & those of the IRA/Sinn Fein are anti-White & pro-wog & pro-nignog. The Catholic Church is also on the side of the anti-Whites, so a truly Irish movement would turn against both these accursed houses of internecine strife. Thanks for your constructive ideas on the issue! I only hope that those most in need will heed them, in their own racial interests & those of Ireland. This conflilct in Northern Ireland is clearly unnecessary & detrimental to White survival in all of Ireland. It's time to be pro-Irish, & to throw these rascals out. International Christianity & International Communism are directly harmful to Irish Nationalism, for the White people of Ireland are killing each other for these anti-White entities, just as Whites killed each other on behalf of jewish banksters in World Wars I & II.

Re 'jew-jitsu': jews like to confuse Goyim by changing their definitions of 'jew.' All references I have encountered over the decades indicate that Picasso was not only a jew, but a Communist, like Einstein, which explains why his jewish promoters served him so well. I'd check The Jewish Encyclopedia or Encyclopaedia Judaica for biographical references, as well as "The Jewish Book of Lists" by Shocken Publishers of New York City, N.Y. Jew atheists are included with jew religionists, since 'jew' is a nationality in their own eyes, & not a religion. Israel defines a jew by his or her jewish mothers, not by fathers, nor religions. I hope you can profit by these officially kosher sources, to clear up any confusion. The obfuscation also relates to the definition(s) of "White," which is immediately shown by DNA, & not by nose-length, skull-shape or birthplace, as 19th century caliper-wielders claimed. As you noted, those who claim whites do not exist, must also contend with non-Whites who believe & behave as if they do exist. The jews tried their scam in Africa in 1974, when they proclaimed that they were non-Whites, long after they had enjoyed their acceptance as "White people of a different religion" in Rhodesia & South Africa. Their problem was that they were not Black enough for the Black racists! I wonder what they call themselves as they swarm into Australia: Whites or non-Whites. In North America, we have Whites who think they are "the true jews" & ostensible Whites who behave like niggers. For practical purposes, I consider neither group to be White, since they are anti-White, regardless of their DNA. I would also consider ostensible Whites who correspond to non-White cultures & religions to be non-Whites.

Many thanks, also, for Simon Sheppard's excellent analyses of human behavior & the present plight of Britain, as well as the French language material which reveals their ZOG's efforts to restrict the flow of information on the Internet in clear violation of the U.N. Charter of Human Rights, Article 119, if I recall correctly. We live in hypocrisies, not democracies. Adolf Hitler said that "The more we hear of 'human rights,' the fewer there will be." As usual, he was right.

As a child I saw world maps in which most lands were shown in red. In those days, red meant the British Empire, which covered Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of Africa & much of Asia, including India. The map you sent which reveals U.S. military bases & their host countries shows such areas in red, as befits the U.S. portion of the British Empire, which is really the Bank of England's empire under the Rothschilds. The U.S.A. became independent from King George III, but not from The Bank of England & its successors, including The Federal Reserve, under "King George (Bush) II."

It looks as if the pro-ZOG infiltrators have succeeded in "trimming," that is betraying fundamental national principles in French & British "nationalist parties." They must be identified, isolated & rooted out. Otherwise our people must start again, from scratch. It's an old tactic for the enemy to subvert an organization from within, so Nationalists beware! NATION IS PEOPLE, NOT PLACE, as you have stated.

2) I'll see if someone will put FAEM on DVD, especially since websites are subject to ZOG blip-off, now that the U.S. Bill of Rights has been effectively abolished by King George II's Zionist regime in our District of Corruption. The blightwing does all it can to keep FAEM a secret, although it does not compete with the blighters for money, so it must offend their tender egos. Poor babies!

The sexual promiscuity you describe is certainly biowarfare, compounded by IV drug use, which one Vietnam veteran called "chemical warfare." Telegony is well-recognized by breeders of mammals, who have learned to avoid female intercourse with 'scrub' males, to preclude damage to the desired offspring. Since we are also mammals, it would seem that a female's defilement by non-White males would influence the condition of otherwise White children born to her after she has 'played the field.' Non-White influence upon an otherwise White female can also be psychological, so beware there! We don't want more 'wiggers' (niggers with White skins).

Thomas Chittum, who wrote Civil War Two, describes the sort of multi-national societies which have worked. He uses Belgium & Switzerland as prime examples. Their solution to multi-nationalism is exactly what you recommend for Northern Ireland: separate communities within a territory, under a federation, in which the central government controls the country's military, communications & transportation policies, but the cantons or provinces control their provincial governments. One ethnic group does not try to dominate other ethnic groups in their own livingspace. Thus does ethnic separation produce harmony. As I see it, Northern Ireland is the battleground in a turf war, in which one group, the Protestants, seeks to control the Catholics on their own turf or livingspace. When I was in Rhodesia, I discussed the Irish situation with Orangemen & Belfast Catholics alike. A Catholic Irishman told me that the Protestants were Scottish settlers sent to establish a beachhead for English conquest of Ireland, under King William of Orange. These foreigners were later reinforced by Cromwell, who perpetrated more atrocties upon the Irish people, as we know. One fellow said that there were some 5 million Irish Republic passport-holders living in Britain, & there were some 3 million British loyalist Protestants living in Northern Ireland. I suggested that this fact, if true, should be publicised & that the two groups exchange places & jobs with one another, if either group has the loyalties they allege to have. Some agreed that this would defuse the Irish conflict, but they advised that this territorial solution would not please the criminals who profit from the conflict & the bloodshed in terms of political power. This situation is analogous to groups of madmen who would wage a turf war on the sinking Titanic. In this case, the encroaching seawater would be the muds who flow into both Irelands. As you say, the time of 19th century-style nationalism is past, so the Orange & IRA factions must reform their parties from within, by turfing out their present Judas Goat leaders, or they must be replaced by real White Nationalist parties for today's biopolitical realities.

It is an example of what I call The Law of the Contrary, in which Whites are racially aware in places where Whites are few, & they are fast asleep in places where Whites are the majority. I wonder what the dumb Whites sheeple of the USA will think when ZOG tells them that Whties are the minority, which they already are, in fact. The shocking news that our Bill of Rights is dead, & that the ZOG can arrest any U.S. citizen without charge or trial, & confine him indefinitely, under torture, received NO reaction, whatsoever, in Brownest Yakima. The only White man who was disturbed by this news of 10 September 2005, to my knowledge, was myself. We should call this country The United States of Apathy.

I have urged creative Whites to capture our imaginations by writing pro-White fiction, such as my modest short stories: "The Awakening" & "Return to Spring Island," which are on FAEM. You draw the connection between the Aryan imagination & religion. The jew Star Trek series inspired a huge cult following & even large numbers of people who spoke & wrote in "Klingon"! I have sold Nazi UFO books at Star Trek conventions, of all places. Mark Twain advised us to "dream better dreams," for the Aryan imagination holds the key to the future. We need to liberate it from its Judeo-Christian shackles.

Thanks for the idea of the six-pointed Death Star. I am beginning to use it in my correspondence, for it is totally accurate & compelling. I discovered a similar response to my term, ZOG, because of its alien connotation & its alien reality. That's why I proclaim DOWZ! (Down with ZOG!) & ORION (Our Race Is Our Nation!) Keep up the good work and the great ideas! -- Eric


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