Dead Shoah Shuckster Snubbed
A Tribute to Simon Wiesenthal
by Goyimus Pflichterfullungius Samizdatius Veritas
1 October 2005



No members of the Israeli Cabinet attended the funeral [of Simon "Justice Not Vengeance" Wiesenthal].*






The Nazi Holocaust [aka The Shoah], which engulfed millions of Jews in Europe, proved anew the urgency of the re-establishment of the Jewish state.

- The 1948 Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel



Simon Wiesenthal  was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal by President Jimmy Carter at a ceremony in the White House.



Prime Minister Jean Chretien greets Simon Wiesenthal of the Wiesenthal Institute prior to their meeting in Vienna Austria Wednesday June 16, 1999. (CP / Tom Hanson)

"There's a lot of people who should have been here," said Shevach Weiss, a Holocaust survivor and former parliamentary speaker who heads the board of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.*


  Well, does Solomon Morel count? ... He is rumored to have been there, wearing, of course, his favorite t-shirt: "Vengeance Not Justice" -


Now the Israeli Government has said that Mr Morel will not be sent back to stand trial in Poland under any circumstances.

"His [Solomon Morel's] favourite method of killing [German civilian] prisoners was hacking the skull of his victims with a wooden leg of a chair...





Wiesenthal had trained to be an architect, [Dean & Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Marvin] Hier said, "but instead of sketching homes he was forced to sketch the faces of the murderers."*


  Rabbi Hier curiously forgot to mention that Mr. Wiesenthal had also drawn other sketches -- sketches drawn from horrible memories -- memories of witnessed executions of fellow Jewish Innocent Victims -


Falso in uno, falso in omnibus?




above: [middle] Three photographs from LIFE magazine (June 11, 1945, p. 50) which appear at the end of a photo essay titled "FIRING SQUAD: Army executes three German spies who were caught in U.S. uniforms."

above: [at top & bottom] A personal memory of Simon Wiesenthal, his drawing of three executed Jews from his book, KZ Mauthausen, 1946, p. 64.



De mortuis, nil nisi veritas?


Years later, Wiesenthal was still lying about Mauthausen. In a 1983 interview with the daily newspaper USA Today, he said of his experience in Mauthausen: "I was one of 34 prisoners alive out of 150,000 who had been put there." [22] This is a blatant falsehood. The years have apparently not been kind to Wiesenthal's memory, because in his own autobiography he wrote that "almost 3,000 prisoners died in Mauthausen after the Americans liberated us on May 5, 1945." [23] Another former inmate, Evelyn Le Chene, reported in her standard work about Mauthausen that there were 64,000 inmates in the camp when it was liberated in May 1945. [24] And according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, at least 212,000 inmates survived internment in the Mauthausen camp complex. [25]


above: Ukranian Austrian Jew & Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal holds the Golden Decoration of Merit he was awarded in 2005 by Austrian President Heinz Fischer.
below: Austrian American Gubernator Arnold ben Nazi saluting in 2004 at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.




Hurricane Rita in the Gulf of Mexico on September 21, 2005.  This just in: Category 3 Hurricane Rita has now been down-named to Hurricane Reich 3, due the distraction in the press that the hurricane has caused, taking focus away from Simon Wiesenthal's funeral and hence the plight of six million Jews.

  Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center  has been overhead saying: "I will hunt that hurricane down, if it's the last thing I do."




  Here, a quote from the critical thinkers over in the US Capitol -


Senate seal graphic, link to the home page

Whereas after surviving 12 Nazi prison camps, including 5 death camps, Wiesenthal chose not to return to his previous occupation, and instead dedicated himself to finding Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice...
In Memoriam
  A June 27, 2004 open letter to Simon Wiesenthal from one R. D. Polacco de Menasce, titled, One Jew to Another -
My Dear Sir,

I do think that no Jew will ever dare to tell you the truth.

I am probably the only Jew left who can tell it to you.

I have learnt that you are still chasing very old persons who had responsibilities in the Nazi regime. Sixty years after! People who are eighty-five years old! How shameful!

Do you know one ethnicity who did such a thing in the course of the History of Mankind? You are the very symbol of Talmudic hysterical neverending hatred.
 ... I suppose you would rather have a Jewish USA government enshrined in Jewish finance, pinching petrol in Iraq, spreading Jewish one-worldism, Jewish pornography, Jewish press, Jewish puppets in all governments, than the cleanness of the Nazi regime which made a miracle out of the Jewish rot of the Versailles treaty - the negotiators of which were the Warburg brothers, and that of the Weimar Republic.

You are 95 years of age: if you are not insane what will you tell the Lord when you soon appear if front of Him?
Never forget!







*Quotes marked above from AP story below.


Simon Wiesenthal laid to rest in Israel
Nazi hunter hailed as `conscience' of West

By Steven Gutkin
Associated Press
Published September 24, 2005

HERZLIYA, Israel -- Simon Wiesenthal, who spent a half-century tracking down Nazis hiding throughout the world, was laid to rest Friday in Israel.

Several hundred dignitaries, Holocaust survivors and admirers gathered at the funeral for the man one diplomat praised as "the conscience of the Western world."

"Every [Holocaust] survivor in the world walked a little taller and felt a little more secure because Simon Wiesenthal was out there defending their honor and the honor of their loved ones who perished," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

Wiesenthal, who died Tuesday in his sleep at his Vienna, home at the age of 96, lost 89 family members in the Holocaust, survived a dozen Nazi camps and weighed less than 100 pounds when he was liberated in 1945.

Speaker after speaker at the funeral in the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya saluted the man who, by his own count, helped bring more than 1,000 Nazi war criminals to justice, giving voice to the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust.

"For decades," said Gene Cretz, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, "Simon Wiesenthal served as the conscience of the Western world."

Wiesenthal had trained to be an architect, Hier said, "but instead of sketching homes he was forced to sketch the faces of the murderers."

Hier described how Wiesenthal ran after the cattle car that took his mother to her death.

"She never heard his desperate cries, the cries of a loving son," Hier said, adding that at their last meeting he told the Nazi hunter, "Because of your life's work, the whole world has heard you."

Dignitaries from several nations placed wreaths on Wiesenthal's grave, and mourners put stones on it in keeping with Jewish tradition. A cantor chanted a prayer for the dead, infusing it with references to the Holocaust.

No members of the Israeli Cabinet attended the funeral.

"There's a lot of people who should have been here," said Shevach Weiss, a Holocaust survivor and former parliamentary speaker who heads the board of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

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