by Eric Thomson

15 January 2006

31 DEC 05. Hail [X]! It's New Year's Eve in Brownest Yakima. When I arrived here in 1993, there was enough gunfire on the stroke of midnight to make it sound like the firing range at Fort Ord, where I did my U.S. Army Basic Training, complete with automatic weapons & some large calibers. Since then, New Year's celebrations are much quieter. The spics are saving their ammo for ammo for human targets, as we read in the daily jewspaper. Now it's the Wild West, in Spanish.

It was great to receive yours of 22 DEC, & your analysis of events, whereas the jewsmedia only pretend to 'analyze,' which really means 'obfuscate' & 'deviate' from the real issues. They are definitely ZOG's weapon of mass-distraction. As you say, more people are ignoring the jewsmedia, now that the Internet has broken their news monopoly. If truth can make us free, now's the time to test that credo. At least, we can hope so. I suspect that the masses of asses actually prefer to heed 'comfortable lies,' rather than uncomfortable truths. The jewsmedia pander to their wishes by putting niggerball games on par with natural disasters & man-made ones, as if the Superbowl were as important as an Afro-Asian tsunami or a Hurricane Katrina. You know the spiel: "...and the earthquake is expected to cause the deaths of a million people. Now for the sports!"

The so-called U.S. "republic" has been a rigged game from its beginnings, for it has always been The Rule of the Rich, the American equivalent of the feudal lords, who presided at our town meetings, to keep track of dissidents who might blow the whistle on their rackets. Some were always 'more equal' than others in this 'great republic' of 'ours.' So who owns the USA? Or are we 'owned' by it? The U.S. Army & other branches of th earmed forces will tell recruits that they are now U.S. property, which some recruits take to be a joke, until they find out otherwise. This is why we have "the best government money can buy," & "politician" is synonymous with "prostitute." The process by which one achieves office is akin to money-laundering, for the fatcat felons are th ecandidates' sponsors & promoters. The politicians represent THEM, not US (the majority), as always, so the majority is just flim-flammed by the politicians & the jewsmedia. These truths would be self-evident, were it not the preference of the public to be gulled. Are such people as the majority capable of appreciating integrity, honor, honesty & loyalty? Are they worthy of such? If we get the government we deserve, then it would appear that anyone refusing to be a political whore will receive neither respect nor support from the public, who recognize only self-interest, not public interest.

Yet, government truly exists in the minds of the governed, & there may come a time in which a regime's moral bankruptcy becomes relevant to the multitude of self-interests. So far, voters have said that they will support a party or person who promises to STEAL FOR them, but what happens when they wind up STEALING FROM those who voted them into office? It is accurate to say that elected officials merely hold office. They do not hold power, for that is held by those who financed their political campaigns, which comes down to those who own & run The Federal Reserve Racket, i.e., jews.

As we know, politics (people-power) is not confined to parties & elections, which have little, if any, direct effects on human affairs. In human affairs, the chief motivation is immediate self-interest, often with acute short-sightedness as an accompanying symptom. This, in combination with sloth, cowardice, stupidity & apathy, describes our present situation in this Land of ZOG. An observer can ask if ZOG's ongoing policies promote public support, or do they erode it? I see erosion of public trust & support for this regime, whose policies are increasingly running counter to the immediate self-interests of many. As you point out, the ZOG can coerce taxes, but it cannot coerce loyalty from its subjects. I therefore think that a resumption of the military draft will be The Moment of Truth for the ZOG, & I suspect the ZOG knows it. The ZOG exists within a greater context, if we care to distinguish between business & government. Herman Melville wrote an anguished short story about lack of trust in the U.S. society of his day, which is nothing like the erosion of trust nowadays! Consider how much trust is involved in our society. It begins with promises, such as oaths of office in regard to the U.S. Constitution. Basic social functions still depend on trust. Workers trust their employers to pay them AFTER they've worked a month; grocers trust customers to pay for merchandise. Restaurants trust customers to pay for food, after they've eaten it. Everyone trusts their money to retain its purchasing power to some extent, just as we trust the banksters to retain our deposits when they are no longer in our sight. Investors trust their stockbrokers with their money. Workers trust their employment contracts. Back in the days of pensions & health benefits, employees agreed to accepts reduced salaries because the employers promised to make up for currrent wage-loss in exchange for future benefits. Employers have reneged on those promises, almost 100%, & they demand new wage-reductions from the employees. Obviously, the employers of America are unworthy of any trust from their employees! The U.S. Government alias ZOG has made many promises, beginning with its promises "to defend The Constitution." Instead, it has abolished The Bill of Rigths with the so-called Patriot Act. Likewise has the ZOG made long-term promises, similar to the renegade employers in regard to pensions & benefits. The ZOG has promised to "insure" private pensions with a federal instiution incapable of covering the sums owed. The same broken promises occur in so-called Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, &c. Promises which affect so many people, & which are broken, certainly erode public trust, that is, th trust of the many, so how will the public react to ZOG calls for sacrifice? Would anyone wish to contribute more money & effort to a gang of conmen & robbers who have proved that they are unworthy of any sacrifice? I don't think so, especially in the case of those who are aware of their true self-interests. Such sacrifices must be coerced, but how? Eventually, it comes down to the question: who will coerce the coercers? The "credibility gap" of the Vietnam War era has made a big comeback in regard to the Bush regime's allegations about Iraq, including Westmoreland-style claims that "we are winning." The more Bushites deny the "quagmire" parallel, the more apparent the parallel becomes. If this ZOG fulfills its function of "going all out for Israel," then we may anticipate a U.S. attack on Iran & a possible World War III. What else may we expect from a criminally-insane regime? I'm sure that the Internet has revealed all this & more, so now it's up to the masses of asses to do something in their collective interest.

This advice applies to White Australians and White French people. Perhaps th ewogs have blundereed by burning churches in Australia, for the Christ-eaters are the wogs' foremost allies. Will mosques be burnt next? Stay tuned! Jewsradio reported no church burnings, but they mentioned "a large police presence" during a summer festival in Sydney. The jew Interior Minister, Sarkozy, alleged on French TV that France's problems were due to "inbreeding." On the contrary! I advise him to go hug an Arab, a.s.a.p., preferably one with a knife.

I agree that we have a great deal of diversity, that is, social fragmentation & special interests, but a crisis may erase such differences, especially if everyone is cold & hungry. Cold & hunger tend to simplify our lives, similar to the prospect of hanging! At that point, needs will become few & simple, with the only question being: whose needs will be satisfied? That will require th necessary means & determination. When the lights go out, the comlexity of our power grid becomes irrelevant. Another definition of the U.S. political process is "show-biz," & even the sheeple are losing interest in the act, unless it pays them. This is a danger sign for the ZOG, as you observe.

Boy, that super-accurate Mayan calendar sounds similar to the Y2K affair. As I recall, it is circular, so instead of the world coming to an end in 2012, could it not begin a new cycle, as th eclocks did on midnight of 1999? The Jesus-juicers just can't live without their world coming to an end, it seems.

As you say, every country's ZOG is selling out White interests to the colored invaders, which reveals that the ZOG is our foremost enemy, as I have said for over 30 years. Maybe one day, others will see that & act accordingly. It is not the Mexicans who leave our border unprotected. It is our very own ZOG! Let's hear a big "DUH!" Goyim. Tell the world just what's on your alleged minds.

The Russian majority whom the freed prisoners terrorized were too busy protecting themselves from murderers, bandits & rapists to stop the jews from taking over strategic points in their cities. The jews could protect themselves, but the majority could not protect themselves from the criminals. The prisoners did not need jew guidance to rob, rape & kill those who were deemed worthy of robbing, raping & killing. While the criminal Goyim were dealing with the majority, the jews zeroed in on potential Goy leaders under th eorder "Death to all smooth-handed Goyim!" The jew killer squads would stop people on the streets & demand to see their hands: smooth hands for a Gentile meant tha the used his mind to work, so he'd be shot on the spot. Those would be Chertoff's targets, as well as the strategic locations, such as the jews seized in Petrograd & later, in 1918 Germany. A criminal upheaval in the USA would allow the jews to seize such targets, as in 1917 Russia. Most criminals are non-Whites, so race war would occur simultaneously, with the release of the U.S. prison population. What the kikes lacked in 1917 Russia & 1918 Germany was a mobile Israeli military with all our latest weapons. They would certainly play a role in the jews' war of genocide against the White Remnant. The jews' forces appear solid & formidable, whereas the white forces do not. FEDZOGUSA could request assistance from Israel in such a conflict, as I am sure it would, if both ZOGs were not already pinned down in The Middle East. In that case, Whites would have a better chance, at least against ZOG forces, but the non-White population would be on a hunger-induced rampage, so we'd have our hands full, even without jew predation.

Henry Ford was not only pretty dumb, but he was a Christer who believed he should convert jews to Christinsanity. He had a "to do list" which included the promotion of square-dancing with the conversion of jews, & some other diverse items, none of which had an order of priorities, unlike the hold up man who made a list for the next day: 1) have breakfast, 2) fill gastank of getaway car, 3) rob bank, 4) make house payment.

Just as you say, the jews are promoting the colored influx into North America, with more diligence than ever. The clown or kook, Jared Taylor, who is married to a jewess, says jews are "White," but he hates niggers, especially imported ones. Well, NPR jewsradio repeatedly announces that American Jewish World Service is responsible for importing niggers from Somalia, The Sudan, &c. into the USA. Apparently, Taylor can finds lots of words against Blacks, but none to say against jews, whom he deems "White." As I learned, the hard way, in Africa: Include the kikes & we've lost the fight for White survival.

It is likely that the White sheeple of North America will do nothing until their abundance runs out. Rhodesian Whites had it god until the last minute of their handover to Black Marxist Misrule. It soon became apparent that Whites who valued their land more than their lives would pay the ultimate price for their folly. One day, jews claimed to be "White," & the next day, they were referring to us as "you White people," & they told us that our time was up in Africa. The problem was that the jews weren't Black, either, but Black rule was what they wanted, just as they appear to do in North America. White Genocide definitely takes precedence on the jews' "to do" list.

In theory, modern technology would permit a minority, like Whites, to wield power beyond their numbers, but this cannot occur if the will is lacking. A great deal of this technology is designed for consumption, so much of it reflects dependency, rather than potency. Cell-phones are potent means for mass-communication. That's why the wogs & nignogs make good use of them, but Whitey does not! It would appear that we intend to rely upon Paul Revere to tell us of danger! We agree that the Internet is a vital means of communication & information, but its role is mainly one of entertainment, i.e., consumption, rather than a means for organization & co-ordination of efforts. I believe in The Law of the Contrary: as long as ideas are ignroed, they will be permitted, but when they are heeded, they will be forbidden. Can the ZOG shutdown the Internet? Can they shutdown cellphones? We shall see in due course. Cell-phones are great for aiming missiles at those who use them, for instance, & the ZOG monitors computers on the Internet, so a touch of a keyboard can result in a knock at the door, as occurs in Soviet Canuckistan alias Canada alias China-duh. E-mail is even more easily intercepted than snail-mail, but it's much faster. Win a few, lose a few!

It's midnight. Happy New Year! I hear automatic fire in the barrio, so I'll douse the lights to avoid incoming 'mail' & rsume this letter in the morning.

1 JANUARY 2006! After a brief inspection, I see no bulletholes in walls or windows. Usually roofs leak after the annual New Year's Eve bombardments, for what goes up from Yakima comes down, somewhere. The mestizo-bandidos don't care. Jewsradio claimed we'd get lots of snow, but that must have fallen in "the other Yakima," a mysterious surrogate for the Yakima I live in, where the weather on the radio often differs from the weather we get here. Thus, we have guessed that there must be some other Yakima in radioland.

Beware of blightwing guesstimates of the jewish population of North America. The 2% to 3% of the piercites is nonsense, for I have seen numerous jew colonies from coast to coast. Louisville has a large jew population. There are lots of jew enclaves between the coasts as well, including utah, where the Mormons call the jews "Gentiles." Jew organizations, such as the ADL, co-ordinate their activities, as if Homeland Security were not enough, & Ostrovsky alleges that the ADL et al. are branches of the Mossad. This means that jewish numbers may be mobilized so as to concentrate at strategic points, & their organizations can pinpoint strategic individuals for 'hits,' as they wish. Jewish garrisons all over the country may be swiftly reinforced, according to jewish requirements, for every jew, according to Ostrovsky, is an Israeli agent, who is in contact with his fellow agents, as in "They Live." Jews are always active in pursuit of their perceived interests, but Whites are definitley not, & we are definitley in the minority in North America. Again, the blightwing lies about our numbers as well as alleged jewish numbers. The ZOG includes mestizos as "Whites," & they are not any whiter than the jews, whom the ZOG also includes as "White." We lose because we won't fight, but let's hope we won't wait until it's too late, under ZOG's evil spell. ORION! E.T.

3 JAN 06. Hail [X]! Happy New Year! Your zoggies returned in its entirety my DEC 4th mailing to you because one item violated gulag rules. I hope this letter & encloserures finally do reach you, within 2006, ZOG willing. Censorship is rarely entertaining, but I must congratulate your censor's strictly humorous interpretation of the rules on the forbidden item in question. Perhaps I am allowed to explain its content: it was a photocopy of a French movie scene commemoration The Christmas Truce of December 1914 on The Western Front, the first year of World War I. French, German & British troops sang carols & met in noman's land, between the trenchlines. The First World War could have ended there & then, had all th esoldiers mutinied & marched home, with their weapons. Unfortunately, Christianity collapsed, as it historically does, to STOP a war. Christianity has started more wars, & I don't know of any it ever stopped. World War I also discredited the 2nd International Socialists, who failed to stop the war with "workingclass solidarity." The fact that they betrayed their supporters in 1914 & the bloody war thereafter did not stop them from achieving political power in Europe, however. Hypocrisy reigns supreme! The forbidden picture depicts a French & German officer shaking hands in no man's land, surrounded by their troops, with shouldered rifles. This item was forbidden because it shows weapons, gang members, gang-related hand gestures &/or unlawful activities. At first, I thought the censor was extreme in interpreting the rules, but siddenly, I realized that he or she was making a very good point: Is an army or armies not a gang or gangs? Don't armies carry weapons? Don't they engage in murder, property destruction, theft, rape & c.? They do use gang-related gestures, such as salutes & handshakes. Aren't their bosses just as criminal as smaller gang-leaders would, possibly, like to be? The parallel is accurate. In fact, former U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who earned 2 Congressional Medals of Honor, agreed that "War Is a Racket!" In his essay, which I have, he proves how war is a racket, in which very few get rich at the expense of the many. I am not a pacifist, but I like to know what I'm fighting for, & for whom. Your censor may be a deep-thinker, as well as a strict rule-enforcer. It's too bad that your censors can't just remove the offending items & let you have the rest, but that may be against the rules, which differ from gulag to gulag. It is nice that your gulag returns material which is forbidden, with the reason why it did not pass. Other ZOG-gulags are not nice in this respect. Perhaps your censor is a war vet, who has learned something important. I shall retain the list of permitted & forbidden items for future reference & appreciation.

I have photocopied these items for circulation amongst my correspondents, along with your current address, so I hope you obtain additional correspondents from this mailing. I mention to them that you are a thinker & writer worth cultivating. That is why I enjoy our correspondence. Now to mail this (again!) in hopes that it reaches you. ORION! E.T.

4 JAN 06. Dear Tom: Many thanks for your letter of 23 DEC 05! NPR jewsradio reports ongoing fires in your area, so I hoped that you had avoided the holocausts. Your trenchant observations & commentary are always appreciated. It is useful to step back from the current cacophony of trivia & tedium, to filter out the kosher crap of the jewsmedia, & to see what it is. One's mind must be free to analyze & to assimilate what we see, so that we may behave accordingly.

The media are indeed distractions, & they are multiplying. By media, I mean the media of education or propaganda-indoctrination, of information & disinformation, & of communication, mainly of annoying, non-essential content. If one receieves all available electronic media, one might as well sit in a room full of TV sets, all blaring different programs at once, while ringing cellphones vie for one's remaining attention. If we filter out drug-induced mental problems, a normal person would likely suffer attention-span deficits solely due to his incessant exposure to the media barrage. Others who work amid cellphones & computers tell me that their relations & communications with actual humans, face to face, are often disrupted, so that they forget appointments & other arrangements. I have seen two people whose attempt to converse was defeated by both of them being interrupted by their respective cellphones. In the Charlie Chaplin movie, "Modern Times," a worker must mold his life around machines. Although today's machines are very small, & do not require any physical exertion, they mold our lives even more effectively than did th machinery of the Chaplin movie, or in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," with its seductive robot. These films emphasized regimentation, with workers even moving in lock-step as in prisons, all being subordinate to the rhythm is alien to those accustomed to natural rhythms of seasons, night & day, although industrial farming & livestock-raising come pretty close to the capitalist/communist 'ideal' of factory-farms. I have seen no greater regimentation than dairy farms & poultry farms, for example. Modern electronic technology is more subtle & more pervasive in terms of regimentation than mechnaical technology was, for one's activities can be monitored, wherever one is. The work which may be done at home can also be monitored by a boss on the other side of the world. he need not be physically present to check up on the number of keystrokes the worker performs per hour, nor on the minutes & seconds one spends on customers. All work data are recorded automatically for current or future reference. If a visitor from another planet were to examine the electronic parameters of our allegedly productive activities, he would find lots of order & control, as well as hierarchy, so he might expect to see a society which reflects such order. Instead, he finds a Babel state of increasingly-dysfunctional diversity, as if wild animals were permitted to populate a busy railroad station or air terminal. He would also discover that the be-all, end-all of our increasingly global society is the god of consumption, th eoutgrowth of Mammon & acquisition. Quantity is the patron saint of this materialism, which includes the quantity of consumers & what they consume. Quality does not coputer at all! "It all comes down to a matter of numbers," as it says in The Protocols of Zion.

I saw the beginning of the "baby-boom" of the late 1940s & early to middle 1950s. It was a trend which gave me a sense of foreboding: Suddenly, Ostensible Whites began to behave like rabbits. Without any propaganda or prompting that I can recall, they opted to borrow money to live in "ticky-tacky boxes" in suburbs & pump out great quantities of pale protoplasm, which increased their consumption & their debts, as well as the cars they required to commute increased distances. This proliferation of consumption-excretion units had nothing to do with love of race & least of all with the improvement thereof, but with consumption. Sex was also a form of consumption, & the children which resulted therefrom just increased general consumption. Besides, "everyone was doing it." I have always been suspicious of crowds & mindless conformity, especially when no one seemed capable of explaining their behavior with sensible reasons therefore. It was mindless multiplication on behalf of uncomprehending consumption, which I witnessed as a youth, so I was alarmed, as well as mystified. Basically, I wanted no part of this lifestyle, nor could I afford it! The late forties & the 1950s were decades of ostensible stability. A Goy could get a job with a big corporation &/or join a big union. Men's wages were almost enough to afford wives who could raise many kids in their suburban houses on low-interest mortgages. Sheeple at lots of Kraft Macaroni Dinners & Spam, which I still enjoy, with Jello for dessert! But I am too old to be a baby-boomer & my parents were too poor, so my mother had to work, like present-day moms, White ones, that is. NPR jewsradio featured a comparison between lifestyles & expectations of baby-boomers & present younger people in business. Baby-boomers' experience of stability & security cause them misgivings over the behavior of younger people, who do not seem to stick with one employer much longer than they stick with a mate. What the b-bs on this program ignored is that employers are not sticking with their employees very long either! During the same era of the Cold War Hoax, Soviet Bloc countries had the Big State employers, whereas we had our Big Business employers. I recall the way in which Big State & Big Business made a point of transferring workers around, ostensibly for efficiency, but the result of these transfers was the disruption & erosion of communities. It was also the era of "The Lonely Crowd," as well as "The Organization Man." This was the socio-economic context of the baby-boomers, which seems as alien today as The Stone Age.

"Gen-Xers" or post-baby-boomers supposedly favor ambition over lockstep conformity to a pattern set by their employer. If their ambitions are not satisfied, they move on, with good reason, for the old stability is gone, even if they would like to stay in any one organization. I believe technological change has everything to do with it. As I recall, the typical office in which I worked in the early 1960s was pre-computer. It had an organizational structure befitting the office of the 1890s. Yes, they had telephones & typewriters back then! But in the 1960s, we had air-conditioning. I consider it conservative to say that the work performed in that office building by its staff could easily be performed by a good laptop computer with one operator! O.K. maybe two operators if they like long coffee breaks! It was a matter of data storage & data retrieval, plus customer correspondence to keep policies & premiums updated. With cellphone-computer link ups, months of business could be done in a few days, for conversations could be recorded in writing for contract purposes, instantly. I've just explained myself out of that job, & everything else in that office. Because of the slow development & evolution of technology, especially in communications, one could look forward to spending one's working life doing much the same as one's grandfather, perhaps in the same place. Imagine sitting at grandpa's desk, complete with grandfather, perhaps in the same place. Imagine sitting at grandpa's desk, complete with his quill pen & pencil-sharpener! I asked my boss if I could wear black sleeve-protectors so I could avoid getting my white shirtsleeves blackened from perusing carbon-copied ledger pages. The boss frowned, & said if I were to do that, I'd be fired. "This is a modern office!" he declared. I did not bring up the fact that it would also be more efficient if I could reduce the glare of the overhead lights by wearing a green eyeshade, & prevent soiling my shirtcuffs by means of sleeve garters. That was when I learned that "modern" meant the wearing of inappropriate garb on the job. Factory workers wore Hawaiian shirts & clerks wore white shirts which showed all the carbon copies they handled, so we resembled coal miners after a day of perusing records. Previous to the 1950s, people would dress for the job, as they do now., in terms of safety gear. In the 1950s & 1960s, workers were required to dress like managers, even if their work was not the same: it was an ostensibly 'classless society,' I guessed. Another gimmick was that our advancement in rank & salary required additional expenditure to maintain our status as consumers, which would put us behind the 8-ball by having our expenses exceed our incomes. I wish I'd stolen the manual we had to read to learn what we had to do to advance wtihin the corporation: church membership & community organization membership were required, but no holy-rollers or radical groups! One had to be male, married, with kids, but not 'too many.' One had to own a house & car, but not a shack, nor a Porsche! it was conformity which kept one always in debt, by requiring us to live above our means. I began to realize thatthe instruction manual was my innvitation into the Judeo-American ratrace, which I was resolved to avoid, at all costs! & I did!

I have thus endeavored to live with my eyes open & my brain in gear to reality, unlike th emasses you observe who dwell in a world of jewsmedia fantasy. Their fate is likely to be that of Peter Sellers i nthe movie, "Being There," in which he has lived only via TV, so when he encounters a normally nasty pair of nigger-muggers on the street, he tries to make them vanish with his TV-remote. You also poitn out that the more we ignore our problems, the bigger they become, until they overwhelm us. This is similar to Kuhn's "Theory of Scientific Revolutions," in which he posits that the more rigorously we test a scientific theory, the more certainly it will be exploded & replaced by a new one! Most people behave as if the future will resemble the past, but it may not resemble THEIR past, as much as it resembles desperate & primitive conditions of times long past, but soon to return. How many sheeple will be ready for that? A Great Culling will occur in due course, for Nature is indeed Nazi, & I think she's really annoyed with us. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric.


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