by Eric Thomson

19 January 2006

6 JAN 06. Dear [X]! Happy New Year! I hope you also had a Good Yule. A gulag-zoggie in CA censored a photocopied picture of a reenactment of the 1914 Christmas Truce on the Western Front, which showed actors dressed in World War I uniforms, with weapons, making "gang gesture." The picture from the movie poster showed French & German soldiers standing beside their officers, two of whom are shaking hands. This would be deemed as "Security Threat Group Propaganda" in your ZOG-gulag, if the zoggies wished. I agree that World War I was a very serious outbreak of gang violence! I also agree that the U.S. Armed Forces are a real Security Threat Group, under gang leadership. Former U.S. Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, who earned 2 U.S. Congressional Medals of Honor, also declared that "War is a racket!" If President Bush were brought to justice, I guess he'd spend most of his time in the hole as a notorious STG leader! Your gulag's 'selectivity' in regard to labelling CERTAIN inmates as STG members sounds pretty arbitrary to me. Conversations between anyone may be deemed "conspiracy." Two people who plan a surprise birthday party for someone are indeed 'conspiring,' but there is no evil purpose behind their secrecy. However, our ZOG may interpret any conversation as 'conspiracy with evil intent,' for the ZOG claims it can read people's minds, as well as their mail. This is evident in the current case of U.S. Citizen Padilla, who has been accused of things, but so far not charged by ZOG. He was first punished by some 3 years of detention in military jurisdiction. As far as I know, he has done nothing overtly criminal, nor illegal. Military training is not illegal, to my knowledge, nor is discussing various weapons, such as dirty bombs. Writers do it all the time. I can discuss how one may catch a cold, but this does not mean that I am advocating colds, nor that I intend to catch one myself! But the ZOG may choose to accuse me of involvement in "germ warfare," so I could be abducted, confined & tortured by ZOG as a "material witness." It is R.I.P. Bill of Rights in this 'democrazy' of ours, thanks be to ZOG! The U.S. sheeple seem totally unconscious of the fact that they may be abducted by U.S. authorities & vanish without a trace, with no prospect of any charge, trial or proof of guilt! ZOG's say-so is enough! This nullification of The U.S. Constitution is not new. It happened under Lincoln, under whom anyone accused of being a Confederate "sympathizer" could be thrown into concentration camp stockades without trial, & held indefinitely.

In regard to Frontline, since I do not know anyone connected with the group, I will not join. I may agree with their publications, but a good publication does not mean a good organization, as I have learned through hard experience. I will correspond with anyone, as long as they have something to tell me. If not, I don't.

"Mein Kampf" is certainly a worthwhile history book, for that is what it is, written by a real participant in the history he described. I am surprised that the ZOG would restrict it, any more than they would restrict Napoleon's autobiography, which I've also read. In it, Napoleon wrote of "gangs of heavily armed jews on the roads to Paris." This was just before the outbreak of the so-called French Revolution. A correspondent of mine in France says he cannot find any statement in his copy which mentions the jews. I said I read & reread that statement in the copy I read, so the passage must have been removed by a jew editor. This goes on all the time in our libraries & in our publications. George Orwell described the rewriting of history in his little book, "1984." See if you can find "Hitler's Secret Book," which was published after the war by the Allies! Although Hitler wrote it in 1928, he never published it, for it reveals his unwavering intention of attacking the USSR, instead of Britain, just as he did in 1941! When Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933, he did not want the jew bolsheviks in Moscow to know what he had planned. Hitler knew that World War I was a trade war, for the British objected to German competition. My colleague, Benjamin Freedman, protegé of Hans Morgenthau Sr., knew that Hitler was right & so did British General J.F.C. Fuller. Hitler wanted to avoid war with Britain by seizing farmland from the USSR. That's what Rudolf Hess's message was to Britain, but the Zionist stooge, Churchill, did not want anyone to know of Hitler's offer of peace, so Hess spent the rest of his life in Allied prisons, & his file is locked up in British archives, for another forty years! When it seemed that the USSR would release Hess from Spandau Prison, on their watch, the Brits sent in a hit-team & murdered Hess, so he wouldn't talk. According to the Brits, hess beat himself up very badly, then strangled himself iwth an electric cord, which was outstanding for a man in his 80s who could barely raise his arms to chest height! Beware of kosher versions of "Mein Kampf" or anything else, in which the text has been changed for propaganda purposes. Hitler successfully sued the two forgers of a jew version of "Mein Kampf" in California, Louis Nizer & Quentin Reynolds, as I recall, shortly before the U.S.A. & Germany went to war in 1941. The jews had to withdraw all the copies of the phony "Mein Kampf," which they'd published in Los Angeles! I was just a kid at th time, so I was too young to work for Dr. Goebbels, although local Yakomorons accuse me of lying about my age. I also knew FDR's son-in-law, Col. Curtis B. Dall, with whom I wrote a book: "Israel's $5 Trillion Secret." I gave Dall all the credit, for I was too notorious. My name as co-author is a bit like having Heinrich Himmler's name on a book. Ha!

I'm glad you were able to read Chittum's "Civil War Two," which is indeed scary, mainly because I can't find anything in it with which I disagree. I cannot say, "Naw, that could not happen!" Everything is happening, just the way he describes what is likely to happen. The new card out of the pack, in my opinion, is China, & I'd like Chittum's commments on its growing power & influence in the Western Hemisphere & in the U.S.A. in particular. According to Canada's last census, Mandarin Chinese is now their second most-spoken language! It is no longer French. That's why Canucks now call their country "China-duh." We sure live in interesting times, as the old Chinese curse goes.

It sure is good to read that you can now obtain books which you want to read. Your library service is better than many public libraries, where such titles are censored. See if you can access The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which the jews claim to be a "forgery." Who "forged" it, and what is it a forgery of? The jews' blather is not an argument. If no author's name appears on a book, is the book a "fogery"? I use two books which have no author listed: the telephone directly & the dictionary. A "forgery" would supposedly be untrue, but if I look up someone's number, he or she usually answers the phone. If I read a passage in The Protocols, I find that it applies to events of today, just as it applied to events in Russia, just before the jew-bolshevik revolution of 1917. The references to germ warfare & financial sabotage are relevant to the America of today, along with the jews' weapons of mass-distraction derived from their control of our money & our media of information, education & entertainment. Henry Ford paid plenty to investigate the truth behind The Protocols of Zion, which resulted in his publication of "The International Jew." A reporter asked Ford if the Protocols were true, & Ford replied: "They fit!" I introduced study groups when I was in Canada, & our group would study Henry Ford's set of books which illustrated how The Protocols were being practiced in the USA of the 1920s & 1930s. Education allows each individual to become a political soldier who can act with wisdom on his own, if need be. Without education, "leaderless resistance" is nonsense. I am reminded of a driver who took his car to a garage, because it just didn't run right. The mechanic had him start the engine, which sputtered & back-fired, as it had been doing. "O.K., shut it off!" said the mechanic. He took a hammer & tapped under the hood. "Now try it!" he said. The driver started it up & the engine ran like a top. The mechanic said, "That'll be $50." The driver protested: "But all you did was a couple of taps with your hammer!" The mechanic said, "I don't charge for the labor, but for knowing WHERE to tap!" Several correspondents have been indoctrinated to believe their actions were great deeds for "our cause," & their doers were "Aryan heroes." I ask whom their actions served, the old question, "cui bono?" If we ask who benefitted from the deed in question, the Whites or ZOG? we can understand the important distinction between good intentions and bad results. If ZOG wins, whose side were the heroes on? the side they may have THOUGHT they were on, or the side of the ZOG? See if you can borrow both of Victor Ostrovsky's books on the Mossad or Israeli secret service: "By Way of Deception" & "The Other Side of Deception." One important item he mentions is the Mossad's recruitment of Arab agents, that is, patsies, who don't know who thtey are really working for. This is an old spook or spy tactic. One example I recall is the recruitment of a West German government official who LOVED anything "British." As 'luck' would have it, he met a very visible "Brit" in a bar which he frequented, perhaps because it resembled a British pub. The "Brit" looked like a "Pukkah Sahib" (as we used to say in the British colonial service), complete with handlebar moustache & tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. The German was flattered that the "Brit" took interest in him & in his work. One evening The "Brit" hinted that he really worked for British Intelligence, & the German admitted that he, also, worked in government, but not in so exalted a position. The "Brit" suggested that anything he deemed important could be passed from the German to him, since it would "wind up in the same file" eventually, so why not speed up the information-sharing process? The gullible German thought he was in heaven, & he passed on anything of importance to the "Brit," until he was arrested by the Bundeskriminalamt, the West German BKA, equivalent to their FBI. The German had been passing secrets to the East German Stasi, under my old buddy Markus Wolf, & not to Britain at all! The jew head of Stasi, who kicked me out of East Berlin in 1969, now works for his fellow tribesman, Chertoff, along with the jew who headed the KGB, Primakov, in U.S. "Homeland Security," as I understand from the Internet, so it's one cozy kosher gang of commissars. talk about a Security Threat Group! Oy veh! Conclusion: in the spook business, one never knows whom one works for, so do it for the money, not for the love! The Arab frontmen of 9-11 were typical Mossad recruits, & they were closely supervised, as I gathered, by Mossadniks, until they boarded their aircraft. Israel has wanted the USA to attack Moslems in general & Arabs in particular, since Zionist Occupied Palestine was established in 1948. In the 1950s, the hebes tried to bomb U.S. Information Agency libraries in The Middle East, but some of the Mossadniks got caught attempting to do so in Egypt. Had the jews' plans succeeded, the USA could have been drawn into a Middle East War back then, but when we discovered the kikes were the terrorists, it became a 'non-happening.' The only result was the resignation of the Israel Defence Minister, Lavon, whose name was attached to the jews' bomb-plot, now known as "The Lavon Affair." In their 1967 war against Arab countries in their area, the Israelis planned to sink the USS Liberty & blame it on Egypt. Using U.S.-made ships, planes, rockets & ammo, the jews bombarded the Liberty in their ferocious attempt to kill the U.S. sailors & sink their ship, but they failed. As usual, FEDZOGUSA did their anti-American coverup of the Liberty Affair, & swore the surviving U.S. Navy personnel to secrecy! The jews did not succeed in getting the USA to attack Moslems & Arabs until 9-11! Again, we must ask "cui bono?" Certainly, it was neither Moslems nor Arabs who benefitted from 9-11, but Benjamin Netanyahu blurted that 9-11 was "very good for Israel"! Need I say more? Netanyahu may become Ariel Sharon's replacement as Israel's commander in chief. Stay tuned!

Historian David Irving, with whom I have collaborated in Toronto, China-duh, provided a revealing statement from Chancellor Bruning, Hitler's predecessor, in which Bruning says that the same jew-banksters who financed him also financed Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin, & now they finance Hitler! One of these jew banksters was Hans Morgenthau Sr., father of FDR's genocidal jew buddy, Hans Morgenthau Jr. who thought up the Morgenthau Plan to exterminate the defeated Germans after World War II. Three genocidal jews wrote books on this topic: "Germany Must Perish!" by Theodore Kaufmann, "What to do with Germany?" by Louis Nizer, & "Germany is our Problem!" by Hans Morgenthau Jr. Each book advocated the genocide, that is, extermination, of the entire German population. This plan was begun until the Cold War, which was an Orwellian hoax. In The Cold War, the Soviet regime made war on its people & the USA made war on its people. Such a deal! Why did the jews finance Hitler? A former Soviet GRU officer (military intelligence) who writes unde the pen name Suvorov wrote "The Icebreaker," which revealed jew-bankster plans for Stalin alias Josip Jugashvili to accomplish what the jew, Trotsky alias Bronstein, had failed to do in the 1920s: invade & conquer all of Europe! As people of the time had observed: World War II was planned at the Versailles Conference which followed World War I. One diplomat said that "powder kegs were being set up all over Europe" at the Versailles Conference, in preparation for another war, another bankster war. Hitler was included in the jew-bankster-bolsheviks' plans, & Hitler knew it. Hitler was SUPPOSED to conquer Western Europe, including Poland & France. I have read British Foreign Office documents which show that Britain was prepared to let the USSR invade & keep Poland, during & after the war, which is exactly what happened in 1945. But Hitler broke the banksters' rules: instead of proceeding to attack Britain by invasion, Hitler attacked the USSR barely 2 weeks before the Soviets' planned invasion of Europe. That's why Hitler is so demonized by all the jew-bankster propaganda of the present, because he saved Western Europe from Stalin. The lesson for us is that Hitler is not around to save Europe from herself! Savitri Devi wrote in her great book, "The Lightning & the Sun," that Hitler was the savior whom the world rejected & this was no exaggeration. In his Secret Book, Hitler warned Whites that they should never export their technology to China, for the Chinese' cheap labor would put Aryans out of business. This is exactly what we do now, thanks be to ZOG! Hitler was right, & now we must bear the consequences of doing always th eopposite of that which he advised. Hitler even condemned tobacco-smoking as a health-hazard, & Nazi researchers linked smoking to lung cancer! Post-Hitler Germans are proud that they smoke like chimneys, to show how "anti-Nazi" they are! As you can see, there's lots to learn. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

6 JAN 06. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of 01-01-06! I'm glad you received my reply to your first letter. Replies have a way of 'disappearing' in ZOGland & its gulags. I just received a seizure notice from another ZOG-gulag because of "gang-related material"[...]

I'm happy to send you & your comrades whatever information I have toward your education. This is the least I can do for Our Cause, & I shall do what I can, as long as I can, ZOG willing! The latest radio jewsreports paint a pretty dark picture of human rights here in The Jewnited States, for our Constitution is pretty much abolished, starting with The Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has knuckled under to Bush's browbeating, it appears, by denying due process of law to a U.S. citizen named Padilla. Bush promised, among other lies, to exempt U.S. citizens from the arbitrary treatment accorded "illegal combatants" who were rounded up in Afghanistan afer the U.S. switched sides, as we usually do. The U.S.A. was backing the Taliban Moslem fundamentalists against the USSR, which had invaded Afghanistan. When the USSR was defeated by the resistance, the USA quickly switched sides, declared war on the Taliban, our former allies, & allied with The Northern Alliance, the former allies of the USSR. We have behaved like the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, with phony elections & installation of a puppet regime which would collapse as soon as U.S. occupation forces left. As I understand, Osama bin Laden was the CIA's connection with the Taliban. As far as I know, he is still a CIA asset or agent, doing just what our ZOG wants him to do. That's probably why we "can't" catch him.

So, back to U.S. Citizen Padilla: he was abducted on U.S. soil, not arrested, for he was not charged with any crime. He was not charged, nor tried, but he has been punished for 3 years in some prison, under m ilitary jurisdiction. Our ZOG has made various claims about things he allegedly did or said. To my knowledge, he is still not charged with anything we would understand as a "crime." For one thing, it is not a crime to take training courses of various military skills or to discuss certain military tactics. Armchair warriors, readers of "Soldier of Fortune" & "Men's True Adventures" do this all the time! The jew movie director, Spielberg, has made a film about the Munich Olympics assassination of the Israeli athletes by Palestinian freedom-fighters alias "terrorists." Using ZOG 'logic,' he could be abducted & detained, as well as tortured, for things of which Padilla has been accused, such as "aiding the enemy in wartime." The ZOG also can detain, which means it likely has, "material witnesses," who have no recourse to law, whatsoever. They are also subject to unlimited detention, torture, &c. by zoggies. It may turn out that the U.S.A. will become one big prison, outside of your little one. Stay tuned! [...] Happy New Year & ORION -- Eric

WHAT HATH ZOG WROUGHT, WITH OUR HELP? - by E. Thomson The Chinese sage, Sun Tzu, would shake his head in disgust at Whites' behavior, but he would not be surprised, since we are described as "monkey-faced, long-nosed, round-eyed devils & ghost people," in Chinese lore & discussions, into the present.

The monkey-tricks we have accomplished recently (in Chinese thinking, events occurring during the past 1000 years are "recent") have been 1) To slay ourselves en masse in the 2 world wars of the 20th century; 2) To reduce our numbers further via abortions & other ways of birth-control; 3) To destroy our racial identity through miscegenation, that is, by adultery; 4) To reduce the quality of White people by taxing the fit & supporting the defective; 5) To threaten Whites with extinction by opening White livingspace to non-White invaders, & by further taxing Whites to PAY for this invasion, worldwide! The Chinese also plan in thousand-year periods, so they have no doubt planned for the extinction of Whites, within the next 1000 years, judging by current White-monkey behavior. To bring this about, the Chinese need do nothing, just allow us to carry on, as we are now doing.

Whites are certainly known to fight, but not as a race which fights for its survival as a race, & in defence of its culture. We used to fight in defence of our livingspace & our touted 'way of life,' but no longer. Now we are told that 'our way of life' must include the alien occupation of our former livingspace, & this consequent modification &/or elimination of our alleged way of life. Who tells us this? Why, our Zionist rulers do, with all the media at their disposal, combined with physical coercion & threats thereof. Welcome to The Jew World Ordure!

I have no visited Europe for decades, so I probably would not recognize it as "Europe," due to the immense demographic changes since I was last there in 1976. In 1969, I arrived in London, England, alias The United Kingdom or The Land of UK as some denizens call it. My demographic impressino of the city was how un-English it was, in terms of all the foreigners & non-Whites I encountered. This is not unique for many large cities of the world, that are often atypical in terms of their host peoples. Paris is not really as French as are the other parts of France, nor is Hong Kong as Chinese, &c. Foreign visitors have expressed astonishment when they arrive in New York City, which is so unlike the rest of the America they later encounter, as they tell me. We can acknowledge the fact that such large, trade-oriented cities would be places with multi-racial, multi-cultural, polyglot populations, as Marseilles has been since ancient times, & as are other port cities of the Mediterranean. The euphemism for such Babel-cities is "cosmopolitan"; the euphemism used to describe jews in the former USSR included the term "rootless cosmopolitans." Such trade/conquest-based intercourse has led to th composition of a people who populate the coastal cities of the Mediterranean as "Mediterraneans," who resemble one another from one end of the sea to the other. Naturally, these people are racially Afro-Eurasians, that is, tri-racial, with more of one race evident: some with more Whites, others with more Black or Yellow admixtures. Sickle cell anemia prevails in this region, as evidence of Black genes in the Mediterranean population. These people also speak a common language made up of Arabic & European tongues. It is called the Lingua Franca. Such languages develop from trade amongst all sorts of different peoples. In Asia, I've heard lots of pidgin English; in Africa, Swahili & Chalapalapa. English developed as the Lingua Franca of trade between Germans & Scandinavians, who invaded previously Celtic Britain. This is human history, as well as pre-history, according to archaeological discoveries, so we know what happened, but that does not explain WHY it happened. What would possess a people to give up their livingspace & their culture, or way of life?

Invasion & conquest, followed by displacement, slaughter & miscegenation have been the themes of human history, along with war & slavery. The motives for these actions are the usual ones: population-pressure, enhanced by greed. The first factor is evident from numbers, but greed is much more human & therefore, multi-faceted in terms of human behavior. Greed is expressed by theft, & where theft is inexpedient, by trade, in which the warning "Let the buyer beware," is both ancient & appropriate. Trade is synonymous with economics, & wise men have called economics "war by other means," like politics. Those who are taxed & robbed by inflation are therefore victims of war waged against them, usually by their own rulers. greed is the servant of power & vice versa, for greed includes the lust for power & the wealth which comes along with power. Wealth takes as many forms as greed. So does power, for both exist in men's minds, along with their physical attributes. Greed is expressed in the desire to possess that which most men call wealth. Power must likewise be desired, along with the means to obtain it.

Plato claimed that greedy men are unhappy, for they always seek more. When the jew labor leader, Samuel Gompers, was asked what he wanted, he shifted the cigar in his fat chompers, & in his thick Jew York accent said: "More!" But was Gompers unhappy? I don't think so, for that was what gave his life meaning. People are not greedy because they HAVE to be, but because they WANT to be. This is the human reason why anarchy cannot exist, nor is there any evidence that it ever existed, as madmen like Rousseau, Jefferson, Marx et al. have lied. Because men are never equal in any way, some men will want 'more' than others may want, & they will use every means, fair or foul, to gain it. It is for wiser men to keep them in check, so as to avoid the dir fate now befalling the Whites under ZOG. The greedy members of Our Race have done the bidding of the jew enemies of Our Race, so our enemies are Zionists, which include jews & their Goy stooges. The crazed Pat Robertson is not a jew, but he sounds more Zionist than Ariel Sharon, in regard to jews seizing & holding land stolen from the real Semites, the Palestinians!

Since men are not equal in abilities & needs, we can thus understand why there are men with weapons, but no will to achieve power, as well as men with wealth sufficient that they desire no more. Then ther are men who serve their families & their peoples, who behave as greedy men do, but not in their own personal interests. As Talleyrand observed: "A man with family will do anything for money."

As we know, greed has many manifestations & so does trade. Workers trade their labor for goods & services, usually in the representative medium known as money. Those who create money are the masters of an economy, becaues they control the medium of exchange, in wihch all goods & services are bought & sold, & their 'value' calculated. As Meyer Amschel, who founded the House of Rothschild, wisely said: "Give me the power to issue money, & I care not who makes the laws!" Obviously, the Goyim weren't listening! No present government on earth is sovereign, since their money is created and controlled by banksters, not by the state. That's why Hitler & John F. Kennedy so upset the jew-banksters & their people! Those men's states created their own money, rather than BORROWING their money from the banksters, at interest. In Christian mythology, Jesus was crucified 3 days after he drove the money-changers from the Temple. Money-creation is the 'third rail' of politics. Touch it & you will find out.

Power & wealth exist as symbols & as substance. Money is not a good in itself, for the paper & metal rarely have any value compared to th enumbers stamped or printed thereon. A document written on paper has no more value than the concepts in people's minds, which that document claims to prescribe. symbols & substance connect in the mind of man, so they are accessible in the realm of imagination & communication which take the form of persuasion. This is how conmen can acquire wealth & power, as well as teachers & leaders, artists & writers. That which man can conceive, he may achieve, even at others' expense. It is up to others to protect their own interests, on behalf of their own achievements.

Often, greedy men sacrifice real wealth in their desperate pursuit of trinkets, baubles & fleeting fancies. Europeans laugh at the Indians who sold Manhattan for trifles, whereas the Indians thought the Europeans to be th efools, for in their culture, no one could 'own' land. The Indians supposed that the White man would be gone, after they'd hunted out the game & fish in the vicinity, which the Indians may have done already. Land was, to the Indians, worth only the game it could carry, but to the Whites, it was worth more, in terms of the food which could be grown thereon, the livestock it could bear, & its strategic location for trade & manufaturing. The Indians were no doubt surprised to find the White men still on Manhattan, & in much greater numbers at year's end.

Land is wealth, the basis for life & for power, & those who occupy it reap the benefits, provided they know how to use it. Lands & peoples who occupy them are not equal, for we see rich people on poor land, as in Denmark, & poor people on rich land, as in Colombia. A gold bar in the hands of a White man is deemed wealth, but in the hands of Bushman, it is deemed a burden, best dropped on the ground from whence it came. Air & water are real wealth, heavy tokens of symbolic wealth, with few essential uses in & of themselves. Thus we see that wealth exists in the eye of the beholder. Since wealth cannot exist apart from the people who perceive it as wealth, we see the importance of understanding in the value of wealth & power. Thihs understanding resides in the minds of people, therefore we must appreciate th wisdom of The Bhagavad Gita: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, & from this, all evil!" Yours, as always, for a Whiter, brighter world. ORION!

10 JAN 06. Dear [X]: [...] Churchill once described russia as "riddle wrapped around an enigma," or maybe the reverse. Well, so is Putin, whom I suspect as being a ZOG caretaker, in view of his KGB background. Rump Russia, the remains of the former Soviet Empire, still has lots of natural wealth, which is still i the ground, so it would not be sensible to let the jews merely loot the country & abandon it, while there is more wealth to suck out. The jews would not like that, either, for a smash & grab capter is not as lucrative as owning the store! There is so little information at my disposal, so I can only guess about Putin. If he were really a russian natioanlist, would he behave differently, or the same? Politics is 'the art of the possible,' so Putin has to deal with things as they are, after the sudden demise of the Communist empire & the looting by jew-gangsters. I do not envy him! Apparently, Putin recognizes the threat to Russian well-being posed by the USA & China over the oil-rich areas of Central Asia indicates that he is not a viceroy of East-ZOG, as the Communist regime was for West-ZOG alias the USA. If true, that independent role would upset the jews who have a stake in U.S. control of oil, but not the jews who back China! Then there is China's interests in The Middle East, based on China's need for oil, in competition with the USA. A recent download in German claims that Israel is preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, as it did Iraq's sole nuclear reactor about 20 years ago, if I recall correctly. Iran appears defiant on its insistence to develop its uranium enrichment program. This report states that Israel will attack Iran in late March of this year. Is Iran bluffing? I doubt it, but does Iran have friends willing to counter a joint U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran? Will the Zionist jews & Americans use nukes against Iran, since they lack the forces with which to invade it? Will China just sit & watch the Zionist assault on another oil-supplier?

Any analysis of Putin must be done in the context of a major conflict in the Middle East & the role of China, whose interests are clearly bound up with Middle East oil. Is this the trigger for World War III?

I have the feeling that we are in a situation similar to the line up in early 1941: Germany & Russia were allies. Japan was ostensibly threatening FDR's beloved Red Russia & Germany was ostensibly threatening Britain, but suddenly, the political kaleidoscope turned & the whole line up shifted. Allies became enemies & vice versa, along with the entry of the USA & USSR into the war, on the same side! The present alignment of forces could change just as fast & just as violently, sooner than later. Truly, we do not live in exciting times, as the Chinese curse goes.

The behavior of most Europeans reflects the warning of The Bhagavad Gita about race-mixing as the destroyer of understanding & the root of all evil. They seem to exhibit a collective disconnect between demographics, events & their own interests, as if they have no concept of who they are, & what is good or bad for them. [...] All the best & ORION! -- Eric

12 JAN 06. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of JAN 4th! You are really lucky to have a comrade who would risk his own life to save you. This makes you a rich man, indeed. We can only win if we stick together. In 1917 Russia, the jew minority was able to take over the whole Russian Empire, because the majority would not stick together. that's the lesson everyone must learn, & I hope it won't be too late, as you say. The lesson is also that a team can beat large numbers of individual all-stars, even if the team is small. A team can work together, according to a plan, which has a goal, which all team members agree on. A mob has no such teamwork, plan or goal, so a small team can cut through a mob like a hot knife cuts through butter. The Roman army fought as a team, & they had little trouble in their battles with the bigger, stronger German tribesmen when Rome invaded Germany, after it had conquered the territory now known as France, which is a colony of Algeria today! A German leader who had been in the Roman army, Hermann, knew the Romans' strength & the Germans' weakness: The Romans fought as a team & the germans did not! So Hermann made a plan with other German leaders to defeat the Romans under their commander, Varus, who occupied German territory with 7 legions, if I recall correctly. hermann's plan was to get the Romans strung out in ravines & forests, so the romans could not form up to concentrate their forces. The trick worked & the Roman legions were all chewed up by the German warriors who hit them from every side. Neither Varus nor his legions survived their walk in the woods of Germany! In a one-on-one battle, the smaller Romans could not win over the bigger Germans. In other words, Hermann got the Romans to go where they could not use their teamwork to fight, but where the undisciplined Germans could do what they had always done.

The European armies of the 1700s had tactics similar to the Romans: They fought in formations designed to maximize their firepower, in the open. The British & English colonial soldiers were badly beaten by the French & their Indian allies when the French caught them in the woods, strung out on their line of march, & shot them from concealed positions. The Brits could not concentrate their firepower; they often couldn't see the enemy, & they could not shoot through trees, even if they could see. Thus was General Braddoc defeated by the French & their Indian allies, & George Washington was there to see it. During the American revolution, the Americans tried to seize Quebec. The British force was smaller than the advancing Americans, so the British commander knew what he could do to defeat them: he formed up his men in the open! When the Americans tried to compete with the British firepower & discipline, they were defeated, & the British kept Quebec.

T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), whose book, "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom," I read when I was 10 years old, was a great military thinker & doer. The British were trying to defeat & destroy the Turkish Empire in World War I, mainly to seize their oilfields of Kirkuk & Mosul. The Brits had already seized Kuwait from the Turks, before the war began, just as they had taken Egypt, after the Suez Canal was built by the French! That's where we got our Statue of Liberty. Her real name was Commerce, & she was meant to stand at the entrance of the Suez Canal, which I passed through on my way to India, back in 1966, before it got closed in the 1967 war with Israel. The British did not want a damned French republican statue to mark th entrance of the canal they had (secretly) bought out from under the French, so the Americans were talked into buying it! As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute!" That's how he made his money, so he sure was right about the American people. "Liberty," ha! But back to Lawrence: The British were out-numbered, so they couldn't fight the Turks as they were fighting the Germans on the Western Front. If it came down to bayonet charges, the British would lose. The Arab allies of the British were unsuitable for such bloody, suicidal tactics, & even if they'd taken ground from the Turks, the Arabs couldn't keep it. The Turks were great soldiers, in defence & offence, & there were plenty of them. Lawrence wrote that he was sick wtih dysentery, out in the desert, with the Arabs & the camels for company, & he almost wished he could have died, for dysentery is terrible, as I know from experience in Mexico. He had a sort of 'out of body experience,' as I recall from his book, & he imagined the map of Arabia spread out before him. It showed the major Turkish army at th eend of a railroad which ran, I think, from Damascus down to Medina, in the present-day Saudi Arabia. It was a vast territory, which even the large number of Turkish forces could not guard, if it became hostile to the Turks, who were entirely supplied by that one railroad: two strips of steel, running through 500 miles of desert. It was then that Lawrence realized the Turks had already lost! Lawrence decided that his tiny forces should attack the Turks' supply line & not the Turks themselves. By cutting the railroad often enough to prevent the Turks from supplying their 4th Army in Medina with enough food, ammo & equipment for them to renew their advance toward the Suez Canal, Lawrence could make that army his prisoners, without ever seeing them, let alone fighting them! That's what he did.

When the Turks were defeated at the end of World War I, the British got what they had wanted: the oil-rich area of Kirkuk & Mosul, as well as Basrah, the necessary seaport for tankers laden with the oil. This territory carved out of the former Turkish Empire was called "Iraq"! The British took over a territory full of Kurds, Arabs & Iranians who never got along because of their racial & religious differences. The British figured such diversity would allow them to practice their old imperial tactic of divide & rule, but things worked out differently! Lawrence told the British commanders that the Turks had governed their entire Empire with about HALF the troops with which the British were unsuccessfully ATTEMPTING to govern Iraq! The British also had total airpower & bombed the rebelswith poison gas, but the rebellion did not cease. Finally, they appointed a local leader, whose job was to bash heads & keep the oil flowing, just as Saddam had been doing for the USA & the British, until madman Bush overthrew him. What had changed since World War I? The British & their agent, T.E. Lawrence, had propagandized the Arabs, whom they "promised" would achieve self-rule if they helpe dthe British kick out the Turks. Naturally, the British had no intention of keeping their promise, but the Arabs & other former Turkish subjects liked the idea of self-government, so they fought the British to get it. In other words, the Brits were undone by the success of their own propaganda! This idea of self-government eventually destroyed the entire British Empire, as it had helped destroy the Turkish Empire in World War I. To add to this problem was the creation of Israel in 1948. If we look at the result, we can see that Israel stands between the USA, Britain & Middle East Oil. Israel produces no oil, but lots of trouble!

So why would Bozo Bush choose to disrupt our oil supplies from Iraq? At first, it was said that he wanted to rob Iraq of its huge oil supplies, by eliminating Saddam the middleman. But since we are getting very little oil now, as compared to the oil Saddam had been supplying us, before we got nasty with him, there was a different reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq: Israel! Iraq has been #1 on the Israeli hitlist, with Syria & Iran next, but not necessarily in that order. Right now, it looks as if Israel will attack Iran, allegedly in late March of 2006, with the USA sure to go along with it. The danger is that Iran is not alone. China, at least, does not like the idea of a war-torn Iran, any more than it does a war-torn Iraq, for China's oil supplies are threatened. The USA has lost, merely by invading Iraq on behalf of Israel, & Israel does not care what or how much the USA loses. Neither does Bush! Our invasion of Iraq & our toppling of our puppet-ruler, Saddam, succeeded in starting the present civil war, which will cause Iraq to breakup, like the former Yugoslavia. Moreover, the longer the U.S. forces stay there, the more they will bleed. It's a no-win fight which we lost before we started, for the USA has gained nothing but trouble & casualties from being in Iraq. Some crooks have become very rich from our Iraq Attack, but the American people are suffering now, & their children even more, becaues of the huge war-debt! As USMC General Smedley Butler declared: "War is a racket!"

So let's look at the situation in the USA: our military forces are pinned down overseas, & our borders are open to the increasing alien-invasion. We are similar to 1917 Russia, whose armed forces were pinned down on the Eastern Front; the economy was suffering wartime inflation & food-shortages, & the jews were plotting to overthrow the Tsar & take over the Russian Empire. The USA is also a multi-national empire, which is presently being annexed by Mandarin Chinese, not French, as before, according to their latest census, & those Chinese get into the USA in increasing numbers, in addition to the mestizo invasion from the south. The USA could actually self-destruct, like Iraq or Yugoslavia, all of a sudden. I am not making a prophecy, but I am considering possibilities, based on such motives as seeking our land, jobs & control over our government. Certainly, the Chinese & the Mexicans want this country, & we appear most willing to give it to them, thanks be to ZOG!

As you wrote, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was conveniently killed before he could blab, may have abeen a Castro agent, although I understand that he may have been CIA. We must always ask "cui bono?" It is not who pulled the trigger, but who benefitted from the JFK assassination: It was the private, jew-bank called The Federal Reserve. I spent $20 United States Notes before JFK's murder, but after that, all U.S. currency became Federal Reserve Notes. That's who benefitted. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

THE ZOG'S CHILDREN by Eric Thomson

Living as I do in a polywog, mulatto, sambo, mestizo, anti-White area, next to a big Amerasian-mestizo "Nation" or Reservation, I am truly experiencing the ZOG's version of an "All-American city." Ostensible Whites (O.W.s) here are typical anti-White lemmings, who think nothing of selling their futures and those of their chilren for a moment of relative peace or a few zogbucks toward their hand-to-mouth, debt-slaves' existence. Their lives are fraught with hurry, worry and chaos, with a tawdry cast of wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-husbands et al., along with the gaggles of motley brats, which are the by-product of their mindless couplings. As I gather from observing this typical cross-section of North American society, these children, whom I call ZOG-tots, can be of any chronological age, but for now, I shall merely address those who are legally minors. The ZOG-tot is a menace to himself, to others, to his society and above all, a menace to his parents or parent. He is the child of parentes who are themselves children. He is often of mixed race, resembling neither of his biological parents, who are neither willing nor able to provide him with desirable examples to emulate. Perhaps this is why he emulates the bad examples, and adopts the ooga-booga values of the worst Blacks, which consist of noisy, nasty promiscuity and predation. The jewsmedia of eudcation, entertainment and information constantly promote these values an lifestyles. In ZOG indoctrination centers, which are euphemised as "day-care centers" or "schools," the ZOG-tot associates with bullies, gang-bangers, disease-spreaders and dope-pushers, while he receives his disinformation from his so-called teachers. Most children soon become properly dysfunctional in this dysfunctional society, so their own parents leran to fear them, their friends, their diseases and, most of all, the constant threat that they will denounce their parents to the ZOG, which programs them with suitable nomenclature for their prosecution. "Child-abuse" is a catchall term which covers a spectrum of complaints running from gentle chiding to drawing and quartering. Under ZOG, the parent has 100% responsibility for the child, and zero authority, which is deemed "child abuse." Since the jews are stirring up this mess, we can foresee the outcome here, based on what they achieved in Russia, from 1917 to the present. The kosher commissars of the soviet regime believed that goy families were a threat to their new, jew state. Parents might contradict the jew-bolsheviks' indoctrination and 'one-world' propaganda at home. The jew solution was to smash the home and remove the children from their parents, as soon as possible. In Russia, their scheme of family-destruction was compulsory. Here, the victims comply voluntarily, but the results are quite the same: the children are alienated from their parents, just as Jesus desired, for he declared that he'd come to turn "father against son," etc. After all, bolshevism borrowed much of its platform from marx, who borrowed it from Christianity. Jeews preached atheism and collectivism to their Goy subjects, but they retained their rights to religion, family and property under the soviet system, just as Bakunin the anarchist foresaw. The destruction of Russian family life which was the outcome of war and bolshevik policies produced roving rabbles of promiscuous, diseased, predatory children, which the bolsheviks themselves had to round up and shoot, so they could achieve their systematic exploitation of their productive Goy victims adn subjects. The jew recipe has never varied, although the results are not always to the jews' liking: they are congenital terrorists. Thus did the Russian Goyim experience first the terrors of chaos, then the systematic regime of terror under bolshevik rule. Rule-by-terror was first enunciated by the jew, "Lenin," then implemented by the jew, "Stalin," who was the model for Orwell's Big Brother. "Lenin" said that The Terror was necessary becaues the Russian Goyim were "damned wantless people." If want could not make them work, then fear and the whip would. Here in North America, the Goyim work, to th ejews' delight, because they want everything, even things they have no time to use or enjoy! Although the motivations for the Russian Goyim and the North American Goymi are different, the results are much the same: a growing personal and public debt! The outcome of jew misrule over Russia is squalor, crime and poverty. In North America, the Goyim have only their toys to distract them from the growing squalor, crime and poverty here.

Thus it is that the ZOG-tot, of whatever age, is a decadent savage who is utterly dependent on White Civilization for his survival, but who is utterly ignorant, arrogantly ignorant of that fact!


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